I masturbated while my boss watched

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Home office can be both a blessing and a curse, that lack contact with other people, even if I hated them, I missed it. It was all so entertaining, the gossip, the office affairs, everything. I missed seeing other people in the office, commenting, joking around, and stressing out over impossible due dates from my boss. 

And my boss, that asshole, he gets constantly on my nerves, asking me to make reports and stuff in a minute when he knows perfectly it takes time. He pisses me off just because he can, but I just let it slide just because he's incredibly hot, I have this love-hate relationship with him that I just can't get enough of, I hate him to my guts so much that I wish I could make him pay with dirty hardcore sex. 

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I mean, the guy is a daddy, he has his head sprinkled with gray hairs, and he has that serious but sexy look in his face. Plus, the way his suits make him look is something special, it tightens around his broad shoulders, giving away that he is muscled and hot beneath all that fabric; he knows he has power, especially on women, and he knows that is damn sexy. So, when Covid started and everyone had to stay home, my boss would constantly call me to ask me for reports and shit, not that I hated it because it was nice to hear his voice so close to my ear, but it was very stressing because he's an impossible guy.

And one thing that annoyed me the most was that he held meetings over video conference that could easily be an email, that waste of time was something that made me be angry at him and hate him even more. And it was during one of these video conferences that I fucked up. 

We had this meeting at 10 am, and I overslept that morning, so I rushed through my room to get dressed, but the meeting started, and I couldn't put my panties on, all I had was a blouse and a blazer on. 

Of course, my boss demanded everyone to turn on the cameras only to see that we were there, paying attention. Of course, I turned on my camera, and made sure that nobody could see anything, just my face. 

The meeting began, my boss said many unnecessary things, and then he asked everyone to report on their duties. One by one we delivered our perspective on our tasks and made statements on the things needed to be done. 

My boss was overall pleased, and after 2 hours that seemed infinite, he dismissed us, and little by little people began to leave the video conference. 

I closed my laptop and went to the kitchen to get breakfast, I never hit the 'x' or closed it, so when I came back to continue my work, I opened my laptop and the camera was on, I just didn't know. 

So, I began to do my job, researching and filling reports until a pop-up came up on my computer. A porn video of a very well-equipped man was right on my face, and on top of his cock was a girl bouncing, taking his entire length inside. 

My eyes snapped open, but I couldn't close the video, the way that girl moaned and rode that cock had me hypnotized. I soon began to feel my body warming, reacting to the images. So, I leaned back on my seat, and continued to watch it, I needed a break from my boss anyway. 

I moved around my seat, feeling uncomfortable from my clit hardening against the leather of the seat, aching to be touched, but I continued to watch, without touching myself. 

I felt my nipples hardening against my blouse, and unconsciously I began to rub them through the fabric. I felt so nice, so good. 

My hand moved further, reaching inside my blouse to feel my nipples. I pinched my left one and pulled gently from it, increasing the temperature inside me. The video was extremely hot, the way that guy held his girl and impaled her on him was so sexy. 

I rubbed my tits right there, enjoying the video, unaware of the eyes that were behind that screen. I cupped my tits, massaged them and pushed them together as I felt my clit burning. 

I took off my blazer and unbuttoned my blouse, I was already sweating beneath it. I continued to rub and massage my breasts while staring at the screen. I noticed the green light on next to the camera on top of the laptop, but I didn't pay attention, I was so focused on the video and touching myself that I became unaware of everything around me. 

I reached for my bedside table, and pulled out my vibrator. I rubbed it against my tits and my belly, then I opened my mouth and began to suck it, just as the girl was doing in the video. 

She was slowly working on his head, so I did the same, I swirled my tongue around the tip of my vibrator as my other hand continued to rub my nipples. Then she began to suck a little further, sliding in and out on his length and I did the same. I slid my vibrator inside my mouth slowly, imagining it was a cock, but suddenly, the thought of my boss invaded my head now this cock was not a random cock, it was my boss' cock. 

The idea turned me on even more, being on my knees, begging him to be gentle on me as he holds my head and fucks my mouth just as he wants. I rubbed my dildo against the insides of my cheeks, I raised my leg on my chair and exposed my sex to the camera. 

I circled my clit, thinking of my boss while I watched this amazing couple fucking on my screen. Then I teased myself with my dildo and began to rub it against my entrance until it slid inside, easily. 

I was so moistened it made wet sounds when I began to slide it. I continued to watch the video, thinking of my boss' cock while I fucked myself on my chair. I was supposed to be working but I wanted this so badly, after weeks of stressing over due-dates, I needed a release. 

I began to slide my vibrator further in, and then I turned it on. My eyes snapped open, it vibrated so hard against all my right spots. I remained motionless for a second, as a loud moan escaped my mouth.

Then I continued to fuck myself, sliding the vibrator in and out, I could see it leaving my pussy completely coated in my juices. I didn't stop, I thought of my boss being the one fucking me, and it pushed me so close to my orgasm that I tilted my head back and began to moan loudly, saying his name while I moved my vibrator as fast as I could.

I tilted my vibrator inside me, making it rub the upper wall of my pussy, it felt so good that after a couple of minutes of moaning my boss' name, I began quivering and quaking on my chair, releasing a loud orgasm that came accompanied by a squirt, something I was never able to do before. 

I was surprise by how good and intense my orgasm felt, I had little spasms on my chair while I finished releasing my orgasm. The sounds of the porn video accompanied my moans and I finished myself with a gentle rub on my entrance. 

I dropped the vibrator on the floor and remained on my chair, in the bliss of my much-needed orgasm. After I recovered from it, I stood up from the chair, and cleaned up the mess I made in my room. I took my time; I wasn't going to rush to work after this. 

After I was done, I sat back on the chair, arranged my desk and then, I closed the video. My eyes snapped open, I even stopped breathing when I saw my boss on my screen, with an expression I couldn't read. 

Then I realized I never ended the conference on my side and he remained there. My camera was on, my microphone was on, everything was on! I was so embarrassed; I didn't know where to hide my face.

Suddenly he unmuted his microphone and said, "Blair, I'll see you in my office next week," and that was all, my mind went from relaxed to complete stress in a blink of an eye, and I had no idea what was going to happen, what he wanted to talk about. 

Like I said, home office can be a blessing or a curse, and this meeting can become the best sex I ever have or the end of my finance stability. I just hope he enjoyed the view. 

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