Friends with (dirty) benefits

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Rose and Wendy had met back when they were kids, and became quick friends, remaining that way all through high school. When time to leave for college had arrived, they had been lucky enough to be accepted into the same university, which meant they’d still be able to be in each other’s lives.

But there was more to their friendship than met the eye. They shared something deeper, something neither of them admitted out loud. 

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The two young women couldn’t be more different if they tried: While Rose was petite and bookish, Wendy was athletic and confident, always ready for the next adventure. e kiss.

While both were undeniably beautiful women, Wendy was particularly eye-catching, her body curvy and her hair blonde as the sun. 

Meanwhile, Rose had always been the timid sort, petite and pretty, with a round face and easily-flushed cheeks. Her skin was a soft shade of caramel, and she carried her black hair short and neat.

The sexual tension between them had begun innocently enough, and yet it had grown stronger, harder to resist as time went by. There was also the problem that only one of them was out of the closet. 

While Wendy was open about her sexuality, and had dated several women in the past, Rose tried to pretend she was as vanilla as they came. 

She hadn’t yet admitted out loud that she was attracted to women, and certainly hadn’t told anyone she was madly in love with her best friend.

Their graduation day was growing closer and closer, and that meant they’d potentially move far from one another, which worried Wendy. She knew she had to make her move. She had to confess the truth about her feelings to Rose and see if there was any chance they could be together. If she didn’t take her chance before graduation, maybe she’d lose it altogether.

So that night, as they sat together on Wendy’s bed, in the dorm they had been living in for the previous four years, the beautiful blonde woman finally gathered up the courage to make her move, jumping into the pool without even checking if it was full or not.

“Rose, I hope this won’t ruing our friendship if you don’t feel the same way as I do, but I just can’t hold it back any longer. You are beautiful, stunning, unique. I love you, I’ve loved you for years.  need to know if you feel the same about me, or if I’m just delusional and all those little signs I noticed over the years were just in my mind or not,”

Rose didn’t immediately reply. She just stared at Wendy wide-eyed, blushing furiously and gasping, seeming at a complete loss for words. For a second, it seemed it was all over—years of friendship thrown away over a single minute. But there was something in the way that Rose was staring her way which told Wendy that there was more to her silence. She wasn’t just shocked… she was relieved.

“I knew it…” Wendy whispered, and she leaned forward, finally kissing the woman she had been in love with for years. 

That first, wonderful kiss seemed to last for an eternity, and their tongues danced passionately together, until neither could breath any longer. It was only then that they slid away from one another, but they remained in each other’s arms.

“Why didn’t you ever say anything before? I have been dreaming of this day for so long! You know how shy I am, I would never make the first move!” Rose protested jokingly, giggling in relief, filled with happiness. 

“I was scared, just like you, Rose. I wish I had done it before… we’ve lost so much time. Let’s make up for it now, beautiful…”

The two old friends kissed once again, melting in each other’s arms.Their tongues danced together with an endless, sweet desire.

Wendy's hands reached for Rose’s perky breasts, squeezing it softly, making her best friend gasp against her lips. That kiss was everything the timid young woman could have hoped for.

It was, of course, Wendy who began tugging at Rose’s clothes first, but the dark-skinned girl quickly followed behind. It didn’t take long for them to dance together on Wendy’s mattress, lost in each other’s arms.

Wendy eagerly began exploring her best friend’s naked form, kissing her way down Rose’s petite figure. She rolled her tongue over that smooth skin, finally reaching those tiny, erect nipples.

The curvaceous Wendy hummed sensually against that flushed skin, flickering her tongue over those tiny, overly-sensitive peebles. Her hands grabbed and squeezed those perfect orbs, massaging them over and over, making Rose moan with desire.

Rose melted underneath Wendy’s curves, feeling her weight pinning her down so dominantly. The shy, petite coed moaned out loud, arching her back as she caressed Wendy’s body, hesitating at first, but growing more and more confident with every passing moment. 

She had been aching for this for so long, and now she wouldn’t let it go to waste.

Wendy's hand moved lower and lower, until she reached Rose’s soaked pussy. She caressed it sweetly, making Rose tremble with pleasure. Their moans filled the room like a perfect orchestra, and it was unlike either of them had ever experienced before. This was true love, this was what they had been dreaming about for years.

“Follow my lead, lovely, I’m going to teach you something that’ll rock your world,” Wendy giggled, showing her best friend how to move her body so that they laid opposite to one another, their heads aligned between each other’s open legs. 

For the first time in her life, Rose tasted another woman’s arousal, lapped her tongue over a throbbing clit, lapping up and down Wendy’s sex, imitating everything the curvaceus blonde did.

“Oh, Wendy!” Rose squealed, feeling her muscles tensing and twitching. She had never before experienced a real orgasm, too shy to touch herself, not yet having slept with a guy, and certainly not a woman. She had been close when toying around with one of her dates, but that was it. And now, oh, it felt like she was getting closer and closer to the real thing 

“That’s it, Rose, you’re getting the hang of it. Mmmm.. Don’t stop!” Wendy panted heavily, her breasts heaving up and down with every new breath.

Whenever Wendy spoke, her lips brushed against those soaked folds, increasing the pleasure Rose seemed to be lost in. 

It felt so good, tingles were spreading up and down her body. Both women trembled and panted, growing closer and closer to that moment of no return.

Finally, that pleasure seemed to build up to an almost unbearable peak, and the two best friends exploded in perfect tandem, lost in each other’s arms. 

Their juices filled each other’s mouths, and they gulped it down eagerly, achingly. Their bodies twitched and tensed, every nerve terminal stimulated at the same time.

It was only after that mind-numbing pleasure began to recede that they rolled off each other’s bodies, still panting, skin covered with perspiration, bright smiles plastered on their faces. 

Wendy crawled next to Rose, pulling her best friend closer, and hugging her tightly, peppering the top of her head with tender kisses. 

“Did you like it? Was your first time with a woman all you imagined it would be?” Wendy teased her playfully, and Rose giggled timidly, giving the blonde woman a meek grin.

“Oh, you’re naughty… but yes, it was. Everything and so much more. Oh, I’m so glad you finally made the first move.” Rose purred sweetly, resting her head on Wendy’s heavy breasts, closing her eyes exhaustedly. This was only the beginning of something wonderful, she knew it, and she couldn’t wait for her new life to begin.

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