Game show humiliation (Part 2 of 2)

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Chloe brought the jug of cum up to her mouth and hesitantly took a small sip. The cum was unpleasantly warm and thick. It tasted tangy and salty, and her immediate instinct was to spit out. She looked over to see Sarah and Tiana somehow forcing it down their throats. Tiana’s cheeks were bulging, and Sarah had her finger pinning her nose closed.

Chloe was surprised that this wasn’t considered cheating, but she decided it was a good move to try out. She pinched her nose and began to chug down the cum as fast as she could. She closed her eyes as she drank, trying to keep her mind focused on the prize money and would it mean. She’d be able to pay off her debts will a little bit left over. She’d have a much better life for herself.

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“Chug! Chug!” the audience was still chanting with their fists raised in the air.

Choe couldn’t even think about the amount of people who were seeing her chug cum on TV. Her brain was totally focused on just getting through the task so she wouldn’t be eliminated.

The cum settled in her belly in a thick, uncomfortable layer. She felt nauseous but kept telling herself it was just a vanilla milkshake.

Luckily, the round seemed to go by quickly enough. Chloe’s shoulders sagged with relief as she realized the final countdown was happening. She could have cried with joy when the buzzer rang out, indicating the end of the round.

“Wow!” cried Ashton, gathering the three girls together. “Look at all that cum now GONE. Great job, ladies.”

Sarah looked a little green in the face, and Chloe had her hands clasped up to her mouth to keep from spewing, but they had made it.

Ashton had them hold up the jugs next to one another, and it was clear that Sarah was the loser. She had barely drank any of the cum in her water jug, meaning she was the first contestant to be eliminated.

“So sorry, Sarah.” Ashton didn’t look sorry at all as Sarah left the stage, the audience watching her naked body disappear behind the curtain.

“That means we’re in our final round,” said Ashton, looking seriously between Tiana and Chloe. “And we’re bringing out our studs!”

The men walked back onto the stage, totally naked, much to the audience’s excitement. Chloe could hear several women in the crowd wolf whistling at them. She herself couldn’t help but notice that all of them were well-endowed. Her pussy throbbed at the sight.

“For our last and final round, we’ll see how much sex our two remaining ladies can handle while put into a variety of positions and stimulated in more ways than one. If both of them remain at the end of the round, then we go into our tie breaker. Ladies, why don’t you go ahead and start getting the gentlemen ready while we set things up here?”
Chloe quickly realized what Ashton meant. She and Tiana were supposed to suck and jerk off the men to get their cocks hard. Chloe dropped to her knees and got in front of AJ and Ryan, sucking off one while her hand stroked the other. 

Finally, the time was about to begin. The stage had been set up with a variety of devices, such as restraints that hung from the ceiling so a woman could be fucked mid-air, and a leather bench that a woman could be strapped to.

“And here we go, folks!” cried Ashton, and the audience went crazy, screaming at the men to do this or do that with the girls.

AJ took Chloe over to the restraints hanging in the air and attached her arms and legs. 

“Looks good on you,” he said, grinning at her like this was the most normal thing in the world. He reached underneath her to grab and squeeze her hanging breasts.

Then he got behind her and started to fuck her pussy, starting with hard and fast thrusts. Vince was fucking Tiana against the back of a couch while Ryan was putting a butt plug inside her ass. After that was complete, he headed over to Chloe and shoved his cock into her mouth.

“MMmmmFF!” Chloe groaned as her throat was stuffed full. She had never been used so unceremoniously before, and she found that she rather liked it.

Her body rocked back and forth between the two cocks. Both of them were big and throbbing, stretching her out to a level of fullness she had never experienced before.

But things escalated quickly after that. Tiana and Chloe were both in the middle of the guys switching positions when two more men came out onto the stage with some ice and some hot wax. Chloe felt the wax drip onto her back as it was poured onto her from above.

“Fuuuuck,” she moaned, before her mouth was shoved full of Vince’s thick cock. Her nipples were rubbed down with ice, and a frozen butt plug was pressed into her ass.

The combination of sensations was driving her crazy, and when Vince reached underneath to start rubbing her clit, it sent her over the edge.

“Uh-oh, I think someone’s cumming for us!” shouted Ashton into the mic, sprinting over to catch Chloe’s moans up close and personal. 

She didn’t even care anymore. It all felt too good to be embarrassed. 

Tiana and Chloe were both blindfolded and led over to a tray filled with uncooked rice. They were forced to kneel on the rice while the guys got busy shoving their cocks into their mouths. The two new men who had brought out the ice and wax also joined in on the fun, which meant that the girls’ mouths and hands were all filled to capacity.

The rice felt terrible against Chloe’s knees. She couldn’t believe that something as simple as rice would hurt that badly. She tried to grimace through the pain, and beside her, she could hear Tiana start to moan. To make matters worse, someone had brought out a riding crop and was snapping it against their asses.

“Ahhh, BUNNY!” cried Tiana suddenly. “Fuck!”
Somewhere off the stage, a siren sounded, and the audience let out a loud, disappointed sound. Ashton was thrilled by this revelation, of course, so he headed over to Tiana. She and Chloe were being lifted off the rice, their blindfolds now removed.

“Tsk, Tiana,” he said sadly. “So close. Was it the rice that did you in?”
Tiana just glared at him. Chloe could see she was angry at having come this far just to lose to a tray covered in rice. But Chloe was thrilled. Her jaw may have been sore, and her knees may have been throbbing with pain, but she had won! The money was hers!
“There is one more thing,” said Ashton, wrapping his arm around Chloe. His hand dangled dangerously close to her bare breast. “It’s tradition that the guys, including myself, get to cum on the face of the winner before we hand over the check.”
Chloe tried hard not to roll her eyes. She should have known this part was coming.

She got down onto the ground, totally aware of how wet her pussy was. The sticky strings of wetness dangled out of her. She stuck out her tongue and looked around at the circle of men standing over top of her, jerking their cocks off. The audience was fueling them with a collective chant of “cover her! Cover her!”
It didn’t take long for the first cum to shoot out and splash onto Chloe’s face. Eventually, every guy followed suit. There was so much jizz. It covered her nose and chin, dripping onto her tongue and down to her nipples. By the end of it all, Chloe was a mess. 

She was left alone on the stage for a minute or two while they went to collect her check for the $50,000. She had hoped they would bring her a towel or something, but they didn’t.

“And here you go, Chloe!” said Ashton, beaming at the cum-covered woman as he handed over the big check. “Fifty thousand all for you. Congratulations on winning Submit or Quit!”

Chloe stood there smiling through the layer of cum on her face while the cameras had a few close-up shots of her. She watched as the audience began to file out of the studio, and she was led backstage to get cleaned up. 

“Good game,” said AJ, nodding at her as Chloe washed off her face at a sink. “Seriously, you’re the best girl I’ve seen on this show.”

Chloe blushed. “Oh. Thank you.” She didn’t know how much of a compliment this was.”

“What are you going to do with the money?” 

But Chloe was already heading for the door, with her check in hand. The first order of business was to treat herself to a fancy dinner and a bottle of champagne.  

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