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Alisha woke up in the morning and she was struggling to move. Her body was full of pain. She couldn't think about what happened to her because that was a nightmare for her. When she woke up, she saw Rob making tea for her. He brought the tea, a rose, a pay cheque, and contract papers. 

Alisha gave him a look of pure disdain. But, Rob came up to her and tried to comfort her. She wasn’t ready to listen. He said, “I know you are angry with me but I had to do that to make the scene a bit more realistic. You know that your contract with my agency ended when I fired Charles. I am here to give you a new contract.” Aisha asked, ‘Why are you giving me a new contract?”

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Rob replied, “I don’t want to lose you. The last night we shot for our digital release titled “The Breaking Point” and you were my main star in that. I released the video last night and it went viral. People are going crazy after seeing your performance. You are truly the next big star that Charles told me about. So, I want to pen you down to a long-term contract with my agency.”

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Alisha thought for a while and said, “Let me go home, I want to get fresh and after that, in the evening we can discuss this.” Rob said, “This farmhouse is yours. Make it your home, use it however you want but please sign this contract before anything.” She stopped Rob and said, “I want to go to my home now. Please take me back. I will sign the contract but not in this condition and now in this house.”

Rob didn’t want to make her angry because he needed her signature as The Breaking Point was trending at number one on most popular porn sites. She knew that by today, she will receive calls from some of the most popular porn production companies and Rob wanted to be her agent and nobody else. So, she asked Jeremy to drop her home and stay there until he arrives. Nobody should get to her before Rob because she was her prized possession that could change her fortune. 

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Alisha got into the car and Jeremy now was showing her respect. Alisha realized that the ball was now in her court and she could play the way she wanted. She started to think about the last night and how she was getting treated by the same people who are now paying respect to her. How times can change she thought in her head and smiled. She knew that now she was in control of her fate and she could do whatever she thought. 

She took the contract paper of Rob with her because she wanted to read it before signing them. Alisha went inside her house and went straight for a shower because she was exhausted. She broke down in tears. This time not because she felt helpless but empowered over those men who made her feel miserable last night and tortured her.  

The Phone Call

Alisha’s phone rings and it was an unknown number and a known voice on the other side. The voice said, “Congratulations, Alisha. I knew you can do that. You had the potential. I am very happy for you.” She didn’t even ask who that man was because she knew who it was. She replied, “Thank you, Charles. Did you also call me so that I make you my agent?” Charles said, “I am not an agent anymore. I am looking for a job in the IT industry. But I am happy that they implemented my idea after I gave them.”

Alisha asked, “So, the film Breaking Point was your idea?” Charles replied, “Yes, I narrated everything to them and after that, they sacked me in return because they thought I was pushing you too much and I was taking personal favours from you.” Alisha asked, “Personal favours? What do you mean?” Charles said, “Well, they thought we were fucking and that’s why they decided to part ways with both of us. But, they still gave you a chance by implementing the ideas I gave them and now, you have become a very big start overnight.” 

She told Charles that Rob wanted her to sign a long-term contract with him and he also gave the contract papers when she was coming back from his house. Charles replied, “It was coming. Your performance was stunning and now most of the popular porn production houses will look to tie you down, therefore, being your agent will be the most profitable thing for him and he will do everything to make sure that you sign the contract with him.”

Alisha said, “What if I don’t want to sign with his agency?” Charles said, “Do you know any other agency than Rob’s?” She thought for a while and said, “Come to my house in the evening. I want to discuss with you my next move.” Charles said, “I am far, far away from this industry now, Alisha. Now, you have to tread on your own on this path.” But, Alisha was adamant. She said, “I don’t know anything. You were the one who brought me into this industry. I knew nothing about it. You will be the one to guide me now. So, I will meet you in the evening. And this time, you will not say no.” Alisha said it with authority and Charles couldn’t say no. They both agreed to meet in the evening. 

The Decision of a Lifetime

Charles arrived at Alisha’s house and Alisha welcomed her warmly. They sat down with a bottle of champagne which Charles brought to celebrate the success of Alisha. They were talking and sipping champagne. Whenever their eyes met, there was a spark that both felt. Alisha asked Charles, “Are you married?” Charles said, “I am single because I want to achieve something in life before settling down to have a relationship.” Alisha was perhaps waiting for that answer as she quickly moved to kiss him and Charles also reciprocated by kissing her back. 

Alisha said, “I wanted you to fuck me for a long time. Not in front of the camera but when nobody will see us.” Charles didn’t say anything and went down on her to lick her clit. Alisha was moaning in pleasure. Charles also bit her clits and inserted his tongue inside the vaginal opening and started fucking her pussy with his tongue. Alisha was pressing Charles’ head on her pussy. Charles’s face was smeared with Alisha’s pussy juices. 

After that, Alisha decided to go down on Charles. She started to feel his erect dick over his pants. Charles wanted to unzip his jeans but Alisha stopped him. She did that and as the dick popped out, it went straight into her mouth. She wasted no time and started to go deep inside her mouth. Charles was also helping Alisha as he was fucking her mouth slowly. He increased his speed gradually and now he was fucking her mouth ferociously and Alisha was enjoying it. 

Next, the couple started to play with each other’s bodies as Charles started pressing her boobs and Alisha started licking his balls. They were having the best sexual encounter of their lives. Charles bent Alisha over the back of the couch and started fucking her from behind. It was the most ecstatic feeling that Alisha ever had with a man’s dick inside her pussy. Charles never fucked her. But, she always wanted to get fucked by him. She didn’t know why but she didn’t feel differently about Charles. 

After fucking like that for a few minutes, they went inside the room and started fucking in missionary position. Alisha’s phone rang quite a few times but she didn’t respond because she didn’t want to ruin the best moments of her life. Yesterday, she thought that sex was a nightmare and the next day, sex became a fantasy come true for her. She understood who was calling. 

The bell rang and Alisha knew who it was. Charles was about to come so, she asked him to come to the hall room with her. Charles was standing in the hall room and Alisha went to open the doors of her apartment to let Rob in. When Rob came in, he saw Alisha naked and also saw Charles standing as Alisha approached him. She went down on her knees and Charles came into her mouth. It was a teen facial that she always wanted to have. After that, she cleaned her up by using the contact form that Rob gave her. That gesture told Rob about everything. 

Rob went away and Alisha told Charles, I want you to be my agent cum boyfriend. As she was on her knees, she proposed to her. It was an unbelievable moment for Charles because she never thought that a beautiful girl like Alisha could be his girlfriend.

Alisha went on to become one of the biggest pornstars in the industry and Charles was her agent forever, they also got married and had four kids. The couple is one of the happiest in the porn industry. Alisha will now be debuting in a Hollywood film.

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