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Pretty women have always been Leo's weakness, so when he finally gets a chance to be with one after a few months of complete loneliness, he decided not to let it slip at all. And that happened when one night he visited his favourite pub, he saw Neomie, a short stature woman with hazel eyes and curly brown hair, the woman had been eyeing him, and that wasn’t something new. He was tall and muscular with a handsome face, a living dream of all women. He sat there chugging down his beer, giving her a chance to initiate things and she did, which he was glad about. “Hey, handsome.” She says, in a sultry voice and fuck- her French accent thick in her voice.

His cock twitching in his pants, Did he forget to tell? That he’s a sucker for French girls, well now you know. He turns towards her completely, even more interested to fuck the living daylights out of her. “Wanna get out of here?” He asks in his typical American accent and she giggles mischievously, “Why not, Chérie.” And that made his eyes darker with lust, but he suddenly halts to make sure she is on the same page as him, “I am a control freak, love punishing my bitches. Can you handle that?” Her giggle was enough to know what she wanted. Leo attacks the brunette’s lips harshly, as be bites and sucks on her plump lips. The girl was breathing heavily trying to catch up with her breath. He then moves towards her neck, sucking on her olive skin and leaving Bite marks.

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She moans as her pussy throbs for attention. He pulls away, eyeing her hungrily, as he orders her, “Get undressed” and she does without waiting another second. Her hands move to take off her top, Leo gawks at her big chest. She then take off her shorts, leaving her underwear and bra but Leo speaks again “Show me your boobs baby girl.” She nibbles on her lips, unclasping the bra. Her enormous perky boobs sprung out of the bra, Leo’s mouth waters. He cups them in his hand kneading the soft flesh, Neomie moans loudly when he pulls her pink bud. He continues torturing her by pulling her globes. He retrieves his hands seeing how she rubbed her thighs together. “You’re going to call me Master.” He commands, she frantically nods. He walks back towards the bed and sits down, "Remove both my shoes." He orders, she complies.

Neomie knew the man was enjoying how desperate she was for his cock, he was teasing her but she had no choice. He knew she wanted his cock and to test her, he's putting up every barrier possible. Luckily, he's wearing black leather loafers, which are easy to remove, Neomie thinks to herself. Having completed my task, she looked up to her Master once again. "Undo my belt." He says, amused. Her hands dance around his belt buckle as she looks at the bulge in his pants. He was certainly packing something big in there, and every part of her body craved it. She wanted to feel him inside of her, and his cum filled him to the brim. Her mouth waters at the thought but she decided to keep herself composed. She moved towards his zipper, pulling it open and then took off his pants till his ankles. she gulps at the size of his cock.

She looks up at him as if asking for permission. He nods. she tremblingly moves her hand to grasp his dick. slowly and gently she moves her hand up and down, keeping waves of pleasure to Leo. She then slowly leans forward and takes a kittenish lick at its top, her tongue moving in circles around the reddish head, as it teases its opening. Leo groans, pushing his entire length into her mouth, she gags slightly but the man didn't stop. he starts thrusting his her mouth loving the feeling of her wet cavern around his cock. Just when he was close he pulled away, Neomie looked at him with her mouth listening with her drool and his free cum. he then yanks her upwards and throws her on the bed before climbing onto her. with one swift motion he takes offer undies.

She gasps feeling the cold air hit her sensitive vagina. without any warning Leo ducked down his head, burying his head into her pussy And then lapping onto it like a hungry dog. She cries, the pleasure too much to handle for her. He pushes his tongue deep inside her, as he licks her juices. his tongue is busy playing with her clit. He then opens his mouth and takes her labia between his lips, gently tugging it. Neomie thrashes around the bed, but the man had a firm grip on her inner thighs keeping her in place.

He finally pulls away feeling satisfied, a smirk flashes on his face as he wipes his chin with the back of his hand. Her whole areolas puffed out almost as hard as most nipples.They came straight out over a quarter inch off of her very perky tits. He loved rolling them around. He starts sucking them aggressively. Loud sucking noises filling the room. He continues biting on her bud, squeezing her tits. She moans loudly, pushing his head into her boobs, encouraging him to suck more. He holds one of her nipples in my lips, surprised at how hard they were. He bit it lightly with his lips and flicked it with her tongue. She moaned. That was music to his ears. He continues doing it for a few minutes before letting go of her red swollen nipples. Neomie was still trying to catch her breath when the man threw her legs onto his shoulders and entered her without any warning a scream left her mouth as she felt her walls stretch to take in his lengthy manhood.

He keeps pushing into her until he's fully buried inside her. He starts with slow but forceful thrust, her whole body jerking upwards with his every movement, She clutches the pillow in her hand, the bed also shaking with them. He then fastens his pace and starts pounding like horny dog, stretching her pussy with every long, hard, powerful thrust. "Oui Maître." She lets out, shaking badly. He grabbed her hip with one hand and pushed violently, making her scream as he ripped into her tight cunt, she cried as her cunt gripped his cock hit my cervix hard. He laughs before thrusting at a surprisingly tender pace, considering the dominance he's demonstrating, she's at the mercy of him and his sizeable cock that is stretching her just perfectly. To her surprise, he continues at a slow pace.

It still feels good, but she can't deny she wanted him to go a bit faster. "Rub your clit." He orders, still moving inside her. She puts one hand on her sensitive little bud and begins to circle it. While her other hand starts rubbing her clit. His thrusts grow faster and faster as she continues to massage her clit. "Oh fuck. That's it Maître... fuck me fuck me fuck me!" she chants. She can't help but scream his praise as he hammers her pussy. Within seconds he has her legs trembling as her body tenses up. Her body spasms throughout the powerful climax. He finally pulls away allowing her to catch her breath, she feels his warm seed land on her ass. They both then fall/flop down onto the floor into a spooning position, both fully spent. Eventually, he kisses her cheek before asking "Want to stay the night?" After a sigh, she says"Well, I have work tomorrow. I'd have to get up early." "I understand. Maybe we'll have to do this some other time then?" "I'd like that, Maître."

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