Exhibitionist wife story “All aboard”

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The rattling of the tracks beneath the cart was meditative against Molly's eardrum in her heightened state of awareness. Her husband was a loyal deviant, and his unending libido would spike up at the oddest times. They were on a train to the airport but even here, in a public setting, Connor found it hard to control himself. It didn’t when Molly openly complied and reciprocated his whims, no matter where they were. 

The feeling of her husband's hands greedily slipping under her skirt as they stood in the middle of a crowded train, thrilled her to a core. It got her heart pounding in her chest. Molly’s hazel eyes remained downcast quietly but darted up every now and then to catch the lingering gazes of suspicious onlookers. The curious gazes didn't deter her either. The way to their eyes scanned over her as she was being secretly fondled made the tension in her core all the sweeter. 

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Still, she did her best not to arouse too much attention, stifling her heated sighs and coos as Connor’s long dashing fingers worked their way into her panties. Molly held her coat in her lap, draping it over her arm. She perched her forearm over her knees, blocking view of her husband's handling. She chewed her lip, trying to concentrate her remaining nonchalant. Meanwhile, her husband, Connor stiffened in his seat as his index finger rocked against her opening. A surprised mewl left Molly's throat as she felt him slip inside her. The hole of her sex puckered round Connor’s meaty ring finger as he began to stroke in and out of her tight snatch. 

Her underwear, along with his fist, went clammy as she grew wetter. Molly shifted uncomfortably but remained past pressed close to her husband. She could see him reaching the limit of his patience. His aqua eyes remained locked to the ground as he inconspicuously teased and fingered her. Despite his relaxed demeanor, heat had risen to his cheeks. Summoning a sheen of sweat beneath his carefully coifed hair. 

The announcement for the next stop rang out. Connor’s ministrations halted as passengers rose from their seats. The train pulled to a stop at the next station. The doors swung open, allowing passengers to offload. As they did so, Connor rose from his seat, tugging Molly along. With their baggage in hand, they shuffled further into the train. Crossing carts until they stood in the last nearly abandoned car. Instead of sitting, Connor cornered Molly between the standing rails of the very last door of the train car. 

She said nothing but trembled as she felt Connor grind into her backside. His fingers, slick with her essence, plucked at the hem of her skirt. Molly's breath grew heavy as her heart started to race again. Connor was being bolder this time. Although there were less people here. Connor's actions grew more and more conspicuous as he began to undo his fly. The metallic rip of his pants zipper drew the attention of an older man in a business suit and a younger college student. 

Molly watched their expressions as they exchanged glanced with one another. It almost seemed as if the looking riders were going to say something. Instead, they remained quiet as Connor lifted Molly’s skirt flashing her lacy panties that were already soaked through the crotch. The older businessman quirked a brow, then said nothing as he went back to reading something on his phone. The frat boy, on the other hand, began pointing the camera of his phone in their direction. His eyes remained glued on its screen as it closely monitoring the couple through it. 

Connor paid them no mind. His focus was totally on Molly and her gorgeous body. He didn't know why his lust for her would get so out of hand, but he didn't care either. His passion was for his wife, who cared if others saw how much he adored her. Molly, in her own way, felt the same. Connor's passion and lust was intoxicating. The way he pounced on her and fondled her in public made her feel like the most beautiful and desirable creature in the world. 

The eyes of curious strangers didn't bother her. In fact, she felt empowered by them. Knowing that the strangers couldn't take their eyes off of her was a thrill Molly never tired of. The attention had become addictive for her. No matter where they were, Molly willingly gave in to Connor’s public trysts and this was far from the first time they had had sex on public transportation. 

Moments of passion had been stolen on buses, boats and even airplanes before. In fact, Molly had counted on Connor losing his control, but she had expected him to pounce on her in the airplane’s bathroom. Apparently, all the excitement had her husband too on edge to keep him at Bay. She began to wonder what others who would board the train soon would think of her. 

“What a dirty slut,” they'd whisper as they stared through the side of their eyes at her. 

The perceived insults only stoked her rebellious soul. Her veiled sighs of lust became more apparent as she sensed the bulbous head of her husband's cock pressed between her thighs. She leaned forward on the grip bars near the door, allowing Connor easier access to her loins. Molly shivered and shuddered at her husband's impatient yanking. He nearly tore the crotch of her silky lace panties as he hooked the thin fabric to the side.

Conner smelled the arousal wafting from her heated sex, her obvious want hastened his own actions. His hips crashed softly against her plush backside as he did his best to remain inconspicuous, rocking with the sway of the train, as he rode towards the next station. The wandering eyes of the other passengers began to flicker in their direction more frequently. 

Molly let out a pleasurable mew. She was more boldly drawing attention now. The trench of her cunt grew more wet at the thought of an audience. No longer able to resist the siren call of Molly’s hungry pussy. Connor reared back and slowly pressed into her entrance. The slick tight hole protested at first, but Connor pushed past with a solid pop that had Molly cooing like a dove. 

She welcomed the hot rod of flesh as Connor filled her with a single stroke. Their carefully crafted facade crumbled as the friction between their bodies swept them away into a haze of primal lust. The college student recorded them openly with a salacious look of amusement on his face. Meanwhile, the businessman rose from his seat and stood nearer to the door, getting a better view of the intimate connection between the couple. 

The beating of Molly's heart doubled at the knowledge she was being blatantly watched now. She grew wetter in the face of risk. Even the thought of the cops coming to separate them quickened her pulse in a delicious way. 

Would more people come to watch? She silently hoped they would. As if answering her wish, the announcement for the next station came on. The train began to slow, but Connor’s rhythm only hastened, focusing on nothing other than the rapturous pleasure of his wife sweet cunt milking him. Connor began to pound more solidly into her. His head drooped back as his eyes closed as he basked in the illicit intimacy. 

Molly, on the other hand, was solidly stuck in the moment. She chewed her lips and bit her hand to quiet her moans as the doors slid open. Several passengers boarded, weaving around her and her husband. The young wife expected her fun to come to an end right then and there, but to her pleasant surprise, a rowdy group of soccer players entered. 

The boisterous group of young fit athletes surrounded them as they boarded. At first, they took the little notice of the horny couple’s lovemaking, but as the train pulled away, the gentle off beat clap of Connor's hips against Molly plump behind drowned out even the steady rattle of the train gliding over the tracks. One by one, each player paused in their celebratory conversation and stared over curiously.

 The mischievous and deviant looks of realization on their faces tantalized Molly. She moaned and groaned louder, drawing more attention. Her reaction and voice inflamed Connor’s want. Like animals in heat, they started to rut harder. 

The team of athletes encircled around them tightly. Drawn in by the spectacle. Molly's heart fluttered. Her body flushed all over. Countless pairs of eyes watched her with lewd fascination. Swept up in her surging passion, she could only hold tight to the rail in front of her as Connor rammed his swollen cock into her greedy pussy. 

“Hey, get a recording,” someone whispered in the crowd. 

“That's right, get that pussy!” Someone else called. 

“Can I have a turn?” Another onlooker asked. 

Molly's throat grew hot and tight with flustered embarrassment. The sensation grew as her husband complied with the mob’s suggestions. 

“Let's see her tits!” 

“Fuck her harder!” They chuckled at the couple.

Connor tore open Molly’s shirt allowing her tits to spill from her bra as he thrusted into her roughly. Molly could tell by his labored grunts Connor was close. Sensing that, as well, the mob began to cheer Connor on. Chanting for him to go harder and harder until finally he came into Molly’s womb forcefully. Ejaculating like a fire hose. 

The crowd of horny observers dispersed as they arrived at the next stop. As Molly fixed her hair and clothes, Connor redid his pants and smiled at his wife in chagrin. “I think we missed our stop.”

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