A Fond Memory

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Thinking back on her past, it’s always a fond memory, how her life changed once she finally gave in to the urges she had inside of her.

How nothing felt the same afterwards, not that she wanted to feel something else, it was just too… perfect.

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Remembering that day, how all of a sudden she couldn’t hold that urge inside of her any more, reaching for her phone to contact her one friend that she had always fantasized about, how his dark skin glistened in any light, his toned muscles always strained in his outfits. The look of superiority he held whilst around her friends, emphasizing the thoughts she already held deep down, that he was better.

Hardly able to think, she dialed his number, having an extraordinarily short conversation with him before blurting it out.

“P-please would you come over and fuck me?!”

Thinking back, she must have sounded mad and desperate, but he only chuckled in response, saying he was on his way before hanging up the phone. Those next few minutes were agonizing for her, not only because she had to get herself cleaned up and presentable for him, but she was aching for his cock inside of her. As the minutes went by, they began to seem like hours, having to find things to do that would keep her idle mind occupied until he finally knocked on her door, eventually resorting to gently touching herself to the thought of him.

Then it happened, that sound she was craving to hear all this time, her fantasies standing right outside her door, just waiting to step inside and set her mind on fire. Somewhat nervous, she still forced herself closer to that door, knowing full well that she couldn’t resist even if she wanted to. As soon as she turned the handle and the door clicked, it was all over for her fantasy, because it had become her reality…

It happened so fast, her friend swinging the door open and quickly stepping inside before slamming it behind him. He barely said a word before he grabbed her by the throat and forced his lips against hers, giving way to both of their pent-up passions. Breaking away just for a moment, the man growls seductively into her ear, feeling her body tremble as he speaks.

“You belong to me now, and I’m going to claim your tight cunt with my cum~!”

There was nothing left in her mind but the burning desire to submit, looking over at him with an absent look on her face as he took off his pants. All the while, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the animalistic look on his face, feeling like his prey, vulnerable and in danger.

She held onto that feeling as he finally let go of her throat, letting her drop to the floor in a heap. She couldn’t stop herself from doing what she did next, the arousal she felt was something she never felt before, and she had no will to stop herself from desperately fingering herself on the floor beneath him. Smirking down at what she had become, the man begins walking upstairs to her room, hearing her panting moans as she crawls after him obediently.

Standing at the top of the stairs, he waits for her, watching as she alternates between fingering herself and crawling up the stairs like a bitch in heat. Once she finally made it to the top, she crawled toward her bedroom, hearing her friend’s footsteps behind her as the only warning for what he was about to do.

Without a word down to her, he placed a hand on her back, causing her face to press against the floor as he aligned himself with her glistening pussy.

“W-w… please… fuck me~!”

Initially about to object to his actions, she felt an intense throb across her body, overtaking her mind and changing her words, leaving nothing but a compliant hole. She showed just how far she had fallen as she wiggled her hips enticingly for him, smearing his tip with her juices. Anticipating his black cock stretching her hole at any moment, she finds herself waiting as he leans over her to speak again.

“Look at you… you’re my bitch!”

With his taunt hanging in the air, he thrusts forward, his cock impaling her petite body in a single motion, leaving her struggling to breathe. It was everything she could have imagined, her body having been teased so much up until this point, she found herself caving to it, cumming from the sensation of his thick cock invading her hole. Her body trembled as she silently came, unable to speak from the sudden rush, but he clearly wasn’t planning on waiting for her

While she still spasmed, he reached forward and grabbed a fistful of her hair, clutching it tightly as if she was a toy, then began brutally pounding her pussy. Each time she felt him bottom out, her breath escaped her body in the form of a whorish moan, filling the hallway with her lust as he continued to force his cock inside of her.

Her sweet, lust-filled whimpers only urged him on to be rougher, wanting to force more of those from her lips as she dripped onto the hallway floor. Still having only been fucking her for a few moments, she felt her heart race with arousal, the initial spasms giving way to what was coming again.


That’s all she could muster, the rest of her words descending into incoherent babbling as she writhed beneath him, cumming away what little of her mind was left. Apparently wanting to keep his rhythm, her friend presses down against her back again, holding her in place as she came, stifling her spasms to maintain his own pleasure.

There she felt it, the sense that he was using her as if she was a toy, designed entirely to bring him pleasure, a fleshlight for him to fuck on a whim, and she loved it. Her mouth hung open, her tongue lolling from her lips as whimpers, moans and squeals freely passed her lips, completely lost to the sensation of being his object of relief. Every thrust was more intense than the last, whilst hazed over in arousal, she could still tell he was getting closer.

That feeling of his cock tensing up, stretching her pussy out even more, pressing against her G-spot, slamming against it in an effort to snap her mind in half. He picked up his pace even more, frantically pounding into her with little care for her own comfort, already making a mess between her thighs.

It was too much for either of them. She began squealing desperately from her place on the floor, the well-fucked look on her face emphasizing her whorish moans for more. Her body completely gave in, sent over the edge, she feels her pussy squirting across the floor beneath her, cumming so intensely that her vision darkens, on the brink of passing out.

At the same time, he felt his own arousal reaching its peak, his thick, hot load erupting from his tip and painting the inside of her pussy. He slams into her one final time, his entire cock tensing up with each surge of cum that flows from his shaft, filling her.

The feeling of having been used by him was incredible, she had craved this for so long that it felt as if her life couldn’t get any better. They both stayed there for a moment, his flow of cum having come to a halt, and a sad whimper escaping her lips as he pulls back one final time, leaving her feeling empty. She couldn’t do anything to stop him, instead, feeling the idle spasms of her body continue as she rides out the residual pleasure, feeling his cum still inside of her.

With her fantasy fulfilled, she blankly stared up at the ceiling, watching as her vision was turned around, her friend picking her up from the floor and walking with her in his arms. She felt his blissful touch for only a few moments, suddenly plummeting into familiar soft sheets. He had taken her to her own bedroom, and while she still couldn’t control her body, was effectively used as a sex toy, turned around and pulled onto her knees, feeling him press her face into the pillows.

“You thought I was done? That’s cute.”

He started again, thrusting forward and pressing his entire cock inside of her in a single motion, tensing it in her pussy for a few moments before pounding her once again. The room quickly filled with the rhythmic slapping of his hips against her ass, accompanied by her sheepish moans, her eyes having long-since lost focus. Her orgasms had blended together to the point of feeling as if she was in an endless cycle of orgasmic bliss, feeling his warm load fill her up between his rough fucking. Lost in pleasure, she felt her mind blank, the last of her memories drifting away as she comes back to reality, her fingers damp with her juices, a familiar knock coming from her door…

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