A Thoughtful Surprise (Interracial Couple)

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Leon had never been one to go out of his way to celebrate special holidays. He preferred to earn extra money working through holidays, or avoiding crowded areas and spending a quiet night at home. That is, until he met his current girlfriend, Mimi. Unlike him, she was the type of person to find any reason to celebrate any occasion, and he had made a determined decision this year to try to meet her halfway, by becoming more involved in celebratory events.

The opportunity for him to do so had just come, as today was Valentine’s Day, arguably the popular holiday to celebrate for couples. After clocking out of work, he set out to purchase gifts to give her, before the dinner she said she had prepared at home, and he figured that large department stores would be the best place to find the best gifts. The stores in these department stores were already doing most of the work for him by extravagantly advertising and displaying new products marketed towards couples on Valentine’s Day. He simply needed to walk through any of these department stores, head towards any aisle or counter heavily adorned with red and pink decorations, and pick up the cutest, stereotypically romantic, Valentine’s Day items.

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Surrounded by a sea of couples shopping together and individuals presumably shopping for their partners, Leon was glad that his height of six feet allowed him to easily navigate through the crowds of the nearest department store, aiming for stores that sold items he knew would be appreciated by his girlfriend. He picked up a heart-shaped box of truffle chocolates, and then, a fluffy, pink plush teddy bear as big as his own broad torso, and finally, ordered a quick arrangement for a bouquet of blooming red and pink roses. While waiting for the flowers to be put together, he spotted a portion of the department store selling lingerie, and he contemplated picking one out for her.

They hadn’t been dating very long, and he hadn’t admitted yet to her that he had fantasized about dressing her up in a lingerie of his choosing, or that he had a kink for being dominant in the bedroom, but they would certainly cross his mind whenever they were intimate at night. He was not sure, however, what kind of reaction she would have from this sort of surprise, having never spoken to hear more in depth about their sexual desires. Thinking the lingerie and roleplay would be best saved for an occasion after having a separate, important discussion about their kinks and boundaries, he settled on the gifts he had purchased and began to head home.

Arriving at her boyfriend’s house a few hours earlier than him, Mimi was nervously thinking about her own Valentine’s Day gift. She was well aware of his reluctance to partake in most socializing activities, but he had been making extra effort to do so anyway, for her sake, like coming out on more dates, and even joining her for gatherings hosted by her friends. Her intentions had only been to be inclusive, to let him join in the fun and joy she interpreted most planned events to be, especially special occasions, but had come to understand that while her own extroverted personality often craved the excitement of lively social events, his introverted nature valued a calmer intimacy within smaller interactions. So, instead of going to an overly booked restaurant where all other couples were likely to gather, they had agreed to spend Valentine’s Day cooking and eating dinner together at his house.

Still, she felt a natural inclination to celebrate the day with some excitement, and decided to choose a gift that would hopefully provide a pleasant surprise. She wanted to use this day, not only to show him appreciation for his thoughtful way of always following her spontaneous whims, but to reciprocate by offering to allow him to indulge in one of his. Locking herself in the bathroom of the master bedroom, Mimi opens a matte black box to reveal a costume she had boldly bought online. It consisted of a headband with long, folded white bunny ears, a satin black collar fastened by a bow, a seductive white teddy bodysuit with black fishnet tights attached, along with a puffy, white cottontail stitched to the bottom of the bodysuit.

Having no prior experience with such a seductive costume, let alone with roleplay while wearing one in the bedroom, she could not believe the thrill she felt coursing through her body as she examined herself in the mirror. Her pale, pink toned skin seemed to stand out more with the contrast of the brightly white lace of her bodysuit, and the ears seemed to similarly bring out the dark tone of her black, shoulder-length hair. What surprised her most was the voluptuous shape of her usually slender body in this bodysuit. The middle portion tightly drew in her waist to emphasize the curve of her hips, and the upper portion brought a lift to her humble breasts, the costume carving an hourglass outline to her body.

The sound of the front door brought Mimi’s attention back to her plan, and she stepped back out into the bedroom, squirming with anticipation, adrenaline pumping at the hope of seeing his stimulated reaction. She sat on the bed, knees folded underneath her, and tried to wait patiently for him to enter the bedroom. Meanwhile, Leon walks into the empty living room and kitchen, assuming Mimi had gone for a bathroom break, and quickly takes that time to set up his flowers in a vase on the dining table, with the bear plush and box of chocolates right beside it. When she didn’t come out, even after some time, he went to the bedroom to check on her, only to find a smiling bunny girl sitting at the center of his bed.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” Mimi giggled as she tilted her head cutely at her boyfriend standing paralyzed at the door, satisfied with the shocked expression on his face. She waved her hands at him, gesturing to him to join her on the bed, and he slowly approached the bed, sitting on its edge as his eyes repeatedly scanned her body up and down. Seeing him silently stare at her with a stiff look, she took hold of his hands and pouted, “Do you not like it?”

“I do,” Leon replied, holding her hands up to his lips to kiss them, still staring at her costumed body. “... but what inspired you to do this?”

“I wanted to surprise you!” Mimi beamed at him with a triumphant smile, but then, her expression dissolved into a much somber one, and she leaned in closer to say in a softer voice, “Actually … I accidentally saw your browser history when I borrowed your laptop the other day … and when I clicked on one of the videos, she had a costume like this … sorry for sneaking around a little, but … I wanted to give you a surprise you’d really enjoy, since you’re always doing so much for me … but maybe we should have talked about it first?”

Leon almost burst out laughing at her cute explanation, finding hilarious irony in the coincidental similarity between their mindsets. They had both been carrying the same worries, both concerned about how the other would feel, and Leon began to wonder if it would have been better to be honest about his own desires. Gently cupping her face with one of his hands, he placed a soft kiss on her lips, before playfully pinching her cheeks and asking her, “Did you watch the video properly? Do you really understand what I want?”

She shook her head away from his fingers, rubbing her cheek, feeling as if he was suddenly treating her like a child. With a firm tone in her voice, she stated, “I did watch it! I … want to try it with you.”

“Hmm, well, you should know that the play is about more than just a costume,” he explained, whispering in her ear, caressing the smooth surface of her satin collar, tickling the nape of her neck, “It is about submission … obedience … trust … towards me.”

“I-I want to try … if we take it slow, then … I think I can do that for you,” her voice trembled with her body at his subtle but decisive touches, and from the deep tenor of his voice. Her legs tightly pressed together, a familiar tingling starting to develop in between her legs. She gulped nervously, excitement and arousal filling up her lungs, and took a breath before saying, “I will do whatever you say.”

As if a lock had clicked open in his mind, giving freedom to the dominant persona inside him he had inadvertently imprisoned in the hidden depths of his mind, Leon stood from the bed, holding a stern gaze, and yanked his shirt off his body. As he unbuckled his pants to remove them, he gave her an order, “Turn around, get on all fours.”

Mimi had never seen this side of him before. She knew this would not be the sweet and affectionate boyfriend who would dote on her as usual, but her body was thrilled at the thought of being dominated by a charismatic and commanding side of him. Immediately, her body moved to position herself according to his instruction, and as she waited further direction, she peeked behind her to get another glimpse of his smooth, dark bronze, brawny body, she watched him pull down his briefs and toss them aside, revealing his massive member standing stiff.

“Is my little bunny curious about this carrot?” Leon smirked at her incredulous stare towards his body, and when she nodded back at him, he planted his knees onto the bed right behind her, pressing his erection against the soft, supple cheeks of her raised butt. His hands grasped the round spheres of her butt, squeezing and spreading her cheeks to expose the crotch of her bodysuit, which he noticed was designed with an oval opening that left her slit completely exposed. Grabbing her by her hips, he jerked her lower body towards himself, pulling her close, and used his thumbs to spread apart her glistening labia lips, allowing his hardened, herculean cock to slip easily in between the folds, coated in her arousal.

“Mmh! Leon … please …” At the direct touch of his veiny cock against her already wet pussy lips, she couldn’t help let out a moan, biting her lip to keep from releasing more, as his rough handling of her body ignited a fiery arousal inside her that had heated her entire body. She felt unfamiliar and surprised at such a stimulated reaction in her own body, despite having only put on a costume and grabbed from behind. There was something about this new dynamic that stirred sensations she had never known existed inside her.

“I know what you want,” Leon continued to tease her by gliding his long length along her puffy, pink slit, one hand kneading the rounded mass of her bottom. His other hand reached forward and under her body to stimulate her more by rubbing her sensitive little nub. “But my little bunny needs to be patient.”

“Ahh! … I-I … b-but I …” Mimi’s body quivered from the combined stimulation of her most sensitive spots, her back arched high with every gentle press on her clit. He shifted his body slightly to make space and align the head of his penis with the lips of her entrance, allowing it to prod inside just enough to use the leaking precum to both lubricate her and tantalize her. Meanwhile, his fingers found a steady rhythmic rub over her tender nub. His playful fiddling of her favorite sensitive spots kindled the sexual fire inside her so intensely that she practically begged for more. “P-please … not just your fingers …”

“I know what’s best for my little pet, and this little hole needs some attention before what’s coming next,” he maintained a tender massage on her sensitive clit, still nudging his throbbing cock in between her supple buttcheeks. His thumb caressed the small curve of her hips, then trailed up across her laced bodysuit to latch onto one of her breasts, kneading it in his palm with a controlled but powerful strength. He leaned his body forward to press his well built chest against her back, placing his lips on her neck, leaving kisses before whispering to her, “If you want something, you have to ask for it properly.”

“Please, Leon, put your cock inside me!” Mimi cried out, her arms grasping at his shoulders, turning her head to throw him a tearful, pleading look. Leon let out a soft laugh, kissing her pouting lips while tightening his embrace, distracting her with the insertion of his tongue between their kisses as his hips oriented his rigid rod towards her hole. When he felt satisfied teasing her with only the tip, feeling her writhe and whine in his hold, his two hands fixed onto the wide curve of her hips and the entire length of his cock charged forward into her slippery tunnel, straining her walls wide open.

They both let out a low, resounding sigh, feeling a gratifying release of the built up tension from the depth of their throats. Of course, this only fueled their arousal, and after taking a moment to relish the warm hug of her inner walls, amazed at how smoothly her usually tight, petite body had accepted his intrusion, Leon began to gradually increase the speed of his thrusting, holding his grip around her waist and shoulders. The bouncy mass of her ass slapped loudly against his stocky thighs, the cotton tail of her costume tickling his abdomen. “What an obedient pet you are …”

“Ahhh! … mmmh! … ngh!” The sounds squeaked naturally from her mouth, as if a button of intense pleasure inside her was being repeatedly hit by the heavyset force of his thick, extensive cock. Sex with her boyfriend had always been satisfyingly rough, but there was something about the way she had been reduced to his little pet, dominated by a man unyielding in his command and his grip, that made her squeeze hungrily around his meaty member. Mimi’s body squirmed in his hold as she let out more high pitched moans, every muscle in her body desperate to grasp at every touch of pleasure, climbing her way towards her peak. 

“Does my little pet want to cum?” From the subtle twisting of her body, the tightening clench of her hands anywhere she could latch on his body, and the increasing pitch and volume of her moans, Leon could tell she was nearing her release. Adding extra strength to the force of his thrusts, making sure to draw his member out fully before plunging back in, he found himself stimulated towards higher heights of pleasure while being possessively pulled deeper inside her.

“Y-yes … I want to … p-please … yes … mmmgh!” Before he could say anything more, Mimi’s jaw clamped shut as her entire body tensed through the overwhelming wave of orgasmic pleasure coursing through her body, her vaginal walls shuddering violently around Leon’s pulsating penis, which continue to pump through her orgasm, enhancing the orgasmic sensation so intensely that it drained all strength from her limbs. Mimi collapsed forward, her upper body panting into the folds of the disheveled sheets, and a minute had gone by before she realized that Leon was still erect and fully sheathed inside her.

“Oh, it’s not over yet,” his deep voice declared, and he laid his body flatly on top of her, breathing again into her ear. He said to her, with a disapproving growl to his voice, “I think I’ll have to teach my pet that she needs my permission to come.” 

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