Grandma teaching sex to her grandson

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Ethan walked downstairs to find his grandma on the couch, watching her soap operas. 

“Grandma, Sophie’s coming over in a few hours. Is that okay?”

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Grandma Cindy turned around and waved her hand in the air. “Yes, yes, of course. What are you all going to get up to?”

Ethan shifted uncomfortably on the spot. The truth was, he was hoping to lose his virginity to Sophie some time soon. He was 18 and headed to college in a couple of months. He didn’t want to go to college as a virgin. Ethan had met Sophie a few weeks ago. She was in town for the summer, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get laid for the first time. 

Showing grandson the ropes

“Just hanging out,” he said, a little awkwardly. 

“Ethan,” said Cindy, turning off the TV. “What’s that supposed to mean? I can tell something’s up with you. You two aren’t going to be messing around up there, are you?” Her eyes looked upstairs in the direction of his room.

Ethan shrugged. “Grandma, I don’t want to talk about this with you.” His cheeks felt like they were on fire.

A flicker of understanding crossed Cindy’s face. “Ah, so you’re a virgin. Well, that’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Ethan stared at her. He couldn’t believe this conversation was happening.

“Sit down,” his grandma said, patting the couch next to her. “I’ll give you some tips.”

Ethan hesitated but did as she asked. He sat down next to his grandma, and he was shocked when she began to run her hand over the crotch of his gray sweatpants.

Grandma and grandson learning together

“Grandma, what are you—” Ethan stammered.

“Would you rather go into it with Sophie not knowing anything? Or would you rather me sow you the ropes?” she said, looking at him with a warm smile on her face.

Ethan blinked slowly. “Um, yeah, I guess the second one.”

“Good. Now, she’ll probably start by doing something like this,” said Cindy, still sliding her hand over her grandson’s cock. “See? You like it. You’re already getting hard.”

Ethan was already breathing heavy. He had to admit, this did feel pretty damn good. When his grandma slid his pants off of him, he was all too happy to let her.

“Then she’ll want to pull your cock out from your underwear.” His grandma did just that. “Wow, someone’s got quite a big one!”

Ethan chuckled shyly. “Thanks, Grandma. . . ah, fuck.”

He took a sharp inhale as his grandma started to jerk him off now with her wrinkled, manicured hand. He leaned his head back against the couch. This was wrong, so wrong, but for some reason, he didn’t seem to care. 

“Have you ever had any girls give you head before?” Cindy asked.

Ethan shook his head, which made his grandma gasp. “I can’t believe it!” she said. “If you don’t get  a blowjob before she comes over, you’re going to blow your load in two seconds, and no girl wants that.”

Ethan was horrified. He shook his head. “No, I definitely do not want that to happen.”

“Here, let me show you.”

His grandma slid up the couch and brought her face towards Ethan’s cock, slowly circling the tip of it with her tongue. Ethan moaned and twitched. He couldn’t believe this was what he was missing out on this whole time!

“Fuck, grandma,” he groaned, looking down to watch her head moved against his cock. It felt so good. Her mouth was so warm and wet, and her tongue was snaking around his shaft.

“Mmhmm,” she moaned, using her hand slowly on his cock in a gentle twisting motion.

Ethan felt like he was about to cum. Cindy recognized it, so she pulled away. She smiled at him and said, “it’s all about pacing yourself, Ethan.”

She asked him if he had ever eaten a girl out before, and Ethan shook his head. He awkwardly brushed his dark brown hair out of his face. 

“No,” he said quietly. “Is it hard to do?”

“Here, we can try it out.”

Ethan felt more grateful than anything else, as his grandmother spread herself out on the couch. She pulled the bottom of her long, flowing skirt up to her waist and nodded for Ethan to get on his knees on the floor. 

Feeling suddenly more self-conscious than ever, Ethan just decided to dive right in. He slipped his tongue out from his lips and ran it across Cindy’s pussy. Her skin there was wrinkled and loose, but it smelled and tasted like Ethan thought pussy would. 

“They say if you write the ABCs with your tongue. . .” said Cindy, trailing off as Ethan started to do as she suggested.

She ran her hands through his messy brown hair and settled back into the couch. 

“That feels good, Ethan,” she sighed, closing her eyes. “A little more pressure.”

Ethan was relaxing now. He felt better about the fact that he might actually be able to please a girl. 

“Now, put two fingers inside me at the same time,” Cindy guided him.

The insertion of his fingers made her moan and shake. She moved his head upwards, so it was in the right position, right on her clit.

“Move your fingers like you’re saying come here,” she said, and Ethan adjusted himself. “Oh, fuck! Ahhhh, Ethan. . .”

She tapered off as she came, her moans getting louder and her shaking becoming more uncontrollable. Ethan looked upwards into the old lady’s face, in shock that this was happening. She wasn’t faking it, that much was for sure, but he couldn’t believe he was actually making her cum like that. It filled him with a sense of confidence that he needed.

Finally, Cindy let go of the hold on Ethan’s head and sighed contentedly. Ethan sat upright and licked his lips. 

“I like how pussy tastes,” he said sheepishly, and his grandma laughed.

“Well, let’s see if you like how it feels.”

Cindy turned herself sideways so that her legs were stretched out on the couch, and Ethan quickly got on top of her. He pushed up her skirt again, revealing her pussy, which was now glistening and sticky. He ran his fingers across it, still in disbelief that he had made his grandma so wet.

“Okay, now go slow when you slide your cock in,” Cindy said, her eyes looking into Ethan’s. “She might not like it too hard or fast.”

Ethan nodded and took his cock in his hand. He ran it along her pussy, and Cindy reached down to spread herself open. This gave Ethan a better view, and he was able to slowly press his way inside her.

“Fuuuuck,” he groaned, shocked by how good it felt. It was like a warm, wet pocket designed just for his cock.

His grandma seemed pleased by his response. 

“See? It’s good, right? Just move your hips back and forth, just like that. Yes, that’s perfect. A little harder. . .”

Ethan looked down to watch his cock disappear inside his grandmother’s pussy. Her wetness made the shaft of his cock glisten. He felt himself about to cum, so he stopped thrusting for a minute.

“If you feel like you’re about to cum but you don’t want to,” Cindy said, “maybe just change positions. That helps you keep it in.”

Ethan nodded. He leaned forward now, so he was face-to-face with his grandma. He started fucking her faster and harder, and finally, he buried his face in against the side of her neck and he used leverage to pump into her with just the lower half of his body. This grinding motion was intense, and Ethan could feel himself about to cum. He didn’t hold back this time. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuuuu. . .” his voice trailed off into a high-pitched moan that didn’t sound like his own voice. This orgasm was so much more intense than the ones he gave himself when he masturbated. He could only imagine what it would feel like with Sophie.

When he had finished flooding his grandma’s pussy with cum, Ethan slowly slid out from her, looking down at his softening cock and the sticky white jizz that dripped from the end.

Cindy sat up and adjusted her skirt. “Well?” she asked. “What did you think?”

Ethan was still trying to catch his breath as he pulled his underwear back on. “I. . . it was amazing.” He swallowed. “I hope I’ve still got something left for Sophie though.”

Cindy laughed and patted her grandson’s knee. “Oh, please. You’re young. You’ll probably be able to cum three or four times in one day. Enjoy it while it lasts.”

She stood up to head to the kitchen. “Do you want a glass of water? I’m sure you do, after all that.”

Ethan chuckled. “Sure!”

He looked over to the spot on the couch where his grandmother had been, noticing the wet spot that had formed underneath her. His cum must have dripped out of her, he realized. 

His cock was already getting hard again. 

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