Nudist family crazy story

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I flopped down onto the couch as my parents stood expectantly in the middle of the room.

'We'll tell you when your sister gets here. Where is she anyway- oh!'

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Just then Molly came in.

'Okay, I guess we can start.'

There's something so liberating and natural about it. It feels so right to just be in my skin." she started. So  we won't be wearing clothes at home from now on, so you'll have to get used to it.'

'Are you serious?' I spluttered. 'This is insane.'

'We're very serious,' Dad said, speaking for the first time. 'And while I pay the bills, I set the dress code. Look, this is something your mother and I want to try."

And after that they left me alone to ponder about it.

As I laid down to sleep my mind was filled with thoughts of what would come. The awkwardness that was sure to ensue. And yet, I couldn't help but think of some of the other sights that this would bring. 

The next morning I stayed in bed for a while. I could hear my parents roaming around the house, but I couldn't go out and face them. It would surely be too awkward.

With a defeated sigh, I headed toward the kitchen.

'Ah, there you are- Aw, you didn't want to give it a try?' She frowned at my pyjamas. 'Don't worry. Whenever you feel like joining us you can. Now, dig in.'

She spun around and carried a tray of toast over to the breakfast table. I, on the other hand, stood frozen. My mouth surely agape. It had only been a few seconds and I had already been treated to an eyeful of her naked breasts and ass. Her breasts had been even better than I had imagined last night. They were so full and round, wobbling freely with every little movement she made. Even now, as she leant across the table, they hung in magnificent form. Poking out from each was a thick, fat nub of a nipple. 

To my chagrin, I could feel myself getting hard at the sight. What's wrong with me, I thought before sitting down at the table to hide it before it made a tent in my, thankfully, baggy pyjama pants.

I kept my eyes set firmly on the table before me as Mum turned and headed back to the kitchen counter. My life going forward would take the fortitude of a monk to survive.

'Good morning!' I heard my sister call as she entered the kitchen.

For a second I was relieved to see at least one other sane person, but that was short lived.

Molly stood in the entranceway to the kitchen as naked as the day she was born.

'Oh sweetie! I'm so proud of you!'

Mum rushed over and pulled her into a hug. A naked hug. My naked mother and sister pressing their naked bodies against each other. DD cup breasts squishing into D cup breasts, all the supple side boob spilling out under their arms. Fuck! My boner is never going to go away!

Molly gazed down at mum's crotch in surprise, prompting her to step back, giving me a full view of it. I hadn't noticed when I came in, but she was right. Mum was completely bare down there. My eyes remained glued to it as they spoke. A small bit of inner labia stuck out between her quite large outer labia. Was it large? It seemed puffier than most porn had seen. 

She ran her fingers through a small tuft of blonde public hair. This was all too surreal. It was harder than I had ever been in my life. At that moment the veranda door opened and my dad stepped inside with nothing but a newspaper.

Thankfully, we live in a fairly private area. Trees surrounded the back of our property hiding it from the outside world. At least I wouldn't have to worry about the neighbours seeing what my family was up to.

I couldn't help but notice how Molly's eyes seemed to linger on dad's... uh... junk. I hoped that she was just observing that he was as shaven as mum was down there, but when she snapped out of it and spotted me looking at her, she looked as if she had been caught doing something she shouldn't have.

I stuck to my guns over the next few days and remained clothed. To my surprise, I was beginning to get used to seeing everyone else naked. Well, to a degree, I suppose. All of my boners had been from either my sister or mother. Seeing them nude 24/7 was driving me crazy. Even the most mundane things looked erotic as hell. My sister lazing on the couch watching TV? You mean my sister laying with her breasts resting on the cushion while her pussy was so nearly exposed between her thighs. Mum making dinner? You mean mum bending over in many different places while cooking. She either was oblivious to how much everyone else could see her pussy poking through her legs as she placed dishes on the table or she was doing it intentionally.

Honestly, I was thankful that I was still wearing something to hide my growing boners. Many times I had to excuse myself to my room to beat one off to what I had just seen. Every time not lasting more than a few seconds. My cock always felt burning to the touch with every nerve relishing in the feeling of my hand gripped around it. The veins on my cock stuck out fiercely, straining for relief. It was like I was breaking the record for how hard one man could get. It certainly felt that way..

It was four days since the great strip down when I headed into the kitchen for breakfast without a shirt. The sight of my mum's round ass greeted me as I stepped into the room. It was a sight I could never get sick of, no matter how much my mind told me I shouldn't be enjoying it. Her legs were so shapely. Thick thighs leading up to her round hips. The skin looked so smooth and soft. In between her slightly parted legs I could just make out that small strand on the inner labia hanging down, silhouetting her womanhood.

Thankfully, I managed to pull my eyes away just as she turned around. I couldn't imagine how much trouble I'd be in if she caught me checking her out. In fact, I don't know how I would even defend it to myself.

She went back to the toaster, leaving me standing there unsure of what was expected of me. Did I just agree to take my pants off now? Or did I have to take them off later, lest mum think I was lying to her. But if I took my pants off now she'd surely see the semi chub I was nursing. The semi chub I had gotten with only her in the room, and fuck, it was growing. My heart was racing a mile. All I could think of was how much desire I had for her ass and thighs when I stepped in here, and now I was going to take my pants off around that? To be in nothing but my underwear? So exposed in front of her body?

I dashed back to my room and shut the door behind me. My erection was straining against my pants now. I pulled them down and whipped out my cock, wasting no time in beating it furiously. God, I'd never felt this horny before. Lewd images filled my mind, the thought of strolling around the kitchen naked, erection held high as my mum watched me over her shoulder. How I would come up behind her and press myself into her ass, my cock slipping between her warm ass cheeks-


A spurt of cum shot out and landed on the carpet. Panic struck me as another spurt stained the carpet. I hadn't grabbed any tissues for this.

'Shit, shit, shit!'

With little time to think, I grabbed my underwear and pressed my cock into it. It felt like I was emptying everything I had into it. A good minute must have passed until my cock finally stopped pulsating.

I tried to catch my breath as I pulled the underwear away. A pool of thick white gunk sat in the middle of it. Large globs still lay on the carpet in front of me. There was nothing left to do, the underwear in my hand was now my cleaning rag. I knelt down and wiped the carpet until it was clean enough and my underwear was soaked in jizz.

Not wearing those again, I thought, throwing them into the corner of my room and walking over to my underwear drawer.

For some reason I hesitated. I was completely naked right now. 

My heart pounded in my chest as I stepped into the kitchen. Mum spotted me and her face instantly broke into a huge smile.

Before I could react she pulled me into a big hug. My mind nearly exploded with the overload of sensations. His large breasts pressed into my chest. Her nipples were hard and my cock rubbed somewhere against her thigh.

But I knew I had to get used to it because now we were going to live like this.

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  1. Don watson
    December 2, 2023 om 10:53 am

    I know how you feel. Except I have sex with my mom and sister. My dad left ten years ago.

    • Vikram Chudry
      December 27, 2023 om 3:55 am

      Pounding your mom and sis while dad watching is something you never miss.


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