The Not So Private Beach 

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“Fuck,” I sighed with aggravation, rummaging through our tote bag. “We forgot the sunscreen, of all things.”

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My husband, Henry, made a sympathetic face. “Aw, shit. I might be okay, but you and your fair skin are definitely going to burn. 

We were on a quiet, beautiful Italian beach for the last day of our summer vacation, and of course, I had left the sunscreen behind. I was a redhead with freckles, so any time spent in the sun for an extended period of time would leave me burnt to a crisp. 

I looked up and down the beach. The hotel was too far away to go back and get sunscreen. But I noticed an overhang of rocks down the shore a little way, the perfect spot to perhaps set up camp. Plus, it looked like it would give us some more privacy. 

I looked at Henry, standing there in his red swim trunks. His olive skin seemed to be reflecting the sun. A surge of arousal bubbled up inside me. 

“You know,” I said, walking over to him and running my hand over his crotch, “if we check out that space up there underneath those rocks, we might be able to engage in a certain. . .beach activity.”

His green eyes widened as they looked into mine. “Oh yeah? What sort of activity?”

“I guess you’ll have to find out.” I bit my lower lip.

We took our towels down the beach and laid them out behind a cluster of rocks. The space was more private like I had hoped, and plus, the overhang offered some shade.

No sooner had we laid our towels down on the sand than I pulled down Henry’s swim trunks and took his cock into my mouth. I slid my lips over his shaft and slowly moved my lips up and down in a steady rhythm. The ocean crashed behind us, loud and intense. For a moment, I really thought we were on our own private beach. 

“God, that feels amazing,” Henry groaned. I looked up at him, his face contorted with visible pleasure.

We’d had the best summer vacation so far, and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to finish it off than sucking his cock on a beautiful beach. 

Suddenly, I heard Henry mutter under his breath, and not because he was enjoying himself so much. I looked over my shoulder and gasped. “Fuck.”

There were two men walking by our secluded spot, and they were watching what was happening. Something flipped in my stomach. I know I should have stopped, but I was just more turned on than anything. 

I pulled my mouth off his cock and started using my hands instead, twisting them around his shaft. I turned to look at the two men standing there, their mouths hanging wide open, like they couldn’t believe what they had stumbled across. I had to admit, they were super attractive. I wouldn’t have minded having them join in.

“We could invite them over,” I said, looking up at Henry, putting on my most seductive face. “Didn’t we always talk about this fantasy?”

“Shit, alright then. Hey guys! Wanna come join in on the fun?” he called. Henry waved his hand in their direction.

The two strangers looked at each other like they were debating it, and then they walked in our direction. Who could resist that sort of proposition?

“My wife and I needed to move up the beach to get her some shade. My sweet little redhead left the sunscreen in the hotel room.”

“Oh,” said one of the guys, the tallest of the two. “Maybe we could help you out and give you some of our sunscreen.”
It took me a minute to register what he meant by that, but then I understood, thanks to the smirk on his face and him pulling out his cock.

I started to eagerly suck Henry’s cock again while the two strangers got closer to me with their cocks out. I now had three cocks in front of me, so I began working the other two with each hand. 

“Fuck,” moaned one of the men. “That feels amazing.”

“It’s our lucky day,” said the other. “To think we almost didn’t even come down to the beach.”

I quickly began alternating between the three cocks, sliding my mouth down on each one while my hands kept busy with the remaining two. It was hot to feel the strangers get hard between my lips. All I could hear was the sound of their groans and sighs, coming out of their lips while I worked their cocks.

“Why don’t you lie down?” said Henry, motioning to the towel.

Of course, I was eager to do so. The four of us all dropped down to the ground, with Henry in between my legs, and the other two near my face. 

“Fuuuuck,” Henry groaned, sliding his cock inside my pussy.

I made myself busy sucking one of the stranger’s cock, then the other. I alternated with my mouth and hands. Their faces were still wearing expressions of shock on them.

“You’ve got the most amazing body,” said one of them, eyeing me up and down. “I love your freckles.”

His hands slid down to my bikini top, pushing away the thin material so he could grab my tits. He squeezed them against his palms, rubbing his fingers over my nipples. All this did was make my pussy contract around Henry’s cock.

My husband and I made eye contact, and I knew the look on his face. He was shocked this was happening, but he was loving every second of it. It was the same thing I was feeling.

He pushed my legs up and back, giving himself better leverage to plunge deeper into my wet hole. Being used in three different ways was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I made a mental note to talk to Henry about keeping up this energy when we got home from vacation.

“I’m gonna cum!” I cried out, my orgasm creeping up on me quite suddenly. The strangers both inhaled sharply as I came, watching my body tremble and shake.

“That’s hot,” mumbled one of them, playing with my breasts again. His fingers pulling at my nipples only made my orgasm last that much longer. 

He was the first one to finish. I had his cock in my right hand, and he pulled back as he started to cum. The hot liquid splashed onto my face, landing on my cheeks and chin. 

“How’s that for sunscreen?” he asked, laughing. 

His buddy started to laugh, too, and then he followed suit. But he aimed his cum onto my tits. His jizz hit my collarbone and then slid down into my cleavage

Finally, Henry finished last. He dove his cock one last time into my pussy, and I felt it twitch inside of me. His load gushed into me, filling me up.  

“Fuuuuck,” he moaned. “Best way to end vacation.” He grinned at me.

“I think that’s a decent amount of sun protection,” said one of the guys. He was pulling up his swim trunks. 

Henry pulled out from my pussy and looked down at my cum-covered face and chest. “Why don’t you rub it in, Monica?” 

Three sets of eyes were on me as I massaged the cum into my fair skin. I started with the load on my face, rubbing it against my cheeks, forehead, and chin. Then I moved down to my chest, rubbing my fingers into the pile of cum there. I dragged it across my neck and chest, coating myself completely. 

“Thank you all for your help,” I said, grinning gratefully at the two strangers. “I think this will do the trick.”

“No problem.” One of the strangers cracked a grin. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t even learned their names. I felt slutty in a way I never had before. “You guys enjoy the rest of your day.”

The guys headed off down the beach, leaving just me and Henry in our “private” area, which clearly was not as private as I had initially thought. We stretched out on the towel together, Henry pulling me in against him.

“Do you think this will actually protect you from the sun?” he laughed, looking down at my sticky wet face and chest. 

“Does it really matter?” I grinned at him and stuck out my lips for a kiss.

Suddenly, he was pulling me towards him, our tongues intertwining.

“You know, watching those guys coat you in cum was kind of hot,” mumbled Henry. His hands were sliding down the front of my bikini bottoms, his fingers playing with my clit. 

My breath caught in my throat as my body convulsed underneath him. Henry kept kissing me while he fingered me, bringing me to the edge once again. My chest heaved up and down as I came, Henry’s body blocking the sun from me.

Once I was finished cumming, I tugged Henry on top of me, pulling his cock out of his trunks.

Vacation wasn’t over yet. 

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  1. Curtis
    May 7, 2024 om 3:28 pm

    Its good to have great sex stories at the beach I’m Curtis Sloan the writer .
    The beach is a great place for it . I like M4M and coming across a man wanking his cock who says “hi how you doin?have a seat and pet my cock….ya that’s real nice now lick my lollipop and suck on it while I guide your head up and down”
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