Mothers son first time anal sex: Cruel seduction (Pt. 4)

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Rafael Marquinhos knew that if killed both Sarah and Joseph, then he would never be able to recover his money. He also knew that Sarah and Joseph never had the money to repay 5 billion US dollars. But, he still abducted them because he knew he would find a way to recover his money. Even if he can’t recover the entire sum, he would be able to get a substantial part back. 

Santos, one of his gunmen told him that the porn industry was a huge one in the US and by filming sex videos; people were making millions of dollars. So, he wanted to get into that industry as well. He was looking to create porn videos that will seem real and when he saw Sarah and Joseph, he knew that he had found the actors he needed to get into that industry. And, his first video was done.

“STOP! Hey mate, now that I got your attention I’d like to share with you this new site I found with literally anything you can think of, ranging from orgies, grannies, teens, incest and you know.. the kinky stuff. I made this review just to help a brother out. Peace.”

– Jake A.

Rafael was smiling because he knew that this would not be the last video he would shoot with Sarah and Joseph. He wanted to create as many as possible. But, before that, he wanted to know much money he could make by making that short video where Sarah was spanking Joseph. The video was out and people were enjoying it. But, Rafael didn’t care about that. He only wanted money. 

Sons first time anal experience

The next day, the earnings started showing and it was around 10,000 US dollars. Rafael liked that amount and he said to his boys, “Let’s shoot more videos with those two dumb heads.” Santos, one of his gunmen told him, “Boss, we need better production quality with good lights and cameras and cameraman.” Rafael gave a wicked smile and said, “Why are you telling me, go and arrange them!” 

Within a day, an entire shooting location was created and Joseph and Sarah had no clue about it. They didn’t know that they were about to become professional porn stars. Two men came to Sarah and Joseph’s room to escort them to a car. Rafael Marquinhos was sitting in front of the car with his driver. Two men with the gun were also there in that car with him. They were his bodyguards.

Sarah and Joseph had their hands tied behind their back. They got into the car and drove to a new location. It was a secluded area with only one house in the entire area and that was Rafael’s house. They were escorted into the house and when they went inside, they were shocked. They saw the entire house was designed like a film shooting set. Joseph was getting bad thoughts about this place.

Rafael Marquinhos explained to both of them, “This is where you two will be fucking. You will have a script and a director will be directing each of your fucking scenes. You will have to do exactly how the director orders you to do. And, here is a catch, if you don’t make the scene sexy and if my boys don’t get their dicks out and start fapping while you fuck, you two will be dead. Understood?”

Sarah and Joseph nodded as they knew that they had lost all their rights to speak. Now, Rafael introduces them to another man. “Meet Fabio Guerrero, the director of this scene. Talk to each other, and do whatever you want. But, I want the best scene. I want people to do crazy and if the scene is not good, every one of you will pay for that and Rafael Marquinhos doesn’t joke about it.”

Set the Stage

Rafael knew that both Sarah and Joseph would be reluctant to take off their clothes in front of everyone. So, before leaving, he fired a gunshot in the air giving them an indication that it was time to get things started. After hearing that gunshot, Sarah ordered Fabio to start the shooting and Fabio was onto his camera in a flash. After that, the scene began with Sarah taking off her clothes. 

Fabio stopped her. He ordered Joseph to tear her clothes off making the scene hotter. Joseph followed the instructions. After that, Fabio ordered Joseph to slap Sarah. She also told him to slap her and Joseph obliged. It was the most vicious slap that he ever heard. Next, Joseph grabbed her hair and dragged her to a couch where he sat down and he was pushing Sarah’s face into his junk. 

After a while, when Sarah was gasping for air, Joseph opened the zip of his pants. Joseph’s dick was out now. And, as per the instructions from Fabio, Joseph did thrust his dick inside Sarah’s mouth. Sarah was struggling to breathe but Joseph kept fucking her mouth with his hand motion. He was grabbing her hair and sucking her mouth. Surprisingly, Joseph enjoyed it. 

He never dominated Sarah like that and Joseph wanted to take things to the next level. He slapped her face hard after taking his dick out of her mouth. He was cursing her with words like bitch, slut, whore, and all sorts of demeaning words. Sarah never thought that Joseph could be so aggressive in bed. But, she liked this version of Joseph more as she was more submissive in nature. 

Joseph made her sit on his dick and started fucking her pussy. Fabio tried to stop him because that was supposed to be an anal scene but Joseph wasn’t in the mood to listen to what Fabio was saying he just kept fucking and the gunmen of Rafael were getting a hard-on by watching Sarah and Joseph fuck like that. After a while, Joseph got her in a doggy position.

Without saying a word, he was inside her ass. He was now grabbing Sarah’s hair and fucking her like there will be no tomorrow. He was fucking her from behind very hard. This was the first time that Sarah had a dick inside her ass. Her virgin ass was torn apart by then. She was screaming like hell. And, to his surprise, Joseph was enjoying his scream at Sarah.

The harder Sarah screamed the harder Joseph fucked her ass. Meanwhile, the gunmen of Rafael got their dicks out and started fapping. They never saw anything like this in front of their eyes. They wanted to fuck Sarah hard. But, they couldn’t do that because their boss had ordered them not to lay hands on Sarah. They knew what would happen if they disobey the orders of Rafael Marquinhos.

Give Me More

After fucking her hard in doggy, Joseph wasn’t going to let her go just yet. He was still fucking her; now, in the cowgirl pose. He fucked her so hard that Sarah was now struggling to breathe. She had cum several times within an hour. She had never experienced multiple orgasms in her life ever before. And, that was why she wanted more from Joseph. 

Also, Joseph wasn’t in the mood to stop. It was like some sort of an animal had gone into the soul of Joseph and he was fucking her non-stop. Joseph finally ejaculated inside the ass off Sarah and he was now panting because he never fucked a girl in this way ever before. He never imagined that there was an animal inside her. But, the shot was incomplete. 

Fabio was angry because he told Joseph to ejaculate inside Sarah’s mouth but he ejaculated inside her ass. He created a creampie scene from that. But, ejaculating inside the mouth was something he wanted as it would have attracted a large audience. Fabio was screaming in anger and just then Rafael Marquinhos arrived at the shooting set and asked, “What happened?”

Fabio ran to him and explained everything. He wanted to save his face. But, Rafael found the solution instantly. He said, “You don’t need to worry, you want to have cum in her mouth. I will arrange lots of cum for you. I can see a lot of hungry men here, who would want to unload inside her mouth, isn’t it boy?” There was a loud “YES” from those horny gunmen.

Rafael Marquinhos ordered, “What are you waiting for? Get to her and cum on her face and mouth. Ejaculate everything that you have.” Sarah opposed and said, “I can’t let random men ejaculate inside my mouth.” Rafael replied, “You are already a whore, you bitch. It’s up to you whether you will take their sperm inside your mouth or my bullets.”

Rafael pointed a gun a Sarah and she had no other choice. 30 men with a gun in their hands ejaculated inside her mouth. Joseph felt bad seeing that Sarah enjoyed doing this. Sarah was also surprised that she enjoyed this. She swallowed the sperm of 30 men and posed in front of the camera with sperm all over her body. Sarah had become a slut now.

Joseph was observing her now. Sarah had changed. She wasn’t that girl Joseph fell in love with. Joseph felt sad seeing what had happened to her. But, he knew that when things get better, his Sarah will become his again. Joseph still believed that Sarah was a devoted lady to her. But, he failed to realize that the tables had turned.

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