Sleeping sex stories with my sisters friend

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One thing I hate when my sister invites her friends over to the house is how loud they can all be. Just imagine a bunch of high school girls, talking about make-up, boys, food, movies everything that's pretty much irrelevant, in the middle of the fucking night while I'm trying to get over my trigonometry exercise for college. 

It is insane, if there is something I can hate in this world it is that. People talking loudly, shouting, in a narrow space. I always thought my sister could never make a better friend, one that was more centered in the world, whose life doesn't spin around lipstick and perfume, and who's hotter than whom. 

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But one night, Lily surprised me, she brought home just one friend, a girl I've never seen before in my life. From the first look she looked entirely different, she wasn't wearing pink or a skirt at all, she was dressed in jeans and a tank top. Her blond hair was tied in a high ponytail and her body was very mature compared to my sister's friends. 

Fucking her deep in her sleep

"And this is my stupid brother, Thomas," she said when I ran into them in the kitchen. My jaw dropped when I saw her, she had bright blue eyes, and a sweet smile. Suddenly she extended her hand and when I was about to reach it and say hi, my sister interrupted. "Ugh, don't you have something better to do?" she asked me. 

All I did to defend myself was mock her in a high-pitched voice that made this girl laugh. My sister rolled her eyes, "Come on, Leah, don't pay attention to him, he's just an idiot."

Leah, what a perfect name for a perfect girl. I went running into my room and instantly made a quick search on my sister's friends on Facebook, and there she was, Leah Thomson, no relationship, seems like she recently made friends with my sister, all she shared in her page were intelligent memes which were quite funny, and then I scrolled through her pictures and wow, she is stunning, with a great body, she had pictures with her other friends in the gym uniform, and she looked amazing. Then I stumbled upon a picture of her in the beach, wearing a barely their bikini and I almost choked on my coke. 

Holy shit, she looked phenomenal. I felt my cock getting hard just staring at that picture, and to know she was in the room next to mine with my stupid sister had me even harder. I completely forgot about the trigonometry exercise; my entire attention was placed on the noises coming from the room next to mine. 

I heard her voice, she giggled, laughed, they talked for a long time until I began falling asleep. Suddenly I woke up in the middle of the night, everything was quiet around. My laptop was still on with my exercise there, I looked at my wristwatch, and it was around two in the morning. "Oh shit," I grunted to myself, I didn't do my exercise. I looked at my phone, and it was dead, so I decided to go and get it. 

I left it earlier in the guest's room, sometimes I use that room to be away from my sister's noise and study. I made my way there in the dark, stumbling in the hallway. When I reached the door I noticed light was coming from inside. That's weird, I thought. I opened the door silently and noticed a silhouette barely lit up by the bathroom light. When I got closer I realized, it was my sister's friend Leah, completely asleep, with her gorgeous bod barely covered with the white sheets. 

She was sleeping on her side, with her legs curled up to her chest and her round ass poking a little from beneath the sheets. I could see she barely had any clothes on. I turned around and noticed her clothes on the chair, so I checked them out: her tank top, her jeans and socks, her bra, her... panties...

My breathing stopped; she had no panties on. I began to feel my throat dry, and my cock twitching right away at the idea of lifting the sheets just a bit to take a look. I approached the bed, looked at her up and down and then I slightly placed my hand on her butt. 

She moaned and moved slightly, I couldn't resist after she made that sensual sound, I took the sheets and pulled them up a bit and I almost died. Her round butt was the first thing I saw and right there, a little hidden was her pink rosy pussy. 

My cock twitched so badly at the sight of it, and driven by my sudden horniness, I ran my finger through her slit, slightly, up and down, and she was wet! Her heart shaped butt was phenomenal, I admired it for a while and continued to slide my finger up and down her slit, feeling how her entrance became wetter with each minute that passed. 

I constantly stared at her face, wondering if she was asleep, and she was, her breath was deep, she didn't move, and she offered me her pussy in a silver platter. I toyed with it for a while until it became so wet I couldn't resist myself. 

I slid my thumb inside, feeling the warmth of her body covering my thumb, and it was so slippery, it felt so nice. My cock was hard as ever, I couldn't help it. I slid down my shorts and jerked off looking at it, but her entrance had that little drop oozing from her entrance, inviting me to slide that I had to. 

I rubbed my cock against her entrance, feeling her wetness coating my head until I found her whole and pushed my cock inside without thinking too much. Leah moaned in her sleep while I moved gently inside her, hoping I wouldn't wake her up. 

I had to clench my jaws to not cum so fast, her pussy was so tight, and it felt so wet I was about to cum inside her. I moved slowly, holding her hips gently, trying to be as soft as possible. Then I began to slide it in entirely, and pull it out entirely. 

The sensation was beyond words, Leah had the greatest pussy I've ever had, and her body was so inviting I had to keep sliding inside her. I just couldn't stop. 

I held her hips and instinctively began to move harder, deeper, and all she did was moan in her sleep. I constantly checked on her eyes, evaluating how far I could go. I kept on moving, sliding deep into her, and pulling almost everything out. 

Suddenly Leah moaned and rolled on her chest, making me pull out of her entirely, she raised her leg exposing her entrance even more, and continued to sleep as if nothing was happening. 

My heart was skipping beats, I suddenly got scared but when I realized she was still deep in her sleep, I got on bed, positioned myself between her legs and slid my cock between her buttocks. 

Gosh, she felt so nice, I wanted this to last forever, it was all so slippery and wet, so good. Then I placed my cock against her entrance and entered her slowly again, but deep. She didn't move, her breath was still deep. 

I pulled out, slid between her buttock and then pushed it in again, every stroke was pushing closer and closer to the edge, and I couldn't stop. Then I had a crazy idea, while I slid inside her, I pushed my thumb into her ass, and I felt her ass tightening and releasing around my finger, pushing me even closer to the edge. 

I thrust for a couple more times until I pulled out and emptied my sack on her round ass. Once I recovered from my orgasm I realized I made a mess, and if I cleaned it up I would probably wake Leah up. I walked out of the room and left her like that, hoping that she would move a lot and clean herself up with the sheets. 

I walked back to my room and when I laid on my bed, I passed out right away. Leah emptied myself entirely, not to mention how exhausted I felt from the entire action. The next morning, I woke up, brushed my teeth and got dressed for college, and when I entered the kitchen, Leah was there with my sister. 

My heart pounded fast at the sight of her and I hoped she wouldn't say anything or suspect anything. "I had a weird dream last night, I can't remember what it was, but it felt so good," she commented all of a sudden. 

I stayed quiet, focusing on getting my orange juice and getting the hell out of there. "The strangest thing is that I woke up with a sticky goo on my buttocks." 

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