A Library Hookup 

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Ellie and Jacob had been bumping into each other at the library for weeks. Ellie had been there finishing up some papers for grad school. Jacob really only needed to go to the library one time, to return a book for his reading club, he had managed to find excuses to keep going back in order to run into Ellie.

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She was beautiful, with chocolate brown waves that cascaded down her back, and a pair of adorable glasses. She always wore the most beautiful summer dresses and sandals, sitting with her legs crossed underneath the table. 

Ellie had noticed him, too. He was the tall, dark-haired stranger in the sci-fi section who kept smiling at her in between gaps on the shelf. There was something about him that intrigued her. He wasn’t the typical guy she’d see at the library. He was much more attractive. 

Jacob was there on a Saturday afternoon, slowly walking around the aisles of paperbacks when suddenly, he felt someone tap his shoulder. When he turned around, he was stunned to see Ellie standing there. She was smiling at him, her cheeks flushed pink.

“Hi,” she said. “We’ve been seeing each other for weeks now, so I thought I’d finally come over and introduce myself. I’m Ellie.”

Jacob smiled and nodded. He stuck out his hand. “Jacob. Sorry, I don’t mean to be a creep. It’s just, you are very pretty.”

Ellie smiled even bigger. “Thank you. I hope this isn’t making me sound creepy either, but I have had a crush on you from afar this whole time.”

“Really?” Jacob was stunned. He was sure he didn’t have a chance with this woman.

“Really.” Ellie moved closer to him, and she could feel the heat radiating from his body. “You smell so good.” His cologne mingled with the scent of old paper, delighting Ellie’s senses. She was very much a book nerd, so it made sense that she’d be so turned on right now. 

She made the first move, bringing her lips gently to his. Jacob was incredibly receptive, immediately melting against her and moving his hands up to her lower back. It felt good to finally touch each other. A big wave of relief washed over them both. It almost felt unreal.

“We should go somewhere more private,” Ellie whispered, looking around them. “The weekends can get pretty busy. I don’t think this is an appropriate spot, if you catch my drift.”

Jacob followed her lead. Ellie seemed to know the library’s ins and outs. She led him up a flight of stairs to a dark and dusty top floor that seemed like it hadn’t got a lot of use. The shelves were crooked and dusty, with books that appeared to be only encyclopedias. Jacob had forgotten that encyclopedias were even a thing.

Ellie pulled Jacob in between two shelves. She wrapped her arms around his neck and tugged his body against hers. Their mouths collided, the tension of the past few weeks coming to a head in this moment.

Jacob took a step back and looked Ellie up and down. “You look incredible.”

Ellie giggled softly. “Thank you.”
Jacob ran his hands across Ellie’s hips and to the bottom of her dress. He lifted it up and slid his palms up her stomach and to her breasts. She was wearing a thin lacy bralette. He could feel her nipples get hard.

“Come here,” Jacob said, his voice a low growl. It wasn’t how he normally sounded, but Ellie brought something out of him that he didn’t recognize but appreciated just the same—a roughness, a need to take charge. 

He dropped to his knees and pulled Ellie’s panties down her legs. Her skin was soft and smooth. Then he held up her skirt and pressed his face to her pussy.

“Fuck, Jacob,” she said breathlessly. “That feels so good.”

She couldn’t stop watching him, his tongue sliding across her clit, his dark eyes occasionally flicking upwards to catch her gaze. She ran her hands over his short hair, forcing his head even closer against her pussy.

Ellie could just barely make out the people on the lower floor, milling around the shelves and checking out their books. Her heart was racing so fast, knowing that what they were doing was in a public library.

“Keep going,” she moaned, bucking her hips against Jacob’s deft mouth. “Yes!”

Her voice tapered off as her orgasm began to ripple through her body. She had to force herself not to be too loud, not to draw attention. It took hold of her, begging her to moan, to throw her head back like a wild animal. But Ellie refrained. 

Finally, Jacob pulled his mouth away from her pussy and looked up at her, grinning. When he stood up, Ellie grabbed his face for a kiss. She loved that she could taste herself on him. 

She ran her hands across the front of Jacob’s pants, discovering that his cock was already hard. She hurried to undo his button and zipper, wanting to get to him as quickly as possible. She had been so distracted these last few weeks, imagining herself doing exactly this. 

It was Ellie’s turn to drop to her knees. Jacob let out a dangerously loud groan as she began to suck his cock, her dress fanned out around her on the carpeted floor. 

“Ellie,” he sighed, barely audible now. He could have stayed forever just like this, his cock throbbing in Ellie’s warm mouth, her glasses-framed eyes looking up at him. They were beautiful, wide pools of dark green, a color Jacob had never seen in a pair of eyes before. 

Ellie slid her soft lips faster and faster down his shaft. Jacob let her go on for another couple of minutes before pulling her back up to her feet. He couldn’t wait another second.

“Do you want to fuck?” he asked.

Ellie let out a breath she was holding. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Jacob spun her around, and Ellie braced herself on the bookshelf. They were hidden by shadow and surrounded by books covered in dust, the plastic of the spines so old that the titles were illegible.

Jacob grabbed his cock and slipped it under Ellie’s adorable, plump ass and into her pussy. She was drenched, and Jacob took his time as he slid every inch into her. He pumped against her wetness in deep, slow strokes. The walls of her pussy were so tight and hot, and with every thrust, it felt like she was clenching down against him. 

“God, you’re tight,” Jacob groaned, gritting his teeth. 

Ellie hummed her lips together, appreciative of the compliment. She couldn’t get out the words, but she wanted to tell Jacob his cock was perfect, that it felt incredible inside of her.

His hands squeezed her ass and reached up to her breasts, massaging them. They were soft and pliant in his palms, and the added sensation elicited a series of quiet whimpers from Ellie. 

Jacob reached around her to start massaging slow, gentle circles across Ellie’s clit. He wanted to feel her cum on his cock, her tight, slick walls clenching down around him. 

The pleasure was building up again inside of her. Ellie closed her eyes and let herself sink into this feeling—the big cock in her pussy, the fingers on her most sensitive spot, and the thrill that was tugging at her stomach from being in such a public place as a library on a busy afternoon. 

It was no wonder that she came again, every muscle group trembling as she did. The orgasm was more intense than the first, probably because Jacob was fucking her faster while she came, prolonging the sensation. 

Jacob started to pump his cock faster now, plunging it harder and harder against Ellie’s pussy. Her wetness was audible as he drove into her over and over, bringing himself to the edge of orgasm.

“Are you ready for this cum?” Jacob asked, hissing the question into Ellie’s ear. 

“Mm, yes,” Ellie panted, nearly gasping for it at this point. She wanted to feel Jacob’s cock twitching inside of her, that final display of pleasure.

His cum seemed to gush in a huge flood of warm wetness deep in her hole, filling her up. Ellie arched her back, which caused her ass to press even harder against Jacob’s cock. 

Jacob groaned through his climax, holding tightly onto Ellie’s waist, until he finally had no cum left to give her. 

Slowly, he pulled out, not wanting to spill the cum he had given her. Ellie reached down for her panties and smiled at Jacob as she stood up. 

“That was far more interesting than any research.” 

Jacob was buttoning his cock back into his pants. “So this research. . . how many more weeks do you think you’ll be working on it?”

Ellie stepped closer to him and pulled his shoulders down so their faces were an inch apart. Then she kissed him, long and slow.

“I guess as long as it takes.”

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