My stepmother teaches me a lesson at home

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My stepmom can be very demanding, she's a controlling woman and ever since my dad got married to her, she has been trying to control my life. 

Before her, my life was much more relaxed, I could go out with my friends, have some alcohol, come home and sleep and nobody would complain about that. I could even sneak boys into my room and have a good time with them and nobody would find out. 

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But when she came into my life things have been hard for me, every time I went outside to have fun with my friends she would preach on me, demand my friends' phone number, and even wait for me to get back home. She kept complaining to my dad about it and now, my dad has been more severe with me, which is something that never happened before. 

One night I sneaked out, I successfully climbed out of my window without anybody noticing. I had a couple beers, and had a lot of fun with Chad in his car, I can't remember when was the last time I fucked him, but I was so desperate I allowed him to cum inside me, and it felt so good I wanted to keep his cum until I went to bed. 

But when I got home, while I was trying to sneak into my room silently, I noticed my parent's door was open, lights on, and my stepmother was on bed, staring outside at the hallway. I had to walk through there to get into my room. 

My dad wasn't home, he had to travel for business, so you can imagine how exhausting this has been for me, it feels like she's been a thousand times worst. I tried to run through the hallway but of course she saw me. 

"Ashley!" she shouted, with that imperative tone of voice I hate so much, "get over here right now!"

I slapped my face a little just so she wouldn't notice I had been drinking, I stepped into her room and she began to attack me. "Where were you? With your slutty friends? Were you acting like a slut?"

"What? I wasn't... they're not sluts! Why are you up?" I told her

She snorted, "you don't need to question me over anything, I'm not the one sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night to behave like a whore, do you want to be a whore?" she continued asking, with her voice getting louder and louder inside my head. 

I looked down at the floor, "no."

"Do you want to get pregnant and be a teenage mom with limited possibilities in the future? Your father and I won't be paying for your stupid mistakes! Is that what you want? To be a whore?"

"No," I kept replying. 

"I don't believe you; you keep sneaking out to drink, have sex, did you have sex today?" she asked me and my blushing gave me away.

"No," I lied, but then she sat up on the bed. 

"Get over here, I want to make sure," she demanded. 

"What? I'm not going to show you my..."

"I said get over here!" she shouted at me. I walked towards her and the second I stood in front of her she lifted my skirt and felt my panties. "Why is this so wet?"

"I don't know," I replied. 

"Take them off," she demanded again, and I slid my panties down. She lifted my skirt and placed her hand against my entrance, "I knew it, you went out to be a little whore!" 

Suddenly I felt her fingers sliding inside me, rubbing against my walls, after coming home still horny and wet from being with Chad, this actually felt nice, but this was my stepmother. She pulled out and raised her hand at my face. 

"And you let him finish inside you... suck my fingers clean, I'm disgusted by you," she said. I took her hand and began to suck each of her fingers, tasting Chad's cum out of her hand. "If you're going to be a whore, you're going to be it here, at home, not out there in the streets."

I finished licking her fingers, and then she spanked me, "Take your clothes off," she said, "you're going to show me what a whore you are, you little slut."

I was confused, but she was so imposing that I couldn't stop complying, and deep inside myself I was very turned on with what was going on. So, I pulled up my dress and stood naked in front of her. 

Suddenly, she took off her robe, getting completely naked in front of me and spanked me again. Then I realized why dad married her, she had a great body, I'm not a lesbian, but she looked very hot, and I was so horny I couldn't stop watching. 

"Sit down, here," she said showing me the space next to me, "and take your shoes off." I did, and then she gripped my chin and forced my face near hers. "Don't question me again and be a good girl, and if you feel like being a whore this is what is going to happen."

She kissed me on the lips and I kissed her back, I then placed my hand on her leg and she continued to kiss me, delving her tongue inside my mouth. I never felt so wet before, she kissed me so good and I could sense her experience. 

"Now you're going to be a good girl and eat my ass, this is your punishment for being a whore," she said, laying on her back and raising her legs. 

She spread her buttocks and showed me her sex, it looks so good, and I was o horny I couldn't resist. I leaned over my stepmother and began to lick her ass like a lollipop. "Oh yes, that feels good."

Her moans increased the heat inside me, and the taste of her ass was unexpectedly good. "Do you like it?" she asked me while she watched how I ate her backdoor, hungrily. "Now push your tongue inside, taste it all."

 I did, and I loved it, I couldn't stop. And while I was tasting her ass, I felt Chad's cum sliding out of my pussy, slowly, teasing me to the edge. I spread her pussy lips and pushed my tongue inside her wet entrance. "Oh my... yes, eat me all up like the slut you are," she moaned. 

I moaned at the taste, she leaned back, relaxing as I ate her all up, sliding my tongue all over her folds. I kept sliding my tongue up and down, without thinking it much, and then she held my hair and pushed me against her tongue. "Oh fuck... keep doing that," she moaned. 

And in a matter of minutes, she began to orgasm on my mouth, and I drank all of it while pinching my nipples desperately. "Oh yes, yes!" she moaned. After she recovered, she sat up on the bed, "now lay next to me, let me suck that cum out of your pussy before you get pregnant, look at the things I do for you."

And then she spread my legs wide open and opening her mouth she began to suck my folds and my clit hard. I was so horny that at when she touched me I came. I was instantly lost in my orgasm that I couldn't hold it any longer. She laughed at me as she continued to suck and lick my juices combined with Chad's cum. 

"Push it all out for mommy," she moaned, pressing her opened mouth on my entrance and sucking it all. Then she circled my clit while she licked and cleaned me up, taking me to the edge again. I moaned so loud that I thought the neighbors would know, but she never stopped sucking my pussy and licking it. 

Suddenly she pinched both of my lips together hard, taking me by surprise, "This is my pussy now, don't you ever use it again with someone else, or I'll punish you," she threatened me while I moaned, completely desperate for another orgasm. 

"Yes, it's all yours," I moaned. Suddenly she straddled my leg and her pussy hovered above mine. 

"Now, you're going to make me cum with your pussy," she said, lowering herself until our pussies touched. I was thrilled, I never felt so wet before, I never had sex this way, and I was so arousing. Suddenly she began to slide her pelvis forth and back on me, rubbing her entire pussy against me.

I was losing my mind, I never thought it could feel so good. And then, she began to slide faster against me, taking me to that edge I craved so much, and without a warning, both of us began orgasming while we rhythmically rubbed each other. My stepmother quivered on top of me as I trembled beneath her, our pussy juices combined as we released our orgasms. 

"You're my slut now, and from now on your pussy is mine," she said. 

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