Clinic meeting with my doctor

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She often kept a tight-ship around her clinic, wanting to keep the clinic running smoothly, she wasn’t in the mood for any layabouts, and wasn’t afraid to fire them on a whim.

Lately things weren’t the same though, the firings became more and more frequent, she tolerated the stares less and punished so many people that the clinic became bare. The only ones left were the men who knew just how to hide their greedy looks at her body. Often they’d share looks of discomfort during their shift, though on this particular day, one of the men passed a note.

Meet in the café after work.

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There they hatched a plan together, huddling around over their coffee, they agreed to the details. Each day they would intentionally get sent to the office for a mundane reason, and whilst there they would spike her drink with sleeping tablets to knock her out. Whilst vulnerable, they were going to overstimulate her nipples to the point of absurdity, though the boss had a better idea.

This should do the trick for our little bitch!”

Sex with my doctor

He drops a bottle onto the table for the others to look over, and realize what he had gotten ahold of.

“That’s right, this stuff’ll intensify any nerves that experience pleasure, basically turning her tits from an erogenous zone, to a lust-filled minefield, just ready to explode from the slightest touch!”

Each man raises their glass, clinking them together as a toast to their future slut. Once the drinks ran dry, they each bid farewell, and for once, were eager for work the next morning.

It wasn’t a difficult thing to do, getting sent into her office. In fact, it happened almost immediately after they had sat down, and their man was on the inside, ready to enact their plan! It was equally easy to plop the pill into her drink, watching as she swallowed the dissolved powder, listening as she glugged it down her throat. At the sight of her smug face soon drifting into a state of sleepiness, before finally slumping in her chair, asleep, he stands up and throws the door open.

“The wicked bitch is asleep!”

A small cheer erupts from the remaining workers, and they each line up behind their boss for their turn at her. Obediently, they watch on as he pulls out the secret weapon, placing it on the desk as he stands over his boss.

“After all this time, I finally get to rip open that fucking shirt and see those tits of yours!”

Without hesitation, he does just that, gripping at the fabric of her shirt as he roughly unbuttons it, revealing that the slut doesn’t even wear a bra!

“Hey, no wonder she jiggles so much during the day!”

They each share a good laugh, as well as join in staring at her bountiful chest. Now in the perfect position, her body slumped against the back of her chair, he undoes the cap of her medicine before splashing it against his hands, reaching forward to her chest. It was almost heavenly, a sick sadistic pleasure being taken as he roughly groped at her chest, massaging the liquid into her skin of course, but also taking in the feeling of molesting his boss, stealing this pleasure as she would surely be screaming at him by now.

“Look, the little bitch is getting off to this!”

They were right, her breathing had increased quite significantly, practically panting as she slept in her seat. All it took was a simple twist of her nipples to send her over the edge, the man’s medicine having an effect already, and they all enjoyed the sight of their boss twitching slightly on her chair.

“There you have it, boys! Now, who’s next?”

Pushing the next man forward, he seems somewhat hesitant, not out of empathy, but out of the fear she had instilled in him over the years he’s worked there. Nevertheless, lust prevails and he finally grasps at her tits. His rough hands firmly grabbed both of them, squeezing them in his hands as she whimpered in place, sounding somewhat eager.

“I can’t believe it, it’s really worked!”

Like a kid in a candy store, the man greedily massages her chest, watching each time she reacts to his touch, eyeing up her body as she squirmed. This continues for a while, her body used up and tossed away by each man, eagerly abused for their pleasure before being left to the next as they rejoined their work. 

Before long, the line had emptied completely, but not before the leader took his final move. He tipped the bottle into his hand again, smearing his palms in the liquid before rubbing it against her nipples again, then buttoning her shirt back up and returning to work.

She doesn’t awake for another few minutes, but seeing she’s still at work, attempts to cover things up as nothing happened, so despite the aching from her pussy for some unknown reason, and a growing warmth from her chest, she doesn’t say anything.

That next day is much the same, they get written up, come into the office, knock the poor woman out, and then orderly make a line for their turn at her tits. Placing the bottle by the table and removing her shirt, the leader notices her nipples becoming a bit larger, almost as if they were begging to be touched more. This was even clearer as he took his first grope, even without the drug, she leaned into his hand eagerly, accepting and even as if she was waiting for this moment of pleasure, eager for more.

More is what she gets, another hour of constant groping and cumming her frail mind away, left abused and soaking wet after they’d each had their turn, once again keeping her mouth shut as she begins to wonder if there’s something wrong with her.

This thought carries home that evening, but she decides to take a proper relaxation over the weekend, taking this final day at work due to a large meeting and then going to a doctor.

Once again, one of the men was written up, only this time the line was shorter, as per the leader’s orders. They would only tease her now, gently rubbing her tits with the drug, letting it soak into her skin before applying another layer, listening to her moan in response. They continued at this until it was getting close to meeting time, and hurriedly re-dressed the slut before diving back to work.

Once awoken, it’s to a nearly-empty office. Immediately she panics, as the boss it’s not quite right to miss a meeting, and after checking the clock she breathes a sigh of relief, she still has a few minutes to get there. Though that’s when it hits her, the overwhelming lust suddenly bursts from her chest, as if her tits were crying out for stimulation. Despite the almost overwhelming need to touch herself, she looked to the weekend as her relief, and made her decision.

The meeting had to come first, each representative of every department would be present! Despite whatever was going on with herself, there was no way to postpone such an important gathering. Trying to straighten herself out, controlling her breathing, she begins the arduous walk toward the meeting room.

The walk there was odd, each employee casting unusually lecherous gazes towards her, eyeing over her body as she walked, her tight skirt hugging her curves, not to mention her work shirt that was tightly wrapped around her chest. Each step had her ample breasts rubbing against the fabric of her shirt, her nipples especially so as they stiffened after only just leaving her office. Things had gotten unusually intense at this point, but she was only a short walk away from the refuge of her meeting room, only a short presentation before she could duck out of work for the day and enjoy the weekend to recover.

Each step only dug her pit deeper, the odd warmth spreading from her tits as she walked.

“Lookin’ good, boss!”

The bulge in his pants as he turns his chair is obvious, but she’s too busy trying to retain control of her urges to penalize him.

“You look tired, shouldn’t you rest?”

The smirk on his face says it all, he’s not concerned, he’s subtly mocking her!

Her employees apparently have taken note, though she is much too far gone to detect the sinister undertones of their taunts, each person watching intently as she makes her way down the aisles. She’s stumbling on her shaky legs, whimpering to herself gently as the crowd of people peeking from their cubicles watch one, anticipating her falling down and moaning out at any moment. Though somehow, despite the overwhelming build of tensions growing inside of her, she soon slumps against the meeting room door before twisting the handle, staggering inside and slamming her back against the door closed behind her.

Now out of reach from their judging eyes, she sighed before slumping down slightly, her chest rising and falling heavily with each breath she took, clearly aroused. It was a moment of involuntary movement that had her hand almost trace past her thigh and between her legs, stopped at the subtle cough of someone in the room. She opened her eyes in response, noticing now that everyone else had already arrived!

“It’s uh, good to see you Boss. Are we ready?”

His nonchalant tone as to what he almost witnessed elicits a chuckle from most of the other men, but they soon stifle it as they watch their boss stagger her way across the room. It’s almost comical the way she tries to hide it, each man covering their laughter at the sight of their hard work, a half-delirious woman, drunk on lust as she desperately clings to what little pride she can in the situation.

Her presentation is somewhat weak, mostly because of each motion she has to do as she points toward a specific point only worsens the rubbing against her nipples, stimulating her beyond what she could normally handle. Her nipples were clearly visible through her shirt, and she knew this, but continued on regardless.

At one point during her presentation, she needs to emphasize a certain point, making a circular motion with her arm, in turn rubbing her shirt against her nipples in much the same way. This was too much, instantly having her shaking in front of the room of men, smirking to themselves.

“Could you go over that bit one more time? I don’t think I quite got it.”

One of the men seems to have a full idea of what’s going on, and even in her lust-addled mind, she’s well aware of what he’s trying to do. Despite this, she had little choice, and went over that section again. She can feel the moment of no return as she comes closer to her humiliating edge she’s been holding herself back from for so long. Tears began to well in her eyes as her knees began to quake, eyes clouded over in a lustful haze as she lost her train of thought.

It finally comes, jolts of intense pleasure course through her body, shivering on the spot as her audience does nothing but laugh. Though that was just the beginning, with her body caving into the depravity of her mind, it hit her like a lightning bolt, it was as if her brain was being fried with the sheer intensity of her orgasm, she couldn’t help but moan loudly as her knees gave way.

She was helpless there on her knees, cumming what little brains remained out of her quaking cunt, dripping onto the floor as she threw away the last of her pride, letting her tongue hang out of her mouth as she continued cumming. Not wanting to be brought back to reality, to be forced to face the shame of what she had done, she grabs her own tits firmly, teasing her nipples between her fingers as she attempts to force another orgasm out of herself.

It doesn’t take long, before the first even fully stops causing her body to tremble, she cries out in ecstasy, shivering on her knees whilst her onlookers feign disgust.

“Boss?! What the hell is going on?!”

He stands up smugly, betraying his tone of voice as he seems to be relishing the moment.

“This is incredibly inappropriate behaviour!”

A side-glance toward his fellow co-workers is all that’s needed to have them rise from their chairs and begin fiddling with their pants, freeing their cocks one by one. As her orgasm washes over her thoughts, she notices them all getting closer, grinning to themselves as they stroke themselves in front of her with no shame.

“I’m sure you’re aware that there’ll have to be disciplinary actions taken by the board…”

With that, he stands confidently in front of her, the tip of his cock smeared in precum as he slaps it against her face, covering her lips in his pent-up precum as she idly moans to herself.

“Open up.”

No resistance was left in her body, and she simply obeyed. The start of a long and exhausting in-house disciplinary, as the other workers begin to file into the room as the loud sound of her throat being violated could be heard in the other rooms, each ready to take their turn.

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