A Different Taste

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When Sarah visited his neighbour's house to and for some extra sugar since she ran out, and forgot to buy it. She didn't expect that she would develop a crush on him. Her jaw almost dropped when she saw Dele for the first time. He was a tall, fit, black man, 6'6" she assumed if not taller, and muscular, so ripped.

Her pussy tingled as she took in the glorious site. She had never been attracted to a black man before, but she couldn't keep her eyes off of the male. She stood there dumbfoundedly forgetting the reason for her visit as she continued gawking at him. His awkward coughing had broken her trance as heat rushed to her face, as realisation hit her. She stuttered badly introducing her. That day she hadn't even imagined that one day she would be actually fucking the guy. She had even went back and fucked herself on a big dildo that day, thinking about him but she certainly never imagined him actually, really drilling her.

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She remembers how he introduced himself in the sexiest male voice she had ever heard and… she even noticed him eyeing her fat tits and that was the only hope she had to think he might be interested. So two weeks later when Sarah went swimming in the nearby swimming pool, she forgot to bring a change of clothes and had to walk home in her soaked panties and oversized shirt. She was still thinking about his neighbour's tall muscular athletic body, his deep voice, his cock– which she bet must be huge. She shook her head concentrating back to stay on the road. Her steps halt as she notices Dele I'm his balcony eyeing her, she was sure… he was smirking.

Her cheeks reddened and she walked away. She went up to her apartment and began to undress. She unbuttoned her blouse and stripped off her skirt. Unclasping her bra, her massive breasts spilled out. She looked in the mirror at her overweight body and sighed."Why would anyone want me?" She put on her nightgown and climbed into bed. Before she could do so someone knocked on her door, she got out of the bed.

Her eyes popping out of her sockets seek Dele standing there in his sweats but what shocked her was his prominent erection. "Wanna fuck?" And that's how she found herself in the bed with body all hot and damp with sweat. The man on top of her black man, his huge black cock inches away from her pussy. Her pussy was aching for his cock. But he just moved forward, his legs placed besides her head as he pushed his cock into her mouth. She looked at it hesitantly, clearly intimidated by the massive black cock inches from her face, but opened her lips enveloping her lips around the long member. she awoke with her nipples aching, her panties drenched.

She hadn't had sex in over ten years, and hadn't masturbated in over 2, she just hadn't felt sexy. But the burning in her loins was overwhelming. She peeled her soaking wet panties off and gently began to rub her hairy, unkempt pussy. She quickly began to increase her pace as she imagined Ty on top of her, giving her his huge black cock. She starts by giving him a kittenish lick and then twirling her tongue around his massive head. He grabbed her hair and held her in place as he drove his huge cock into her mouth. Her eyes went wide as his thick black dick snaked its way into her throat. She tried to take it as he roughly began to fuck her mouth, his enormous cock sliding in and out of her virgin throat.

Her gagging and gasping sounds turned him on even more. He pulled out of her mouth, as he ruthlessly fucks her mouth. He erupts a load of cum into her mouth, tears spill out of her eyes as she tries swallowing his cum. He pulled away and leaned downwards kissing her passionately and lifted her shirt off revealing her braless tits. He sucked on her hard little nipples, Mia's body jolted with pleasure. He slid his other hand into her panties and she moaned in pleasure as he began to finger her wet little pussy.

She moaned as fingers moved in and out of her tight, lonely pussy. she moaned softly as her orgasm washed over her. Breathing erratically as she climaxed and slowly regained her breath but they were far away from being done. He began kissing and sucking all over her petite body. She moans feeling his big lips and slimy tongue slide against her body. He then moves downwards towards her shaved pussy, she wanted him to suck it but he decided to lick her creamy white thighs instead, She sighs loving the feeling of his tongue on her sensitive thighs. She moaned loudly as he finally moved towards licking her tight pussy. Although she was no virgin, she sure felt like one though.

She moaned and gasped as Dele hungrily licked her wet slit. Dele's massive black cock was rock hard as he grabbed her little white bum. He climbed on the bed behind her and she spread her legs for him. He rubbed the thick, bulbous head on her ass before teasing her dripping wet teen pussy. She looked back with pleading eyes. "Fuck me Dele." She moaned as he began inching his cock into her little pussy. She whimpered as he stretched her teen pussy getting 6" of his huge thick black dick inside her.

He gripped her hips tightly and began to fuck her, pumping his massive cock into the tiny cheerleader bent over in front of him. She cried out in ecstasy. Her muffled moans echoed in the rooms as she buried her head into the pillow. Her body quivered and shook as she came repeatedly from the monster black dick that pounded her mercilessly. Dele smacked her ass hard and pulled his cock out and then shoved her aside. He rubbed his huge cock on her bald, glistening pussy and pressed forward. She let out an unnatural moan as the massive black snake invaded her body again even though he cummed a moment before. Wasting no time, Dele began pumping hard into her and she screamed in pleasure. Mia cried out as Dele pounded her pussy. He fucked senselessly until his balls began to swell.

He pulled his massive black dick from her dripping pussy and grabbed the girls heads, guiding her roughly to his twitching black member. She started licking, sucking, jerking and kissing each other desperately as Dele groaned. His cock erupted and coated the girl's face and tits in thick ropes of hot sticky teen cum. The girl drenched in cum as Dele finished. He got off the bed and started putting on his clothes. "That was fun, let's do it some other time." He comments, leaning down to press a kiss before leaving.

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