Mom’s anal sex stories (very painful)

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One day, my dad left at 6 in the evening and boarded his cab to attend a meeting and I took it as a golden opportunity to fuck my mom. As soon as I entered the house, I locked the door and went to my mom. I started kissing her lips, and she responded. I picked her up in my arms and kissed passionately.

I took her to the bedroom and again, I started smooching her and was pressing her boobs. She was getting horny. I stripped her nightgown, and she was standing there just in her bra. She didn't wear panties. I saw her hairy ass and big fat dusky ass.

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I removed my pants. My underwear covered the boner, and my mom stripped me of my brief. My cock came out, and she started to stroke it slowly. I was experiencing the best pleasure that was happening to me. Then I asked her to take it in her mouth, and she started sucking it. Oh, she pulled off the foreskin while jerking it. She then started lick and suck my dickhead. I came within minutes to her mouth and face.

Then I removed her bra and started to lick her boobs and nipples. I slowly started to suck her boobs. She got very horny and kept pushing my head to her boobs. I was rubbing her clit while sucking her breasts.

I started to rough it up on her, started to bite her nipples, and left tooth marks on her boobs. She was screaming as I bit her. I slowly started to lick her ass and kept licking it for a few minutes without a break. Then I pulled her to the edge of the bed, spread her legs, and started to rub my dick on her ass. She couldn't control it. She was asking to be penetrated.

I teased her for a minute or so and then inserted my dick all of a sudden. Both of us gave out a moan at the same time. I started to move back and forth slowly and picked my pace gradually. I fucked her really fast. The only source of the sound was our moans and the sound of skin hitting while I fuck her.

I got very horny that day. I began to fuck her hard and fast at the beginning. I was humping her for some minutes in the same position and same speed. I came hard after 10 minutes. I came all over inside her ass. When I took my cock out, the cum was oozing out of her ass too.

She moved back to the bed and was lying on her stomach with her ass facing me. As soon as I saw it, I went layover and hugged her. She was excited to see me all horny and with stamina. After a few minutes, I was very tempted by her ass, so I dug my face in her ass.

I popped my tongue out and started licking her asshole. She was shocked by it, and all of a sudden, she moaned like a bitch. We both were shocked, but at the same time I was happy and loved her being loud so even our neighbours could hear.

“You are being too much.” 

She said when I licked harder.

“Yes, I guess you can say that, mom.”

Then again, I spread her ass cheeks and started licking her ass. She started to love my work on her ass. I suddenly inserted my middle finger in her ass. My mom gave out a huge gasp and moan.

I didn't listen to her and started to finger her ass slowly and passionately. My mom started to love it after a few minutes and gave out light moans. Suddenly I inserted another finger in her ass. She was screaming loudly. I slowly fingered her, and my dick was hard by then. I took my fingers out of her ass.

She was still lying on her belly with her legs up from the knee.

I put on the condom, went to her ass, spread her legs in the same position, and inserted my dick in her ass. She shouted in pain. I paused a little and began with slower thrusts. I was fucking her slowly. My mom was starting to love it, and we were in perfect rhythm.

I was fucking her ass. This time it was more of a passionate round. I fucked her for about 15 to 20 minutes and came. 

After that, I asked mom for a bath, and she agreed. So we had a quick bath and came out naked. I made her sit at the edge of the bed. I lay on her thighs and started sucking her boobs.

She started to moan and jerk my dick. My dick was very hard. I took her legs in the air, spread her ass. I inserted my dick in her ass, this time without a condom. We both moaned in pleasure. I started to give slow and gentle thrusts in her ass.

I again increased the pace gradually and was fucking her fast and hard. My dick was still hard, and my mom was moaning too.

“It's very pleasurable fucking your ass, mom, It's so Tight.....”

“It's good but still hurts a little.”

“Don't worry, Mom. You'll get used to it.”

I said, teasing her and with that we both laughed.

I was fucking her hard for around a few minutes. I came moaning hard, and my dick started to hurt a lot while I came.

“Aah Aah, Mom, I'm cumming a lot.”

“Yes, I know I can feel it, it's still inside me.”

I was sweaty and took out my dick. It was a mess in our body, so we washed and went to bed. I still wasn't finished, and as soon as she lay, I went to her legs and started licking her ass.

“Hey, you're starting it again without a break. Aren't you satisfied already?”

“No, mom, I'll do what I want to do. I don't know if we will get another chance like this.”

That made her think, and she was Ok. I started to lick her ass.

She was moaning, and tears were rolling out her eyes. She was moaning hard.

Suddenly, She said

“STOP, I think, I am going to die”

“No Mom, I think you're about to get your First orgasm, Enjoy it.”

After I said that, I started to lick her hard and finger her ass and rub her clit simultaneously. She couldn't control moaning, and her legs shook as she squirts hard on my face and mouth. I licked it a little. By the time again, my dick was hard.

I didn't give her time to recover. I lay on top of her, spread her legs, and inserted my dick inside her pussy.

“You are very wet, mom.”

“Now, I'm very horny. So,Don't go slow, fuck me hard in my ass, and make me yours.”

After hearing her, I started fucking her at moderate speed. She was moaning about my name and hugged me. I was kissing her while I fucked her and then started to suck her boobs. She couldn't control the pleasure. She was moaning hard.

I was fucking her, and moaning loud after each thrust I gave her. She was even more turned on by that, and so was I. I fucked her for around 15 minutes, and I came in her ass moaning. Then I got down, and I lay near her. She went to my cum drenched and not erect dick and started to massage my dick and balls.

My mom massaged the dickhead and also sucked it. But my cock was only semi-erect. My mom was turned on since her orgasm. I got her on top of me and pulled her head to me, and began to kiss her lips. We were kissing each other hard, and saliva was dripping on my body.

I then made her go on doggy style and started rubbing her clit and asshole. She was giving light moans. I knelt behind her ass as my dick was hard again. I entered her ass in doggy and fucked her passionately at an even pace. With each thrust, we both were moaning.

I started to increase the pace as I realised I would cum soon. I stood up, put my legs on either side of her body, and fucked her like a dog. I was giving a hard thrust, and that went on for 5 minutes. I came very hard again, but my dick was still hard.

I kept fucking her faster, and within another five minutes, I came again.

My dick was both hurting and I was in pleasure. I took out my dick and lay next to her. Then I hugged her, and we both slept naked that day without any bed sheets.

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