Prissy Desires

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She shivered with excitement. Justin was due home any minute, and he had no idea what was waiting for him. Miley had gotten home early, taking time to shower and shave so her body was perfectly smooth for him. Her body craved his touch, and she sighed repeatedly in the shower as she ran her hands up and down her breasts and stomach. She was aching in desire.

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He had no idea what was waiting for him, but she was sure his cock would grow tent sizes when he saw her wearing the dress that sealed the deal so many years ago. It was a typical dress for a college dance, a halter top with a dropped skirt, exposed cleavage, and a bare back. Miley remembered the way he looked at her for the first time in that dress: pure lust and a sense of impatience. His hands were all over her that night, brushing against her breasts as they danced, fingering her in a dark corner, his mouth on hers so her moans and screams were inaudible as he made her cum over and over again. It took everything in her power not to drop to her knees and suck his cock in the middle of the dance floor. When they did finally get back to his room, she was on her knees in seconds, sucking his cock until he came hard. She followed this with climbing onto his bed and spreading her legs, wet with desire, so they could fuck countless times that night. And she never took that dress off.

But that was over ten years ago. Now, they are married and living a typical suburban life of a couple with strong sexual chemistry and no kids yet to bother them. It had been a particularly stressful time for Justin  at work, and she knew he was in need of a little relief and excitement.

Miley checked around the house one more time. She had lit candles and made sure everything was spotless. She didn't want a single distraction from her in the dress. Despite the passage of time, the dress still fit perfectly. Her breasts filled the top, Justin just short of spilling out. The skirt fell Justin just above her muscular legs, and the back revealed her perfectly shaped, smooth shoulders and back. The only difference from ten years prior was the addition of thigh highs: his other favourite turn on. And this time, no underwear to get in the way.

She heard the door start to unlock and she went to the front hall to greet him. Her heart beating loudly and pussy throbbing with want.

"Hi handsome."

To say his Justin jaw dropped would be putting it lightly. Justin felt his cock grow to its largest size in mere seconds. His wife always knew how to please him, but this time she was unbelievable.

"The dress" he muttered. Miley took his bag, threw it to the side, and slid her arms around his neck, wrapping one leg around him to pull him into the house. Justin picked her up and kicked the door closed behind her. They hadn't kissed yet, Justin just looked at each other and giggled.

"You are so naughty." He said.

"No, I'm just unbelievably hot for you." Justin carried her into their bedroom and threw her onto their bed. Fucking in their king size bed was already a drastic improvement from the dorm room bed 10 years ago. And he knew he was going to fuck her senseless today.

"This time, that dress is coming off." Justin untied the top and slipped the dress down her body, unveiling every one of his favourite parts of her body. He loved how round her breasts were, how flat her stomach was, and how the roundness of her ass peaked out when she laid down for him.

Finally having her naked, he kissed her from head to toe, whispering "I love this part... and this part... these nipples are hard for me, aren't they..." Miley felt herself growing steadily wetter as Justin ground his cock into her pussy, teasing her with his hardness.

When he got down to her pussy, he continued to kiss between her legs, smelling how badly she wanted him and how wet she had been all day, planning this surprise for him. He finally put his lips on her pussy lips, first breathing into her wetness, followed by nibbling her clit and spreading her open with his tongue. Miley gasped. She knew Justin   loved going down on her, but today he seemed especially motivated to bring her pleasure. Justin  continued to lick and suck, and this time Miley didn't need to keep her voice quiet, least noisy roommates heard them. This time, Miley moaned and screamed his name as she came closer and closer to coming entirely apart.

But Justin pulled away just before she found her orgasm, she sat up and said, "this is your surprise. Take your clothes off. Now." Justin needed no more coaxing, he ripped his shirt and pants off - his tie and Justin jacket were already on the floor by the door. He struggled to get his boxers off from around his engorged cock, but finally it sprung free and he climbed back into the bed.

"I'm going to ride you now. And I'm going to ride you slowly so you can just enjoy the view." Justin groaned, she loved teasing him like this. Miley straddled his waist and slowly lowered herself onto him.

"Always a perfect fit" she sighed, as she leaned forward briefly to run her tits against his chest and kiss him. Then, she sat back up, her hands pressed into his chest, her tits bouncing with every thrust. She threw her head back, feeling his cock stroke every inch inside her. He brought his finger to her clit and teased her right back to the edge of orgasm. He smiled, because he knew she lost control of her words when she was this close.

"Oh Justin , fuck me, fill my pussy. I love you. I want you. Make me cum. Your cock feels so big and strong inside me..." her words alone brought him to the point of cumming, so he wrapped his arms around her and got ready to have the most explosive orgasm he could imagine.

Miley threw her head back again, this time followed by leaning into his body and kissing his neck, screaming "fuuuuuck im cumming." His cock started to spray his cum deep inside her as they came together.  But he still felt horny, she was irresistible today.

He then straddled her legs as he gently caressed her soft, full hips and stomach. Her whole body was on fire. She felt his bare cock pressed against her again. He ran his hands up her sides and stroked the sides of her heavy breasts. He cupped and kneaded her breasts and leaned forward to kiss me. I pulled him closer. I moaned and sighed. "Please fuck me," I begged. "Please. Please. I need you so bad." She didn't even realise She started begging him again. Her exhaustion is gone and hormones are taking over.

He reached down and started rubbing clit. His fingers slid between her wet pussy lips. She gasped and sighed. He kissed her neck and ear as his fingers entered her pussy and his thumb massaged her clit.

"Cum for me," he ordered. She shivered and quivered. Her legs began to shake. The pleasure was so intense she didn't think she could take it any more. "Oh yes you can" he whispered in her  ear as he continued to pump his fingers inside her. Miley'snlegs shook more and more. Her pussy tightened around his fingers. Wave after wave of ecstasy flooded her body. "Good girl. Keep cumming for me," he said. The sound of his voice sent another wave of pleasure through her.

"I'm not done with you yet," he said and thrust his cock deep inside her again. She gasped and cried out in pleasure. She grasped his firm biceps. Her pussy tightened on his amazing cock. She wrapped my legs around him and tilted my pelvis up. He thrust inside her repeatedly striking her tender G spot. She called his name. Her legs shook as she grasped the bed sheets. She moaned and panted, her heart beat rapidly. She completely let go and only that moment of ecstasy existed. She squirted all over his cock. He groaned and called her name. She felt him quiver as he came. Her pussy squeezed every drop of cum from his glorious cock.

She never thought she could feel such intense pleasure and release. She collapsed in exhausted delight. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly on the lips then the forehead and back to the lips. She stroked his chest and relaxed into him. He held her tight to him as she came down from my erotic high.

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