Skinny dipping story: Risque Swim

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It was her last summer at home - finally. A month after graduating from high school, Lizzy  wanted to enjoy it.

None of her friends was a virgin. And all the girls knew she still was, so all the boys knew too. And worst of all - now her friends had a plan. It was the day of the first big beer bash of the summer. They always took place from late afternoon until early morning, on Forest Service land deep in the woods. Illegal beer parties that always got out of hand. Anxious as she was to be deflowered, there was no way Jenn was going to let it happen with an obnoxious drunk from that mess - but that was her friends' plan. Genius.

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When her friends insisted on their plan, Lizzy  pretended to give in. She said she was going for a run first, but would get home in time to shower and be ready. They knew it was a lie but felt like they'd tried.

Sex after skinny dipping

Lizzy  was going there because she loved running the trail. And because she loved swimming naked and sunbathing on the smooth rock when no one was around. 

Turning onto the two-track that led to the trailhead she spotted glinting metal through the trees. Crap, someone else is here. But when she came around the last turn she realised the vehicle in the lot was Pete's battered CJ5 Jeep. Pete, who was her best friend's older brother.

He always looked at her in a way Lizzy  felt inside, where she'd been crushing on him since before she understood the feelings he aroused. 

She parked next to Pete's Jeep and tried to decide what to do. Maybe he went to the overlook? She thought about it. No, he went to Molly's. God, he's there right now. Skinny dipping. Maybe sunning. She pictured him naked on his back in the sun. Hard like that morning. She imagined looking at him from inches away. Touching him. Oh God. She felt weak and too jelly-legged to start her run.

She drank an entire canteen of water, taking deep calming breaths between gulps to steady her nerves, same as she did before a race. Then she started down the trail in an easy jog and soon increased her pace, wondering what she was running to. Her athleticism took over as she hit stride and she relaxed with exertion and fluid speed. She felt like a wild animal running through the woods. Free, physically confident. Even beautiful. Like a shaft of sunlight streaming through the forest.

Almost at Molly's Hole, Lizzy  left the spur trail to look ahead from a vantage point where it was possible to see part of the pool. Nobody? Only the natural noises of the woods and ripples radiating out from the small waterfall. Puzzled, she returned to the trail and ran the remaining distance.

Pete was stepping into the water when she emerged behind him. He'd been where she couldn't see from the vantage point. With the noise of the waterfall he didn't hear her until she gasped in surprise at his presence. And nakedness. For her it was like encountering the heat of the sun. When he turned, he saw her more exposed than if she was the naked one. Her face hid nothing.

Peter saw her need. He tasted her hunger in himself.

He was sideways to her, standing in water that came above his knees. Water that almost touched the end of his... cock. The word comes alive in Jenn's brain. His cock. Pete instinctively started to turn away but then flushed careless with desire and turned to face her. She saw him natural and unadorned, growing tumescent as she watched.

"Jenn." he spoke softly. Their eyes met and he held her in his gaze as certainly as if he'd held her in his arms. The only two people in the world, next to a waterfall in this Eden. They somehow steadied each other with their eyes. Within her, the battle between caution and desire ebbed and she made no move to leave. But no move to join him either.

Pete turned and dove into the deeper part of the pool. He emerged with water running down the face she thought was the most handsome in the world. Then he waded back into the shallower water near her. He stopped when he was still waist deep. She could see the top of his pubes. "It's perfect today." He said with a smile.

Jenn playfully wiggled her toes as she walked to the water and stepped in, ankle deep. Wonderful. She shivered with delight and her nipples became dramatically erect inside a sports-top that didn't require a bra, except now, when it revealed her arousal.

Peter could all but see her excited nipples and yearned to uncover them. He wanted to touch, roll them in his fingers and tug on them. Oh fuck...lick them even stiffer and suck them into my mouth. He impulsively dove backwards and she glimpsed his cock before he disappeared into the water. 

She daringly stepped from the water and turned her back to him to remove her top.

Lizzy  turned to face him. Her sports top closed with a zipper in the middle that her fingers found on their own and slid down. She took a deep breath, and opened the top in hands spreading wide. Then she let it slip from her hand. She watched his face and wondered if he could see her pounding heart and knew she had to keep going before losing this newfound courage. When she bent to slide her running shorts off she lowered her head to hide a sudden blush, and stayed bent over to lower her panties as well. Then she athletically flipped the garments up into her waiting hand with her toes. With the motion Lizzy  felt how wet her maidenly slit had gotten. Her blush deepened and heated her face. She felt uncertain but turned to drop her shorts on her top before turning back to boldly face him.

Pete had stopped so the waterline was at the top of his pubic hairs and after a few heartbeats the head of his increasing tumescence appeared at the surface in front of him.

Lizzy  burned hot yet shivered as she stepped into the cool water.

With a playful sweep of his arm, Pete splashed water on her. Kids again! She kicked water back at him and dove in. When she streaked past him under the surface he saw her tight butt and lean legs kicking powerfully. Fuck... A gazelle on land and a trout in the water.

They playfully splashed and horsed around until Jenn boldly demonstrated how well she could float on her back. Her youthful face rode well above the surface, as did erect nipples perched atop firm breasts. But it was the angular ridges of her pelvic structure that captivated Peter even more. Her runner's hips starkly framed a valley between them with the swell of her mons in its middle. A sandy coloured bush didn't completely conceal pink peeking from the slit between her legs.

Her eyes were closed. She waited, floating, available without ever deciding to be.

Peter moved closer to look at her nipples, stiff and proud in well-defined areolae. Her smallish breasts enhanced them. He was enthralled and grew emboldened by the demands of his cock, rock hard in the water. Lizzy  tingled when he placed a steadying hand under her back and inhaled sharply at his tongue's first touch on a wet nub. Goosebumps spread across her skin. Then she gasped when he licked and moaned aloud when he took this part of her body meant for sucking completely into his warm mouth.

She felt like a kept animal suddenly freed. He suckled gently on one, then the other, and back again to the sound of her soft moans. Then he pushed her up into his hungry mouth and sucked deeply on her maiden's tits and she lost her balance and flotation and thrust her hands below the surface to recover and one of her hands found his cock, wooden in the water. Hot. When she quickly tried to pull her hand away his free hand was there to wrap hers around him and hold her there. He calmed her on the hard core of his arousal. He moved her hand up and down his shaft and she felt his hardness inside soft looser skin. When Peter removed his hand, Lizzy 's stayed.

The shocking scintillation of his heat, in her hand, in that cold water stole her breath. The only sounds were the waterfall and the symphony of bird song in the canopy above.

Pete was moving them towards shallower water when Jenn let her feet fall to the bottom and turned into him. His body pressing into hers in the water was the first naked embrace of her life. Without conscious decision she hung onto his cock as they kissed and then squeezed it when his tongue slid into her mouth. He pulled her into him with a hand in the small of her back, moved it to her shoulders and then cupped the back of her head as they kissed. He squeezed her tit in his other hand and she squeezed his cock as he entered her. They fucked in the water as loud moans echoed along with splashing of water. 

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