Ebony in depth tour

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He’d been house-searching for a while, everything going well so far, and a few good places already in his head. It was an enjoyable evening so far, Jamie somewhat looking forward to finishing it off with a local tour of a decent property by a lake, something he had been tentative about for a while now.

Though he didn’t quite expect this sort of turnout, Jamie stood awkwardly in the middle of a driveway, hands in his pockets as he hoped at least someone else would show up. After a few minutes, and several thoughts that it might be a ploy to kidnap unsuspecting house-hunters, Jamie hears the sound of footsteps behind him. He quickly spins around, eager to not be alone for this, but sinks back into his disappointment as he sees a person a bit overly-dressed to be another client.

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“Hi! Is… this everyone…?”

Yep, he was right, the woman was wearing a tight-fitting business suit, completely with an overly-short skirt hugging her hips, and Jamie paused for a moment before responding, seeing the slight hesitance in her own demeanor. 

“Yeah… I think you’re stuck with me today.”

He can see her take a breath, collecting herself and returning to her usual personality. It was an odd shift, but with her coming closer, Jamie couldn’t help from peering across her body. He focused on the way her tight suit emphasized her curves, her wide hips hinting at what may be beneath her skirt, but also the deep desire to see her ebony skin waited with his cum. Not to mention, once she stepped closer and he could see her properly, he realized how cute she was, not just in the suit, but her face naturally brought sex to the mind.

Jamie suddenly jolted in place, hearing her repeat a question.

“What’s your name?”

He realized that he may have been a bit lost in his own arousal for a moment, and quickly replied.

“Oh, my name’s Jamie! It’s nice to meet you, and thanks for still taking me on this tour.”

The woman shrugs with a smile on her face, relaxing somewhat from before.

“My name’s Sara, and it’s no trouble. I get paid either way, and besides, I don’t usually get to properly talk to the people on the tour~”

Jamie let his perverse thoughts back in again, seeing her change from professional to this was slightly jarring, but gave her an odd sense of mystique.

“Right! Let’s get started then!”

Sara suddenly claps her hands together and motions her hand to follow.

“If you’d all like to follow me, I’ll guide you on our house tour~”

He took her humor in his stride, enjoying the change in atmosphere from the usual tours he takes of houses. Each room became less important to him as Jamie started paying more attention to Sara instead. Her dark skin glistened each time she stepped into a new room, the sunlight accentuating her in ways that forced a deep growing arousal from between his legs.

Before long, Jamie was struggling to hide his erection from her, bending down slightly and adjusting himself each time she turned around. He wanted her badly, but he knew she had a job to do and didn’t plan to interfere, at least for now.

“And here we have the kitchen~”

He knew what was going to happen before it did, Jamie knew he was going to have to see Sara bend over to showcase the cupboards, he’s done this too many times before. When she first took that motion downwards, he felt a strong, steady surge of precum forcing its way from his tip, staining his underwear, but thankfully not giving him away to Sara. It lasted agonizingly long, watching Sara unintentionally shake her ass for him, long enough that he had to adjust himself again.

Only he didn’t expect her to stand up so quickly, turning around just as he was about to hide his cock, Sara gets an eyeful of what was going on. Her mouth hangs agape as her words get caught in her throat, staring at Jamie, who was still holding his painfully-hard cock that was tenting his pants. Thoughts rushed through her mind, not believing that he may have been touching himself to her, but also not able to come up with anything else. Not wanting to cause a problem, she continues, but suddenly aware how every motion she made only served to turn him on more.

Knowing this only turned her on more though, constantly thinking about how hard Jamie was in the back of her mind, not wanting to turn around and face that fact. It was agonizingly slow, Sara feeling her arousal build without control, even picturing herself being bent over each piece of furniture, each counter and even the floor as she showed him around.

“So, what would you like to do now?”

Sara’s thoughts were broken by Jamie’s voice, snapping back and realizing that they were standing back where they started, the tour having finished. Deep down, she knew what was going to happen, even the slightest hint from him would have her eagerly accepting.

“How about we hide inside and have some fun?”

Jamie nudged Sara gently, seeing her quiver suddenly, knowing deep down that she was going to accept. Without even speaking, Sara slowly grabs hold of Jamie’s hand, letting him guide her back up those steps, feeling herself quake with each step closer they got to what she knew was waiting for her.

It was a frantic rush. Finally alone and out of sight, Sara falls to her knees and scrambles to unzip Jamie’s pants. He couldn’t even do anything, simply watching down as the ebony beauty he had been eyeing suddenly succumbed to her arousal, desperate to feel him inside of her mouth.

At last, Sara sees Jamie’s throbbing cock pop free from his hands, smacking against her forehead and sending her into a haze of lust. It was as if her mind had shattered, solely focused on what was before her, she aligned his tip with her lips, letting it sink inside.

“Oh f-fuck!”

Jamie couldn’t help himself, audibly giving away how sensitive he was after fantasizing about this moment for so long. It was quick, his pleasure rapidly building to an unbearable state, listening to her wet slobbering over his shaft, staring down at her beauty until it just became too much. Sara could tell he was getting closer and planned to draw this out, smiling to herself as she imagined his moaning after her teasings were finished.

In a single motion, Sara pulls her lips back again, sending Jamie over the edge as they glide gently across his tip. Not expecting what’s about to come, Sara smiles up at Jamie’s face, seeing how much he’s enjoying their impromptu time together, but flinching as his first rope of cum splatters across her cheek.

“Wait, w-!”

Sara tries to object, but as he continues cumming, his thick load covering her face, she lets her thoughts disappear, feeling as if each surge of cum shot across her face was melting her mind away. It felt as if it would never end, and Sara was hoping it really wouldn’t, her mouth open, her tongue sticking out, but most of Jamie’s load smeared across her face, dripping down her forehead, and landing on her outfit.

“Fuck… that was amazing…”

Jamie could barely say much more, but it was enough to give Sara a sense of pride, smiling under his gaze as he adjusted his pants again.

“We should definitely do this again. I mean this, not the tour part…”

Sara couldn’t stop herself from laughing at his awkward remark, but gave him her phone number, then flashing him a wink before waving him goodbye, another group likely coming soon, she had to look for a place to clean up.

“Honey, what are you covered in?”

A cold chill running down her spine, Sara turns around, facing an older couple who seemed as if they were looking to join the tour. The look on her face was likely scary enough, her blood running cold at being seen like this. With a few seconds having already passed, she tried frantically to scramble her mind for an excuse.

“O-oh… this is… face cream! I’ve been… keeping moisturized…?”

She barely convinced herself, let alone the couple, but thankfully, they smiled at one another, commenting on how much effort went into her looks and how it showed. Having gotten out of the embarrassing situation, Sara realizes that she’s put herself in even more trouble, both of them likely expecting her to stay like this for the tour. With her panties still soaked from taking Jamie’s cock, his cum dripping down her face and thighs, Sara had a long tour ahead of her. The only thing on her mind for the rest of that night was taking Jamie up on his offer, every time someone looking over at her only gives her another gentle shiver of perverse pleasure, a long night of waiting to taste him again.

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