Yoga with my sister in law

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I bid my wife and kids farewell at the airport and headed home. I was sad I couldn't join them on vacation, but I had a huge deadline coming up for my new book. I worked diligently to hit every milestone and I was excited to finish. I had hoped to have some peace and quiet at home with the family gone. However, that plan was swiftly dashed when my sister-in-law’s house flooded. She needed somewhere to stay for a few weeks and naturally my wife invited her to our house. 

At first, I was highly upset my wife didn't consult me on this, but I relented after having Stacy over for a few days. Her first days there were only a mild interruption by her settling in, but by the third day she had a routine down. It inspired me to stay on track as well, and I eventually discovered that Stacy was very easy to talk to. Even funny and witty as she caught me off guard during a few of our chats. We became fast friends, and I came to enjoy her company. Except something between us started to change. 

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I admit I found Stacy attractive, probably even more so than my wife. Scratch that. She was much prettier than my wife, and I began to take note of this more and more the longer she stayed. I did my best to remain a gentleman. I’d avoid the living room when she was doing her yoga. I'd make up an excuse and leave the kitchen whenever she came downstairs half dressed in a tank top and short shorts. 

I loved my wife very much and had no desire to betray her trust. Stacy, on the other hand, appeared to be more aggressively seeking me out each time I distanced myself. Our conversations also took a turn as light ribbing became suggestive flirtation. I didn't know how to handle it, so I continued to roam from room to room, only to have her follow or beat me to my new destination. 

I was starting to miss my wife and all the teasing and tempting was beginning to take a toll on me. Something had to be done and Stacy's behavior needed to be addressed. I planned to have a talk with her one morning, but she was already up and up early and practicing her yoga in the living room. 

“A bit early for stretches, don't you think?” I ask through a nervous chuckle. 

Stacey has her back to me and slides into a downward dog pose as she answers, “not at all! Sunrise is the best time; I've just been a bit lazy lately.” She giggles with her firm ass jutted up into the air, almost as if inviting me to take a bite. 

Her tight yoga clothes fit her like a second skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. I can see every curve of her silhouette under the flimsy teal fabric. I can even see the plumpness of her pussy as she stretches and splits her legs apart. Her tight body and flexibility is maddening. I feel my will slipping as she rises, revealing her hard nipples. 

Stacy has adorable, pert breasts, not unseemingly large and just enough of a handful. My fingers twitch at the thought of fondling her perky breasts. I suddenly forget why I wanted to talk to her. My mind goes blank as Stacy's clear blue eyes search my face. 

“What's up, Jason? You OK?” She chimes at me like a bell. 

“Oh—oh, it's nothing. I just…” I pause and begin to feel guilty. Maybe I am perceiving it all wrong. I didn't want to insult her by assuming she was making passes at me. “Never mind...” 

My eyes gravitate to her body. I feel the heat rise to my ears as I peek at her narrow waist and wide hips. She's so adorably sexy. I must just be imagining things. Turning to make my exit, Stacy grabs my wrist. 

“Hey, since you're up early. Why not do some stretches with me?” 

My heart skips a beat. Stretching with Stacy? I don't think my willpower will survive it. “No, it's OK. I didn't mean to interrupt.” 

She yanks me towards her mat. “Don't be silly. You look super tense. You probably need a good stretch more than I do.” 

Her words summon only one thing to my mind. Blankly I follow along and mimic her movement. All the while I envision her tight pussy stretching around my cock. The heat from my face travels to my groin as I observe her instruction. 

“Come on, Stace, I'm not even dressed properly.” I try to excuse myself before any noticeable bulge pops up. 

“Nonsense a t-shirt and gray pajama pants are fine,” she insists. 

I suddenly wish I had worn some underwear to buffer any appearance of arousal. Instead, I am left at the mercy of my saggy, flimsy pajamas as Stacy bends and stretches herself in front of me. I can't control my eyes from roaming her perfect tight body. I soon become lost in thought, fantasizing, forbidden things. 

“Jason, help me out. Can you lean into my leg?” Stacy lays out with her legs up in the air. 

I gulp, but comply, hoping my growing erection isn't too noticeable yet. 

“Good. More pressure, please. Really lean into it.” 

Hesitant at first, I contemplate pulling back, but on instinct I press my groin into the trench of her hot sex. I can feel the intense warmth through the thin fabric separating us. 

“Just like that!!” Stacy moans and bites her lips in a husky Manor. 

I can see the desire burning in her eyes as she stares up at me. My cock immediately jumps to life as she roughly rocks into me, riding sensuously against my groin. 

“Fuck it. I want you, Jason.” Stacy growls lustfully at me.  

I think I'm dreaming, but her claws raking at my back hungrily reminds me of my reality. “But what about Laura?!” I yelp.

Stacey rotates her hips, pushing her hot pussy against my shaft. The dampness of her panties seeped through the fabric. “Laura doesn't need to know.” Stacy sighs lustfully. 

My logic flies out the window as she tugs me in by my collar, kissing me with searing passion. Our tongues entwine and lips crash. Over and over. My hands roam her body of their own accord. First fondling her sweet pert titties then moving to the width of her waist. 

Stacy moans and shivers in delight, pressing herself tighter to me. Her hips rock like the ocean, enveloping my cock in the swell of her thighs. Ravenous for sexual intimacy, I kiss her down her neck, tearing away the fragile, thin fabric of her outfit. I place heated kisses across the quaint hills of her pale, perky tits, stopping only to suckle at her ghostly pink nipples. I watch in lewd fascination as she writhes under my mouth while I suck and nibble on her chest. 

“Oh, Jason!” She moans again and bucks against me as I gently devour her. 

Her dainty fingers coil into my hair, and her legs pull tight around my waist. She clings to me in desperate desire, stroking my own want as I impatiently pluck at the flimsy fabric of her crotch. She is soaked already. The crotch of her spandex has gone dark and pungent with her juices. I'm eager to taste and touch her womanly flower. 

Finally getting a hold of the fabric, I tear it away like tissue paper, revealing her clean-shaven pussy, my eyes greedily drink in the beautiful pink juiciness of her cunt. Lifting her to my mouth, I indulge, swirling my tongue through her slick folds, relishing the sweet tang of her honeyed core. 

Stacy melts in my hands, her blonde hair tousles as she squirms in ecstasy. I slather her soaking trench, taking my time, sucking her fluffy folds and thick clit. 

“Oh yes!” Stacy cries out as she nears orgasm. 

I want to feel her release, to feel her insides spasm, and seize around my cock. Swiftly tugging my pants down. I waste no time slipping into her. Her hungry pussy welcomes my girth as I enter her completely in a single stroke. Stacy gasps and groans, then begins to ride me, gyrating her hips fluidly. I feel her grow even wetter as she uses my dick to stir her insides. She is so tight and amazingly hot. 

I feel ready to spill along with her. I pump into her rocking, deepening and intensifying the feeling of her juicy cunt milking my cock. Stacy's body convulses and flushes red as she orgasms hard. Ripples of pleasure surge through me as her pussy tightens considerably and pulses, puckering around my girth. My eyes roll into my head as I begin to pound her tight snatch with all my might. The intense orgasm pounces on me as I slide deep into her messy cunt and cum hard, unloading gouts of hot semen into her womb. Realizing myself, I stare down at the shocked face of Stacy and utter, “oops.”

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    Wow! That’s would be a dream come true for me!!!!


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