The hypnotist 

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It was like his obsession had become a reality, out from the back of the crowd walked two gorgeous women cosplaying the characters he’d been fantasizing about for so long, and filling out their outfits so well that he had to take a moment to compose himself. Not wanting to give his interests away, the performing hypnotist calmly beckons them on-stage.

It had been a fun convention so far, my friends had dragged me to some ‘hypnotist’ show, claiming it had some awesome reviews. I was skeptical, but even more-so when I saw he was also in cosplay, which was a bit odd, though I had to respect his commitment to his outfit! Much like I had expected, when he called for volunteers, my friend eagerly flung her hand in the air, waving it as she jumped up and down, making her stand out amongst the other people.

The hypnotist took an immediate interest and invited us both on stage, and I’m practically dragged along by her as he explains his trick.

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“I’ll be transforming these lovely ladies into their characters! Their cosplay shall become a part of themselves, but only when given a secret trigger!”

Sex under hypnosis

With that, he began placing us under a trance, and whilst still skeptical, I couldn’t deny that it was difficult not to go along with his words, feeling my mindset switch to take on a different role. Though all of a sudden, I’m snapping back to reality, quite literally as the man snaps his fingers in front of our faces.

“Welcome back, ladies! It’s been a few minutes, and when you feel ready, feel free to exit the stage!”

The crowd applauds enthusiastically, which is odd, as he didn’t seem to have done anything. When we try to stand up, the both of us stumble for a moment, but manage to make it back to our friend in the crowd who had a surprised look on his face.

“What was that?!”

We both look at him quizzically as he darts his eyes between us.

“You two just… like, you both just made out with each other on stage!”

Amy blushes slightly, but I don’t believe anything he’s saying, likely some kind of prank.

“Yeah, okay. Can we go from this already and find something actually interesting?”

He seems confused by our reactions, taking a moment to think before shrugging it off, better to just let it go after enjoying the sights. After a while, we make our way around the convention, moving between sites and groups one by one, when suddenly our friend notices something of interest.

“Over there!”

He snaps his fingers, pointing out toward one of the corners of the hall. I didn’t bother to look, that snap suddenly sent a shiver down my spine, and as I looked over to Amy, it seems she had much the same reaction. Our bodies became hot and we began to tremble on our feet, collapsing to our knees as our breathing increased.


I couldn’t finish my sentence, Amy suddenly forced her body up against mine, grinding against my skin as she sealed her lips around my own. It wasn’t long before a crowd started to form, cheering on as the two of us made-out on the floor, writhing against one another’s grasp as our friend watched on with the rest of them. Our hands greedily ran across each other’s bodies, teasing each other as the cheers only grew.

As my vision fades to complete lust, the last things I’m able to see are my friend turning away and walking back toward the exit, and an oddly-familiar face in the crowd, but I’m unable to focus on it as Amy continues teasing me.

The convention had died down, but the lust growing between us hadn’t. Despite our non-stop subtle teasing, our bodies cried out for more, and as we continued practically grinding our bodies together, Amy nestled her lips by my neck and nibbled at my ear as she whispered softly into it.

“Why don’t we take our friend back up and have him play with us~?”

The thought of finally giving into our desires sent shivers of arousal down my body, almost like a tiny orgasm as my brain screamed yes! That shiver was all she needed, Amy leading me from the gazes of the lecherous crowd and back toward our hotel room. We didn’t delay in knocking on his door, practically forcing our way into the room when he opened it.

He was scared at first, but when he saw who had broken in, who exactly was trying to force their way into his room, his face relaxed as his body tensed up. As we piled in, Amy and I had fallen on top of one another, and were now writhing on the floor, begging for his attention.

“Please fuck us! We need it so badly!

I wasn’t able to speak through my lust, but Amy let out feelings come out as she whimpered on top of me. Whether through his own pent-up lust finally boiling over, or her words being just that convincing, we both let out a squeal as he hurriedly pulls down his pants, stripping in front of us. When his rapidly-hardening cock was freed from his pants, we both leaped on top of him, a lust-filled hunger in our eyes. Not wanting to wait our turns, the both of us began fighting over the rights to suck his cock, Amy greedily taking the first plunge down his shaft. She practically fucked her face into his crotch in front of me, and I listened to her gagging as his dick throbbed inside of her throat.

Not wanting to be outdone, I manage to sneak in from under her, pushing her head up and letting my own take her place, feeling his tip pulse against my lips before letting it slip down into my mouth. Out of my view, Amy placed a finger over her lips toward our friend, giving him a wink before grabbing the back of my head and forcing his dick down my throat. All I could do was let out a defeated whimper as my body went limp with arousal, my friend fucking my throat around his cock as if I was a fleshlight.

All of a sudden, my face was pulled back up, smeared with a mixture of spit and precum. Amy wasted no time in pressing her lips against mine again, savoring the second-hand taste of his cock as we loudly moaned into one another’s mouths.

In a sudden spat of dominance, our friend takes the lead, urging us both up onto the bed where we laid on our backs, legs spread and our outfits pushed to the side, our pussies open for him to use. He does just that, picking Amy first as I eagerly wait my turn, watching as he pounds down between her legs, listening to her squeal in unabated lust, completely broken by his dick in a matter of seconds. She falls into a rhythmic cycle of cumming as he stretches her cunt, locking eyes with me as I desperately hold myself back from touching myself, awaiting my turn patiently.

That soon comes as I watch and listen to him bottom out inside of her, painting her insides with his load as she screams out in ecstasy. Then, he silently pulls out and walks in front of me, his eyes filled with lust as the ideas of continuing the convention fade away, instead staying in this hotel room and servicing him until we pass out~

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