Game show humiliation (Part 1 of 2)

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When the Adult TV Network posted an ad on Craigslist looking for contestants for their game show, Submit or Quit, Chloe didn’t think she had a shot at being picked. To be selected for shows like that, you typically had to have a large social media following or be drop-dead gorgeous, like a model. She submitted her application anyway, because the prize money would have really helped her out with some medical debt she had accrued over the last couple years.

She was shocked when they called her two weeks later, asking her if she could come to Los Angeles next month. Since she was in between jobs at the moment with nothing else in her plans, Chloe, of course, said yes. 

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When she arrived in LA, she didn’t know what to expect. She had seen the show before, but things were always different in real life. The set was massive, much bigger than what it looked like on TV. The director of the show, Xavier, showed Chloe around. He was no-nonsense and seemed like he was in a rush. 

“There will be a live studio audience,” he explained, “two other female contestants, and three male assistants.” He had clearly done this before.

“I’ve seen the show before,” Chloe said shyly, brushing her light blonde waves away from her face, which was hot with self-consciousness.

A grin broke out on Xavier’s face. “Good. So you know what to expect. Well, as best as you can. Alright, let’s get you into hair and makeup. Not that it matters.”

Chloe followed him backstage, where she met Sarah and Tiana, the two other female contestants. They all sat down, and a team of people got to work primming and prepping them for their on-stage appearance. Chloe had never had her hair and makeup done like this before, and for a brief moment, she felt like a celebrity.

“Have you seen the guys?” asked Tiana, whistling. “They’re fucking hot.”

“Where did you see them?!” cried Sarah. “Lucky! I can’t wait.”

Chloe laughed nervously. She was starting to wonder if she was cut out for this. The prize money of $50,000 certainly would help her out a lot, but she didn’t know if all the on-stage humiliation would be worth it.

The show had three rounds to it. Each of the women was meant to go through a series of sexually submissive tasks designed to break them. If they succeeded, they made it through to the next round. If they wanted to tap out, all they had to do was say the safe word, “bunny.”

The male contestants, Chloe realized as she got on stage, were definitely as attractive as Tiana had said. There was Ryan, Vince, and AJ, and they were all handsome, chiseled guys with big muscles. Chloe’s pussy throbbed just looking at them.

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen,” said the host, Ashton, as he faced the audience. “Are you ready to play a new game of Submit or Quit?”

The audience burst into applause and cheers, and Ashton introduced the contestants. 

“Let’s get started with round one,” he continued.

Chloe watched as three stocks were rolled out onto the stage. They were big and wooden, like the old-fashioned stocks she had learned about in history books. 

“But we’re missing a step first,” said Ashton. “The ladies must. . . GET NAKED!”
As he said it, a big sound effect reverberated through the studio. 

The audience started chanting “take it off!” 

Chloe, Sarah, and Tiana all began to undress, with the three men stepping in to help move things along. It was Vince who tore off Chloe’s shirt, not even looking in her eyes as he ripped the fabric.

Chloe tried to remind herself not to cross her arms over her chest as she stood naked on the stage, but it was hard when every pair of eyes was on. Luckily, she didn’t have much time to think about it, because Vince was leading her over to the stocks.

She bent over the middle at the top part was closed down over her, leaving her head and hands sticking out through the front, and her ass poking out of the back. The three women were spun around so they were horizontal to the audience, giving everyone a perfect view of their bodies.

“Alright, we’re going to start the clock, and our lovely gentlemen here are allowed to dig into our toy box for things to spank the ladies with! Remember, the safe word is ‘bunny,’ girls,” said Ashton. “Let’s kick things off! 3. . . 2. . . 1!”

Chloe was filled with nerves as she heard Vince rifling through the toy box behind her. She could hear the audience shouting out suggestions from “use the spatula!” to “bring out the paddle!”

She felt Vince’s hands rubbing her ass at first, and for a moment, she wondered if he was going to go easy on her. That idea was quickly extinguished as she felt the cold, hard metal of a big grilling spatula being smacked against her ass.

“FUCK!” she cried out, wincing from the pain. She turned her head to the side to see the other two girls being assaulted with a whip and a hairbrush. They seemed to be in as much pain as Chloe was.

“Vince there has made great use of our grilling implements. Good call, Vince! Chloe looks like she’s really feeling it!”
Ashton came over to where Chloe was moaning and writhing and put the microphone right against her face. “How does it feel, Chloe?”

“AhhhhHHH!” was her response, which made the audience laugh.

Vince was not showing her any mercy. She was sure her ass was bright red by now, with the way he was flailing against it with the spatula. For the last two minutes of the time, Vince decided to use a big wooden paddle, which caused more pain than Chloe had ever felt before. It was a searing pain that made her eyes well with tears. She wiggled in the stocks, even though she knew it was pointless.

Beside her, Sarah was visibly crying as AJ spanked her ass with the black leather flogger from the toy box. The long arms of the flogger looked intimidating. 

But through it all, Chloe realized the pain had also given way to pleasure. She was shocked by the fact that her pussy was quivering. There was just something about being spanked to tears in front of a live audience that made her feel aroused. It was embarrassing, but it was also hot in some depraved way.

The audience counted down the final ten seconds, and Chloe was just relieved she had made it through the first round. Her ass felt like it was on fire, but she had made it.

“Alright, congratulations to our wonderful ladies here who have somehow made it through round one,” said Ashton, crossing the stage as the guys helped the girls from the stocks. “Bend over, ladies, and let’s get a good look at those poor asses of yours.”

The three of them were lined up and made to bend over on stage, revealing their red bottoms to the audience. Ashton, of course, couldn’t resist running his hand across each of their asses, giving them a good squeeze.

“Good job, girls,” hissed Chloe, finally finding her confidence.

“Yes, good job,” whispered Sarah, whose face was sweaty and pink. She had definitely been dealt a whipping. “But no offense, I hope you two tap out in the next round.”

Ashton came along and had the girls head off stage while the crew prepared for the second round. 

“The second round always has something to do with cum,” said Tiana once they were backstage. “I’ve seen this show enough times.”

Chloe nodded. “The cum round.”

Sarah’s eyes widened. “Oh god.”

The break between the first and second rounds was very brief, and the women were ushered back to the stage in no time at all. 

“Alright, folks!” said Ashton, taking to center stage. “Round two is upon us. For this round, the ladies will have to guzzle down as much cum as they can manage. Submit or Quit presents. . .” —a big drum roll rang through the speakers—“. . . the cum jugs!”

Three jugs that once contained water were brought onto the stage, except now, they were filled to the brim with thick, creamy jizz. The girls were each given one, while the audience “ooh’d” and “ahh’d.” 

They had three minutes to drink down as much cum as they could manage. Whoever came in last place would be eliminated instantly. Throwing up was also cause for elimination. 

Chloe tentatively brought the bottle up to her nose and sniffed it. That was a big mistake, because the smell made her gag. She had no idea how she was going to manage this. 

“Are you ready?!” cried Ashton. The audience cheered again and the countdown began.

“3. . . 2. . . 1. . . CHUG!”

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