Sex on airplane with flight attendant

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Ariana admired her sultry selfie and texted it to multiple contacts before heading into the private jet hangar. The clicking of her 4-inch black pumps drew the attention of the two ground crew members in neon vests. They eyed her as she walked up the steps of the jet, her firm ass swaying under her short, tight pencil skirt. Their jaws dropped when they saw the slightest flash of a black thong as she reached the top. She turned and smiled down at them with a little wave before ducking inside.

Ariana was a 24-year-old stewardess and worked for an aircraft company which contracted out flight attendants to private jets, generally owned by corporations or high-net-worth individuals. Her job was to first and foremost look after the health and safety of her passengers. Beyond that, she was responsible for providing a luxurious, seamless, and pleasurable flying experience.

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As usual, she was wearing her uniform. Ariana dropped her bags in the front closet and said a quick hello to the pilot. 

Sex with the pilot on the airplane

She started preparing a drink for her passenger, Dave, with whom she had flown many times. He was the CEO of a company who liked his drinks strong and his women frisky. As she measured out the ingredients, two hands caressed her waist and slid up to her breasts.

"Hi, Daddy." Dave felt his dick twitch when she called him Daddy. He ordered Steve to take off and took a seat.

Ariana stood in front of him, her legs slightly spread, and bent down at the waist to place his drink on the armrest. Dave's hands slid up and down her silky nylons as he admired the dazzling cleavage in his face.

Sucking the pilots dick

With both hands on the armrests, Ariana spread her legs further, making her skirt rise above the tops of her stockings. Dave sipped from his drink and lazily tugged on a garter strap before releasing it with a loud snap.

"Ow, Daddy!" Ariana and Dave grinned at each other. They liked to play a little rough.

Dave fingered the smooth skin of her upper thighs, wondering how on earth he got this lucky. 

Dave's hand slowly grazed her inner thigh. Ariana let out a soft moan as it reached the soft fabric of her thong. He rubbed gently, feeling her wetness.

"You know the drill, Daddy. I have to do the safety brief first." Dave ignored her and kept rubbing. Still leaning over his seat, she shivered when his fingers pushed aside her thong and brushed against her landing strip.

"Thank you for choosing us as your in-flight companion. Please keep your seatbelt fastened while the seatbelt sign is on!" Ariana gasped as Dave started rubbing her clit.

"This aircraft is equipped with floor-level lighting and two emergency exit DOORS!" Dave inserted a finger into Ariana's pussy and curled it towards him to stroke her G-spot.

"Please place mobile phones on aircraft...mode...." Ariana moaned the last bit as Dave started finger-fucking her, relishing how tight she was around his finger.

"Smoking is not allowed on board!" Dave inserted a second finger and rubbed her clit with his other hand. Her legs began to shake, making her tits jiggle in his face.

"Today's flight time is two hours!" Ariana was so close now. Dave inserted a third finger, and his fingers squelched as they rammed her pussy.

"Cum for Daddy, slut." Being called a slut sent Ariana over the edge. Ariana's moans reached the cockpit as she came hard.

Dave removed his fingers and slid her thong back into place. He licked his fingers with a grin. She tasted sweet and musky.

"Flight attendant, prepare for takeoff," Steve announced.

They ignored him. Ariana climbed into Dave's lap and rested her head on his shoulder.

Dave wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. Ariana could feel his erection pressing against her ass. She wriggled against it. Dave groaned and picked her up in his arms, adjusting her so that her back was against his chest.

Ariana took off her blazer and ground her ass against his pelvis. Dave moaned in her ear, reaching around to grope her tits through her blouse. He felt her nipples harden; he knew how much she loved it when he played with her tits.

He pulled her blouse out of her skirt, reaching in to caress the soft skin of her waist and stomach, before squeezing her tits through her bra. Ariana moaned loudly as he pinched her nipples; Dave's ministrations were having the intended effect.

Dave moved his hands down her torso and pushed her hips down harder against his cock. He had been rock hard since seeing Ariana's sexy bathroom selfie, and fingering her tight little pussy and feeling her tight little body against him had just made him harder. He needed to see the rest of her.

"Strip for me," Dave ordered. 

Ariana slipped off his lap and performed a striptease for Dave. She swayed her hips as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and revealed her black lace bra. Her bra was low cut, putting her cleavage on magnificent display. The bra's lace barely covered the stiff nipples he had just been fondling.

She turned around and let him watch her unzip the back of her skirt before pushing it off her firm ass. Her matching thong came into view; it was a tiny thing, all strings and lace.

Ariana danced for him in her lingerie, bending over and wiggling her ass mere inches from his face so he could smell her arousal. She spread her asscheeks for him, and her thong barely covered her tight little asshole. God, I want to fuck that ass. It was the one thing they hadn't done yet.

Dave tore his eyes away from her ass to admire the way the soaked fabric of her thong moulded to her swollen lips, displaying a perfect outline of her barely-covered pussy.

Dave reached out and slowly pulled her thong down, revealing her cute, puckered bud. As he continued peeling her thong away, a long strand of her sticky juices came with it, connecting her glistening pussy to her thong. Her outer pussy lips were beautiful, smooth, and plump, just begging to be invaded.

Dave left her thong, soaking wet with a creamy white spot on the gusset, stretched between her thighs. He licked his lips as he spread her ass. Dave had tasted her off his fingers earlier, but now he yearned to go straight to the source. Before he could bury his face in her snatch, Ariana stepped forward, out of his reach.

"Tsk, tsk, Daddy. You know you're only supposed to look at strippers, not touch. You teased me while I was doing my safety demonstration, and now it's my turn."

Dave was going crazy. Ariana stood in front of him, legs spread, thong stretched between her thighs, and reached up to unclasp her bra. She tossed it aside, and Dave glimpsed parts of her side cleavage as she swayed.

Ariana shimmied her thong off and kicked it away, leaving her in just her garter, stockings, and heels. Then she turned around, finally giving Dave a look at her naked form. He took in her firm DD breasts topped with hard pink nipples, narrow waist, flat tummy, and tiny blonde landing strip that proved the carpet matches the drapes.

She continued to sway her hips and dance for him, squeezing her tits together and running her hands all over her luscious body. Ariana dropped to her knees, legs spread wide. One hand slowly slipped down her stomach. Ariana closed her eyes and moaned as she rubbed her clit. The hand on her tit squeezed hard as she gyrated her hips, fucking the air. Dave watched in agony as his 24-year-old minx pleasured herself in front of him.

Ariana opened her eyes and smiled coquettishly up at Dave.

"Now you can touch, Daddy."

Ariana straddled him and thrust out her chest. Dave grabbed her tits, crushing them together. She started grinding her hips on Dave's hard cock, covering his pants with her juices. He grabbed her hips and pulled her down harder. Ariana played with her tits as she rubbed her clit on Dave's crotch.

Ariana loved fucking older married men. Nothing in the world got her this horny. She grinned at him and squeezed her tits together as she dry humped him.

"Do you want to fuck my titties, Daddy?"

Dave pushed her onto her knees with a growl. He fucking loved it when she called him Daddy.

Ariana unzipped Dave's pants, and his thick 7" cock almost slapped her in the face. She brushed her breasts back and forth on Dave's cock before wrapping her hand around it and giving it a few tugs. A drop of pre-cum leaked out, and Ariana rubbed the head of his cock and his pre-cum on her pert nipple. Then she started slapping his cock on each of her tits, making them jiggle and bounce.

Dave was painfully hard at this point. He grabbed the back of her neck and shoved his cock between her tits, watching it disappear between them. Ariana started working them up and down, squeezing them around his cock. She was getting even wetter; she relished the feeling of a hard cock between her tits.

But the pace was too slow for Dave. He began thrusting up hard, closing his eyes as he fucked his little slut's huge tits. Again, he couldn't believe his luck. This 24-year-old regularly made her hot body available to him. My wife never lets me do this.

As if reading Dave's thoughts on all the things his wife never did, Ariana opened her mouth to lick Dave's cock as he fucked her tits. With every thrust, the underside of his cock brushed against her tongue.

Soon, the sensation of his cock between Ariana's pillowy tits became too much. After a few more thrusts, Dave grunted and came all over her chest. When he finished, Ariana rubbed his cum into her skin and licked it off her fingers, grinning up at him.

Dave pulled her up back onto his lap. His hands in her hair, he kissed Ariana with a passion he had never felt for his wife or even his other mistresses. Ariana wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back hungrily.

Steve announced that they would be landing in Charleston shortly.

They broke off the kiss, and Dave grinned at Ariana like a dopey teenager.

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