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I just got to see my beautiful wife riding her first-ever big black cock and it was the best moment of my life. I’ve been trying to get my wife to try cuckold for years, with lots of resistance. She’s a freak in the bedroom, but only when she’s really horny and everything is perfect, getting her to even talk about normal fantasies is a challenge.I followed the advice and tried to find out what would make her want to have sex with another man.

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I tried it all and she seemed to get annoyed at the idea and then I did the people watching method and I noticed a theme.

Every man she found attractive was big, black and intimidating. I joked about it with her and she laughed it off. The next time she was horny I asked if she’d ever fucked a black guy before?

“No,” She said, puzzled.

“But it seems like you want to?” I said.

“Kinda,” She giggled.

“What if you could?” I said.

“What?!?! You’d let me?”

Do you really want to try it? When would you try it? I said.

Yes! Really really want to. This weekend?

Okay, leave it completely up to me. I'll arrange it.

I was worried it would be impossible to find a man. I didn’t know where to start, but I headed to Google and started searching and registered myself on a website. 

All we did was be completely honest and tell them what we wanted “Looking for my first bull for a threesome with husband, must be hung, clean and respectful” and my wife’s inbox started flooding with responses. I called in my wife and we must have sat for 2 hours messaging men. She was so giddy and excited, she even took over the computer and was doing everything herself.

She started focusing on a handful of men and she asked them to send her pictures.

They did send some back. All guys had giant cocks and I discovered that was a big part of the attraction of the men she was talking to. Any cock below 8 inches that wasn’t thick, she would ignore. One guy, I’ll call him Eddy, was my wife’s favourite. He asked her for a picture and of course she gave it. He agreed to come to our house and she couldn’t be more excited. She jumped up from the bed and ran to me. She then told me it’s tomorrow.

“It’s a work night?”

“Mmmm okay next time then” She said disappointed”.

“Okay I can call in sick, let's do it tomorrow”.

Her face lit up and she arranged it.

We didn’t have time to book a hotel, all the good ones were sold out and so we did what you’re never meant to do and she invited him to our house.

In a sane mind, I would never let this happen, but I just wanted to see my wife on the BBC, it was all I could think about. She’s so tight, even my average cock sometimes can’t fit, so to think she thought she could take his massive dick, made me even more turned on.

Our house is a little hard to find so I met him in my car at the local shops and he followed me back to our house. We arrived and I got out of the car and shook his hand, he was bigger than me, muscular and had a don’t fuck with me kinda energy. My wife answered the door and they both giggled and had a hug. We went through to the lounge and I asked him what he wanted to drink.

“You got any whisky?” He asked.

“Sure, you like Jim Beam?”

“Jim Beam would be great”

I got everyone a drink and by the time I got back, my wife was flirting, laughing, and all starry-eyed. Even with his don’t fuck with me energy he was really respectful and my wife and him had instant chemisty. After a few drinks and a little music, my wife went to the bathroom, on returning she sat next to him.

Before a second had passed they started kissing. We said we’d keep it on the sofa, but after they started kissing she stopped and asked if we could go to our bedroom?

I said yes. She slid her panties off while walking to the bedroom and kept her dress on.They got to the bed and he started sucking her pussy. I have no idea what he was doing but I wish I could work that magic with my wife. After ten minutes she was shaking, trembling and moaning. She came once maybe twice and pulled him up and started undressing him. She unbuttoned his jeans and out flopped the biggest cock I’d seen. Seeing a big cock in porn is one thing, seeing it in real life next to your wife’s head is another. It was literally the size of her face.

She started sucking his cock and I could see there was precum all over it, soon to be down my wife’s throat. She tried her hardest to swallow, but it was too thick, so she licked his balls and fit in as much as she could.I was close to cumming at this point, I’d not joined in, and even though it wasn’t a threesome I was about to witness the hottest thing in my life. At this point they were both naked and she pulled him on top of her. In my view I could see his cock flopped onto her stomach, going from her pussy to the start of her breasts, it wasn’t just the length it was the thickness, his cock was so full and dense. She thrusted up and down his length.

He was about to go in without a condom and my wife would have let it happen. I was so close to saying nothing, but I just handed him an XL Magnum condom. My wife hadn’t noticed and was still rubbing her pussy up and down his cock teasing herself. He put it on and took his first thrust. He pushed the tip inside her and it separated her pussy. He took a few gentle thrusts each time pushing more inches of himself inside her. My wife sat moaning, panting for breath and begging him for more.

He took his time and was teasing her. My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing. I didn't want to cum because I didn’t want to have post cum guilt so I calmed myself down.

I just couldn’t believe that she could fit him inside, it was like her tight pussy opened up to fit his whole cock perfectly. How was I ever going to please her after this? He pushed it all inside her and started thrusting, she couldn’t catch her breath, she was moaning and I knew she was about to cum on his dick. Her pussy was making noises I’d never heard, I was behind him and could see her pussy juice dripping down her ass onto the bed.

He was stretching her out and she was loving every second of it. He would pull himself out and her pussy would remain the size of his cock. They changed positions, she got on top, this was where I got to see everything. He had his hands on her ass while she slowly went up and down on his cock, she then got her hand on his hand and pushed one of his fingers into her ass.

I never thought the night would go this well. I thought she’d be nervous and reserved and it was the opposite she took this chance to live out a deep fantasy. He pulled her close to his body, put her hands behind her back and he started fucking her HARD. My wife loves it hard and rough so when he started this I knew she was going to cum in seconds. I could see his cock dripping in her cum and juices and my heart was racing. It still is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen, my wife being stretched by his cock. He started pushing his two fingers into her ass and she started cumming.

I don’t know how there was any more room inside her, so seeing his two thick fingers go inside her ass was crazy. With this he let out a massive moan and he started cuming. She was moaning, grinding him and kissing him. My wife was covered in sweat and after he came she collapsed on the bed next to him, both of them breathing deeply. I was still just standing in the corner of the room fully clothed with a throbbing cock covered in pre-cum.

She was just laying next to him with her leg over his body, I could still see her pussy and it was still open, obviously stretched by his cock.

It went quiet and then they both started laughing.

He got up after a few minutes and went to the bathroom. I made myself busy and my wife got her clothes back on. After he got back from the loo, he gave her a hug, shook my hand, and said thank you. It was a bit awkward and then he just left. But it surely was something I won’t forget.

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