Teens anal addiction

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I called up Corey the minute Victoria had left our dorm. He was going to be so excited about me having the room to myself for an entire three-day weekend. My college roommate hadn’t been home all spring semester, so she had gone to visit her family. She was a freshman like me, so it made sense that she was a little homesick. 

“Guess what?” I said into the phone. “Victoria’s gone, so you can come hang out the whole weekend.”

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Corey was as excited as I thought he’d be, and he was over at my dorm room within an hour, his overnight bag in his hand. He lived in the boys’ dorm across campus.

“What should we do?” he asked, grabbing me by the waist and pulling me in for a kiss. “We never have uninterrupted time like this. Maybe we should go out.”

I sighed and leaned my head against him. “I don’t know. We always go out. Maybe we can just make the most of our time together without any roommates around. Doesn’t that sound nice? Plus, maybe we can try the thing we’ve always been talking about. . .”

I trailed off and looked at Corey, waiting for him to pick up on what I meant.

“What do—OH! Oh, fuck yes.” He grinned at me, his hands moving to my butt.

We started making out and moved simultaneously back to my bed. Corey started to undress me down to just my bra and panties, before standing up and taking off his own clothes.

“I love when you get right down to business,” I said playfully, as Corey reached for me and pulled my panties down my thighs. 

He knelt beside the bed and started to kiss the inside of my thighs, making my breath catch in my throat. 

“Fuck,” I sighed blissfully. Goosebumps popped up all over my body, and Corey made his way down my pussy and to my ass.

“God, I love this ass,” he moaned, sinking his tongue in between my ass cheeks.

This was as far as we had got—Corey eating my ass. But we wanted more, which was why I had made sure to order a bunch of toys for the weekend. I couldn’t wait to surprise him.

He ate my asshole for a few minutes but would have done it longer if I had let him. He always got really into it, diving his tongue in completely, and pulling my ass cheeks apart with his hands.

I reached behind my pillow and pulled out the velvet bag containing the toys. 

“What’s that?” Corey asked, sitting upright. 

I bit my lip. “It’s a surprise. I think you’re going to love it.”

I first pulled out the tiny silicone butt plug. It was soft and purple. 

“I was thinking we could start with this and work our way up.” I put the butt plug into Corey’s hand. “There’s some lube, too.”

Corey squirted some of the lube on the butt plug and then put a big glob on my asshole, slowly pressing his finger inside my ass. 

“You ready?” he said, holding up the toy.

I nodded. I was excited.

“Fuuuuuck!” I was not expecting it to feel that good. The butt plug slid inside me easily, and the sensation was so foreign and intense. I was expecting pain, but all I felt was pleasure. Corey started to move in and out, taking his time, and it was a different level of ecstasy.

“I wish you could see how hot this is,” said Corey. “Can I take some pics?”

He grabbed my phone and started to snap a few shots of me fucking my ass with the butt plug. When he turned the screen around so I could see, I was shocked by how much the sight of a toy up my butt would turn me on.

“Can we move a size bigger?” I asked, reaching for the bag.

Corey’s cock was rock hard. He was clearly enjoying this just as much as I was. He pulled out a medium, stainless-steel butt plug next, and lubed it up.

That one took a bit of maneuvering because it wasn’t as skinny as the first one. It felt even more incredible as it stretched out my tight asshole, but Corey had to move slower. Finally, it was all the way inside me. 

“Holy shit.” Corey gave the wide base of the plug a push, sending shockwaves throughout me. 

“Fuck!” I couldn’t stop quivering. It felt like a million tiny orgasms were exploding inside me. 

We wanted to see what it was like to have a cock in my pussy while a toy was up my ass, so Corey got on top of me and started to fuck me. 

“You feel so tight,” he groaned, “holy shit.”

I could hardly catch my breath as Corey pumped his cock into me. Every thrust made the plug in my ass move, which only added to the pleasure I felt. It tingled through me, intense and throbbing.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” I moaned, so loud that I’m sure the group of people walking outside my dorm room could hear me. “Fuck!”

“Yes, baby,” Corey hissed, fucking me through the entirety of my orgasm. 

When I had finally come down from cumming, Corey slowly withdrew his cock from my pussy.

“Should we try it?” he asked, dragging the head of his cock over my asshole.

I sat up and turned around so that I was on all fours. “Let’s do it.”

Corey started pressing his cock into my ass, inch by inch. I felt like I was being stretched to capacity, but it also felt mind-blowingly amazing, especially when he started to thrust into me. 

Corey grabbed my phone and took a video of his cock disappearing into my butt, his hands rubbing my ass cheeks. He gave me a few playful smacks and tossed my phone onto the bed.

“I want to cum in your ass so bad,” he groaned, his fingers pressing into my hips. He was fucking me slower, but deeply now.

“Yes, baby, fill me up,” I said. My hands were twisting up the duvet underneath me, steadying myself as his cock slammed against me one last time.

“Fuuuuck!” Corey let out an animalistic sound that I hadn’t heard from him before. His cock twitched in my ass as he came. It was my first load of cum in my asshole, and I hoped it would be the first of many.

After that first anal fuck, Corey and I laid in bed and looked at the pictures and videos he took until both of us were horny again. 

We headed into the shower, where Corey pressed me up against the wall. His hard cock slid in between my ass cheeks, as he reached around to play with my nipples.

“You ready, baby?” he said into my ear, his cock pushing against my asshole.

“So ready.” I pushed my wet hair off of my face.

It felt even more incredible the second time. Corey slid into me as the stream of warm water splashed over us. I rubbed my clit as he fucked my ass, which made me cum in record time. I had to lean up against the shower wall just to keep from falling down. Anal sex made me weak at the knees. 

After that, I knew I was addicted. It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up next to Corey, his cock pressing up against me as he spooned me. I grinded my ass against him until he was nice and hard. The lube was waiting in my hand, and I reached around to make my asshole wet for him, spreading my cheeks apart so he could slide inside. 

He fucked me lazily from behind, slowly filling my butt over and over, while his fingers massaged my clit. I would have stayed like that for hours if I could have. 

We came at the same time that morning, Corey filling my ass with yet another big helping of hot cum, right as I was climaxing again. We had never finished simultaneously before, which only made me more obsessed with anal. 

I think in the course of that weekend, we fit in ten rounds of anal sex. By the time my roommate came back to the dorms, my ass was sore. But it also felt empty. I couldn’t stop wishing I had Corey’s cock inside it again, but that wasn’t possible. 

So I ran into the bathroom, butt plug in one hand, lube in the other. It was the biggest butt plug I had, one that was sure to stay buried safely inside me. I propped one foot up on the toilet and slipped it up past my tight hole.

“Fuck,” I sighed blissfully, my ass feeling nicely filled up once more.

“Hey!” said my roommate as she came through the front door. “How was your weekend?”

I suddenly realized my bag of butt plugs was visible on my bed, so I hurried over there to cover it up with a blanket.

“Um, good,” I said quickly. “I just lounged around and did some studying.”

Victoria laughed. “Wow, exciting.”

I sat down at my desk chair, which caused a big ocean wave of pleasure to ripple through me as the base of the butt plug met the hard surface.

“Yeah,” I said, coughing to hide my shudder. “Very exciting.”

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