Slowly Trained

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It was barely 9:00 on Friday night, and Gara was not happy as she pulled into the driveway at her mom's house. This was her last summer before heading to college, without her step dad. Who she knew was currently enjoying his time in the Jacuzzi. The same hot dad who seemed to always put quite a show for her as if luring her into a trap.

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He had recently started touching her and teasing her when she officially turned eighteen and Gara couldn’t deny the pull she felt. He was kind and helpful and Gara was very fond of him. And, she had to admit to herself, for a guy in his mid-50's he was really good looking.

Her embarrassment rapidly changed to shock as Andy moved away from the jets and into the middle of the jacuzzi where the water was calm and less opaque and looked up sendings a smirk in her direction. So he knew she was watching from her bedroom window. Gara was shocked when he yelled for her to come downstairs.  Andy finally turned around to face the house and his step-daughter spying from her bedroom on the second floor came down. She could see he was stroking himself now.

Gara's pussy was buzzing now. So she decided to go pay him a visit. Andy's heart almost skipped a beat as she stepped outside and closed the door.Gara had tiny, pert tits topped with long, thick nipples that drove Andy crazy whenever Gara decided to go braless around the house. Gara's waist was impossibly tiny which made her slender hips and tight little ass seem curvy. For someone who was so short, she seemed to be all legs.

He felt his cock swell again and his balls tighten as he stood naked in the darkened spa in front of his hot little 18 year-old step daughter. He has never felt more like a dirty old man in his life, but he could not help but lust after the sexy little woman walking towards him.

He bent over and turned the jacuzzi lights, and Gara could feel lust deep in her pussy as he straightened up and his cock was on full display barely a foot from her face. Gara gasped when she saw it; Andy's cock was massive! He asked her to join him and fuck her luck she couldn’t say no.

Now that she was finally up close and personal with her step-dad's dick! She moaned as he kissed her. After more passionate kissing, It was Gaara's turn to surprise her step-dad; she loved sucking cock and was very good at it. She loved the feel of a hard dick on her full, generous lip and she believed that her mouth and throat were made for cock sucking. She had never had much of a gag reflex to begin with, and with a little practice she could deepthroat all those teenage cocks without a problem. It was certainly going to be a challenge handling Andy's thick, rock hard cock in her mouth but she was going to enjoy trying.

Gara stroked his length up and down the length of his shaft while swirling her tongue and lips over the tip. She pulled back and watched his tip swell even more and heard Andy moan softly above her. As she stroked, a slick dollop of pre-cum oozed from his swollen cock.

. Andy was amazed when his tiny teenage step-daughter opened her mouth and took his cockhead past her lips with no problem at all. Her lips were stretched to the limit to get around his huge cockhead, but she was already sliding more and more of his veiny cock into her mouth.

Gara's mouth was full of cock with just the tip of his impressive member, but she wasn't about to stop yet. She moved a little to get a better angle, and then bobbed her head up and down his fat shaft. She could feel her pussy juices run out over her plump lips, and she was literally slobbering on her step-dad's big cock. Each time she bobbed back down a little more of his shaft was coated in her saliva. Moving her head faster and faster, Gara soon realised that Andy's cock was too hard to bend even a little, so she would not be able to easily "turn the corner" and guide his cock into her throat. She was bottoming out about half way down the length of his cock. Not good enough she thought, as she reached out and put Andy's hands on the back of her head. Andy took the hint right away and started pushing her head down to get his cock deeper into her throat. He was amazed that she had not gagged with that much cock in her throat and started to fuck her mouth harder. Finally, when he forced about six inches of thick cock past her lips, she gagged hard and pushed him back. His cock was covered in thick ropes of saliva which ran off his cock and onto her skimpy top and pushed up tits.

Gara didn't hesitate as she stood up and took off her tight top and padded bra, and then looking him straight in the eyes slipped off her thin PJ shorts. Andy paused to take in her tiny breasts. They were high and firm and topped with long, thick nipples that looked hard enough to cut glass. Her flat stomach and small but curvy hips made her bald pussy mound and lips even more obvious. Andy kissed her passionately, feeling the slickness of her saliva still on her lips and chin. Gara reached down and stroked Andy's cock while they kissed so she was completely distracted when she felt his finger rub her swollen pussy lips. It was as if an electric shock went through her small body, and she moaned while they continued kissing. She could feel him rubbing her own slick juices around her pussy lips as he thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. She sucked on it like it was a small cock and spread her legs to try to get Andy to explore deeper into her pussy.

Andy pulled back and looked at her naked, slick body. Half leaning over and half picking her up, he pulled Gara's breasts to his face and started to lightly flick his tongue over her big nipples. Years of seeing her hard nipples under her shirts, and now he finally had his mouth on them. He sucked one and then the other into his mouth and she moaned again. He alternated between sucking and biting her nipples and she moaned even louder. As he lavished attention over her nipples and tiny breasts, Gara reached between her own legs and started furiously rubbing her clit. At the same time, she started moaning, "Oh fuck yeah, Andy. Suck my big nipples! Suck them hard!" Andy doubled down and sucked even harder on her nipples and tits, and Gara fingered her clit even harder. As she felt her next orgasm building, Gara became even more vocal and practically screamed, "Oh fuck that feels soooo good. Oh fuck! Oh fuck yeah!". Andy could feel her body start to quiver as she violently rubbed her clit. "I'm going to cum! Ahhhh... oh fuck, I'm cumming!!"

Gara lay back and opened her legs as wide as she could with her hands behind her knees to try to spread them even more. There was no break for her to even catch a breath. Andy smiled at her, then took his big cock in his hand and rubbed his fat head around her slippery pussy, mixing her saliva with her pussy juice still leaking out of her little pink hole. He continued to rub around her lips and clit. What a beautiful little pussy, he thought as we started to press his big tip against her tight fuck hole. Gara could feel the gentle pressure from his cock as he pressed it against the outside of her pussy. Relax. Just relax, she told herself. He is going slow and being gentle. Andy started to press harder and Gara could feel her pussy trying to stretch to accommodate his apple head cock. Slowly but forcefully he pushed his cock into her tiny pussy. As he pushed harder, Gara felt her pussy being stretched wider and wider. Andy pushed harder and felt his cock head pop into her pussy and Gara gasped as her sopping wet snatch snapped around his veiny shaft. She had never felt anything so amazing in her life. Her step-dad's fat cock was already hitting parts of her pussy that had never been touched like that before.

Andy slowly thrust forward, filling Gara's pussy with more and more of his big cock. Gara could feel the walls of her pussy stretch around his cock head as the initial pain started to subside. She was moaning and panting as he slowly stuffed her pussy fuller than it had ever been. He fucked her faster and deeper until he could feel and hear his big balls slapping her tiny ass and cumming into her non stop. 

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