Ebony grandma and white men

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Ever since her husband died, Alice had been feeling lonely. She had that whole house to herself, and sometimes, it was just too quiet. Her children came to visit her, and they’d bring her grandkids along, but it wasn’t the same as having a partner. 

Alice hated how her family always treated her like she was 100 years old and on the verge of death. She was still healthy and able-bodied. She was still a person with passions and needs.

“I would rate 10/10. Took me less than and hour to chat with the first woman and plan a meeting. I think the site overall is intended for older people and mature women seem to be very active. But can also find some younger girls.”

– Edward T.

That’s why Alice decided to join a dating app. Her daughter set it up for her (with much disdain), and Alice was shocked at the amount of matches she got just within the first week. 

Horny ebony granny

For her first date, Alice got dressed up. She put on a long, flowing skirt with a pretty, flowery blouse, and strolled into the restaurant with all the confidence in the world. The shirt was bright blue and contrasted nicely against her warm, deep complexion. 

Allen was a white man around the same age as Alice. Alice’s late husband had been Black like herself, but she found herself with mostly white matches on her app. She didn’t mind. In fact, she was starting to think she was most attracted to them.

Allen took Alice back to his place, and Alice was thrilled. They cuddled up on the couch, which was something Alice hadn’t done in several years. It was nice to have a warm body up against hers like that.

“You are so stunning,” said Allen, as he brushed back a piece of Alice’s gray hair. 

Alice blushed. She didn’t have time to say anything before Allen kissed her. His hands reached up to the side of her face, his wrinkled skin pressing against her papery cheek. They made out like teenagers for a few minutes, before Allen led her to his bedroom. 

Alice laid down on the bed as Allen pushed her skirt up to her waist. He slid onto his belly and began to eat her pussy, while Alice stared up at the ceiling in disbelief. It had been too long, she realized, since she had had any sort of pleasure like this.

“Ooh,” she moaned, the second Allen’s mouth touched her between her legs. “Oh. . . ahhh!” 

When Allen got on top of her, Alice pulled his face down to hers so they could kiss more. His cock slid slowly into her as they grinded against each other. It was gentle and slow-paced, the perfect way for Alice to get back into the game.

But she wanted more passion.

After Allen, Alice decided to try men a little younger than herself. She met Dominic, a tall white guy with a full head of dark hair. He seemed to be a little more assertive than Allen had been, so Alice didn’t hesitate to invite him back to her house.

They headed to the bedroom after having a glass of merlot at Alice’s kitchen table, and unlike Allen, Dominic actually undressed her all the way. Alice was briefly self-conscious of her body, realizing that gravity and time had taken a toll on her. Her breasts were flat and saggy, and she had a pouch of a lower stomach.

“You’re beautiful,” said Dominic, eyeing Alice up and down. His hands grabbed her breasts and lifted them up, running his thumbs over her nipples. The harsh light of the bedroom lamp seemed to make his pale skin glow. 

Alice’s body creaked and clicked as she stretched out on her stomach, as Dominic stood beside the bed. She took his cock into her mouth and began to suck on it slowly, feeling it get hard between her lips. It gave her a boost of confidence, to know that this man was getting turned on by her.

“Fuck, you’re so good at that,” groaned Dominic, his hands brushing Alice’s hair out of the way so she could better suck his cock.

He got on top of her and slowly pressed his way into her pussy. Alice let out a series of ragged gasps and whimpers, her eyes looking straight into Dominic’s as he fucked her. He thrusted his cock into her pussy in a slow and steady rhythm, but it quickly picked up.

“Holy shit,” Alice moaned, one hand digging into Dominic’s shoulder while the other hand twisted up the blanket on her bed. “That feels. . . ahhhh!”

Her orgasm hit her unexpectedly, taking the words from her lips and leaving her with only noise. It made Alice feel weak and dizzy, and stars flashed behind her eyelids. She had forgot how good sex could feel, how intense it could be to cum like this.

“Damn,” Dominic said, smiling down at her. “You’re sexy when you cum.”

Alice felt herself blush. 

Dominic slid his cock into Alice’s wet pussy one last time, all the way to the base, and then he flooded her with cum. Alice couldn’t believe this was happening. She had missed the feeling of a cock twitching inside her.

When Dominic pulled out, he fell onto the bed next to her, and Alice watched him catching his breath. Her ebony skin looked even darker next to his pale, freckled arm. 

Alice’s daughter called her later that night to ask if she could bring the grandkids over for the weekend to visit.

“Well, I can’t on Friday,” Alice said into the phone. “I’ve got plans.”

“What sorts of plans? You never have weekend plans.”

Alice didn’t want to tell her that she had yet another date. It was a man named Paul, who was tall, white, and bald. He was only in town for the weekend for a conference and had invited Alice to the hotel bar for cocktails.

“You look even more beautiful in person,” he said, smiling as Alice sat down.

She was dressed in a silver dress with a shawl wrapped around the top, and her gray hair was sleek and straight. Alice smiled back at him, revealing a map of lines around each eye and the corners of her mouth.

“Cheers,” she said, clinking her glass against Paul’s. 

When they got up to his hotel room, Alice felt like she was thirty years younger. Paul was fast and frantic, surprisingly so for someone his age. He pressed Alice up against the wall and began to kiss her with an open mouth, his tongue sliding in between her lips.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, as his hands began to roam across her dress.

Paul undid her shawl and tossed it onto the floor, and then helped Alice out of her dress. 

“I want to taste that pussy,” he said, almost growling into her ear as he spoke.

He licked Alice’s clit at the same time as he fingered her gently, a combination of movements that Alice hadn’t felt in decades. She came quickly, her body twitching and shivering under Paul’s deft touch.

Paul’s cock was already rock hard when Alice took it into her mouth. Paul moaned as Alice sucked him, his eyes roaming the deep chocolate curves of her body as she lay there naked before him. He hadn’t expected to meet someone for the weekend, but he was certainly glad he had.

They fucked in a spooning position, which was Alice’s favorite. Paul got behind her and wrapped his arm over the soft curve of her hips. He used his free hand to gently drag the head of his cock across the sticky entrance of Alice’s pussy.

“You feel incredible,” he whispered into her ear.

A chill went down Alice’s spine as he began to gently bite and kiss her ear and the side of her neck. At the same time, he slowly pressed his cock inside of her, filling her up completely. He was bigger than any other cock she had seen in a long time, but she loved the way he stretched her out.

“Yes, Paul,” she said breathlessly, as Paul began to fuck her slowly. “Make me yours.”

She wasn’t sure how to dirty talk anymore, but Paul didn’t seem to care. He was too busy thrusting his hips against Alice, his cock throbbing deeply inside her. Every time he pumped his cock into her, he stayed there for an extra few seconds before sliding back out. It drove Alice crazy.

Finally, Paul’s breathing started to pick up, and Alice got excited. She had been eager for more cum ever since meeting up with Dominic.

“Cum for me!” she cried, encouraging Paul to fuck her even faster. “Fill me up!”

“Oh, fuck!” Paul grunted, his thrusts coming to a halt as his cock released a huge load of cum deep inside her. It seemed never-ending, for which Alice was grateful. 

When Paul finally pulled out from her, Alice felt a small trickle of cum spill out from her, and it made her feel deliciously naughty.

“It’s a shame I’m only in town for the weekend,” said Paul, pulling Alice’s naked body against his.

Alice ran her finger across his gray chest hair. “Yes, but you don’t leave until Sunday, right? It’s only Friday.”

Paul pulled his head back to look at her. “Alice, I would love to see you again tomorrow.”

Alice made a mental note to text her daughter that she couldn’t watch the grandkids tomorrow either. . .

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