I jerked off to the class’s nerdy girl

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I'm the most popular girl in school, and I never did anything to be it, it just happened, everyone follows me everywhere, everyone wants to party with me, sit next to me in class, team up with me for school projects, even the teachers admire me somehow because I'm not just smart, intelligent, I’m also fun to be with. 

 And ever since I started Middle School I became popular with the boys, first it was a good-looking kid in my class who began to hit on me, then the football team captain asked me out, then it was the hottest kid in school the one who tried to kiss me once and even started a rumor that I was his girlfriend, of course I will always deny this especially because I rejected him just as I rejected all the boys who wanted to date me. 

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And the thing is that I reject them because I have a huge secret, one that I'm scared to tell and honestly, I wouldn't know what to do if someone found out.  When I met Stacy I never thought of the impact it would have in my life, she is this short, blonde, nerdy girl who wears big glasses right in front of her blue eyes, cardigans, dull dresses, and ugly shoes, but if you got a good look at her, you would realize how beautiful she is.

 She goes to my class and I have tried to talk to her, but she always gets so nervous that our conversations become one-sided, but that's okay by me. One day, during gym class, the teacher told us to play volleyball, I’m usually good at this sport, but that is not Stacy's case, she’s not the most active person.

So, the teacher teamed me, knowing I'm good at what I do, with some girls in my class and Stacy. During our game Stacy tripped over and while I was trying to catch the ball and punch it back, Stacey fell on top of me, making us both land on the floor.

When I open my eyes, her big blue eyes were staring back at me and I could see her cheeks blushing devilishly. She was so close to me that I could feel her breath fanning over my face, and it made my body so warm. " I'm so sorry,” she kept repeating trying to stand up.  The weight of her body on top of mine, and the looking her eyes made my heart beats so hard I thought it was going to explode, then she reached out to help me out and when I touched her hand I thought I would die.

I was so confused, I never felt like this with anyone before, not even on my first kiss, that moment with Stacy made my mind blur and I completely failed practice because of that.  After losing the match, the teacher sent us to the showers and I remember I entered the place following Stacy with my eyes. 

I saw her sit down on the bench and blame herself for the match.  I tried to ignore her and I went to the showers like I normally do.  I needed that cold water on my head, and without realizing I spend a long-time showering. When I went down to get dressed Stacy approached me. "I'm sorry, we lost the game because of me and I..."  she began to say, but I interrupted her, my heart was racing. 

"That's okay, it’s just a game,” I told her with a smile, but it seemed my words didn't calm her down.  Suddenly she turned around, and taking her clothes off, she entered the showers.  I was stunned, she was completely naked right in front of me, and she wasn't bothered by my presence. 

I watched the water slowly slide down her body, forcing me to explore her gentle curves, and making my body burn at the sight of it. I took my time brushing my hair only to take another moment to look at her. Her skin was fair, her nipples were   pink and small and her breasts were round and bouncy.  My eyes sleep down her waist only to study the width of her hips, until I met her pubic hair, wrinkled and cute, and golden like. 

Suddenly, Stacy began washing between her legs and my jaw dropped when I saw her slit slowly being caressed by her delicate fingers.  My own nipples got hard, and my own slit became alive for the first time. It was as if it had a heart on its own to beat and pump blood around it, and it burned so much more than the rest of my body. 

I couldn't take it anymore, I locked myself in a stall and reaching beneath my skirt I began to explore my own sex while hearing the water from the showers. I had Stacy in my head inviting me, giving me the soap and asking me to rub her body with it. I bit my lips, and while I circled my hardened clit, I felt my body increasing its heat and making me sweat. 

But despite it all I couldn't stop, it was as if my hand was being controlled by this throbbing heart I had between my legs, and I kept circling and flicking my finger on my hard clit until moans escaped my mouth. 

I needed to stay quiet, so I peeked a little through the top of the stall and make sure Stacey didn't know, but what I saw only increase the Heat I felt:  Stacy was touching herself too.

I froze, not really knowing what to do, if I should tell her something, maybe even ask her if you wanted to do that with me since we were both touching, but the idea felt so stupid in my head. Although the sight of her with a hand holding her breast and the other between her legs was Beyond Reason.  I resumed my action, I climbed down and sat on the restroom, then I licked my fingers coated in my own sex and began to circle my clit once again.

I imagined the taste I had in my mouth was hers, and it made me feel like I would explode anytime soon. The heat built up inside me, slowly, I couldn't stop, her face, her little moans, the way she looked at the ceiling with desire, it was all too sexy, too good, and I wanted more. 

I kept on touching myself until I couldn't hold it anymore and then, my body exploded, all this heat suddenly blew up around my body and traveled all over my skin, I feel like I died for a moment, that my heart stopped right there, but not in a bad way, it felt so good,  like a good death, and I was so confused because I never experienced anything like it before, but I was so pleased  at the same time  that I didn't know how to react, or how to call it.

My body felt so soft, relaxed, and I was panting and happy, and that was weird because I was still very confused.  I waited inside the stall for a bit, I was scared of Stacy now, if she heard anything, if she suspected anything.  But when I walked out she wasn't in the shower anymore.

That night, inside my room, I couldn't stop thinking about it, of her, her face, her body, even her voice, and how I felt in the stall, and without thinking it much I found myself reaching between my legs to explore my folds again. I brought myself to that explosion again that night, and when I went to sleep I did it again... and again... and it was so good each time, to think of Stacy's tits and her hungry face constantly kept me turned on. 

I wanted to know what I felt, so I did it again, and again the next night, and again. I couldn't look at Stacy for a while without having this feeling, this need to reach my clit and touch it, and I always try my best to control myself, but I would constantly follow her with my eyes and explore her body even with those ugly cardigans, and dull dresses, I knew what was beneath all that, and I wanted to think of it all day every day.

Whenever she wanted to talk to me, I would always try to cut it short because I was scared she would notice the power she had on me, I know I made her sad, but I still didn't know what this was until years later. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I told Stacy how I felt and what I did that day in the showers, but I never spoke to her again we graduated from high school, and she vanished she just disappeared and everyone I knew lost contact with her. 

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