Christmas Carol

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It was a chilly night late in December. I was out caroling with a group. Although some in the group were good enough singers, others, like Carol, were less musically inclined. But everyone was enjoying it.

Carol was a pretty, tallish, well-proportioned blonde. What she lacked in singing talent, she made up for in enthusiasm. As I would soon learn, Carol did everything enthusiastically.

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Unfortunately, right at the moment, Carol was so bundled up that you couldn't tell how pretty she was. She was determined to keep herself nice and warm on this chilly evening.

Carol and I had dated on and off. She was interesting and funny. She was excellent company and very easy on the eyes. She seemed to enjoy my company as well. There was a chemistry and tension between us when we got together. We had explored a little bit, but hadn't gone all the way yet.

We finished caroling. The group was splitting up. Carol looked at me. "You want to drop by for a bit?" she said. I enjoyed Carol's company, so I wasn't about to turn her down.

"OK," I said.

"We'll get warm and cozy," Carol said with a smile. She took my hand as we walked towards her place. Carol opened the door. She kissed me as we entered. As she took her coat off, I noticed that she was dressed in a green dress, red shoes, and a red jacket. Very Christmasy, I thought.

"I like your Christmas decorations," I said.

"Yeah, thanks," she replied. "I like to get in the spirit." She went into her kitchen. "Egg nog?"

"Sounds good."

She flipped the radio on. It was tuned to one of those all-Christmas stations. They were playing all the standard favorites: Silent Night, White Christmas, The Christmas Song, Joy to the World, and the rest. Carol was eagerly singing along.

"Repeat the sounding joy..."

Carol emerged with two large glasses of egg nog and a grin. She sat next to me, her head on my shoulder, still singing along with the radio. I kissed her.

"Mmmmm," Carol said. She opened her mouth wide. She was almost begging for tongue. She pushed a little bit forward. Almost involuntarily, my tongue met Carol's. Her jacket came off.

Our lips parted. Carol resumed singing along with the radio.

"All I want for Christmas is you." She shot me a glance and a sexy smile. "I like that song," she said.

"Yeah, it's cool," I said, somewhat noncahalantly.

Carol giggled. "Yeah. That song just gets me," she said. She snuggled up to me again. I felt Carol's hand on the inside of my thigh. I put my arm around her.

"Unwrap me," Carol said softly. I began to unzip her dress. She unzipped my pants. Her hand was on my crotch. She kissed me again.

I was beginning to get hard. Carol stood up and slipped her dress off. Her underwear was bright red. She kicked off her red shoes.

Carol sat on my lap. She kissed me hard. Quickly she unbuttoned my shirt. I took it off. She undid my belt. I unhooked Carol's bra. She removed it, revealing her C-cup boobs. I took off my pants.

"That's the spirit," Carol said. She pulled my underpants down and wrapped her pretty mouth around my stiff cock. "Just like a candy cane," she said. I began to play with her ample tits. I fondled them, kissed them, and sucked her nipples until they were hard.

"Damn," Carol said. "That is so good." She resumed sucking on her candy cane.

I slipped off her wet panties. I began to finger her. She was moaning audibly. "Oooohhh" I took off my undershirt.

I turned Carol around and I pushed her pussy open. She squealed with glee as my tongue entered her pussy. I worked it around until I found her G-spot. Carol giggled. She continued sucking my dick. I was definitely having a merry Christmas.

Now my cock began to jerk in Carol's mouth. She was shrieking with pleasure. She was quivering and shaking. "Oh yes! Oh, goddamn yes!" My cock let out its stream.

"OK," Carol said. "That was good. Time for the big present." She grabbed me by the hand. We almost ran into the bedroom. Carol had a Christmas quilt on her king-size bed. I smiled.

"Nice quilt," I said.

"Yeah," she said. She laid on the bed. I lay next to her. Carol climbed on top of me and kissed me aggressively. She wriggled and danced on top of me. My organ began to stiffen again. Carol smiled.

"Here goes," Carol said. She spread herself wide and came down on my stiff cock. It was a pretty easy entry. Her pussy was wet and warm.

Carol bounced up and down as I pushed my dick into her over and over. Her tits bounced; her hair flew. She had a huge grin. Over and over I thrust into her sweet pussy. She continued to bounce, wriggling and dancing. She knew what she was doing.

"God damn, you're good!" Carol exclaimed. Then she began quietly moaning.

I rolled Carol over so she was on her back. I continued to pound her with my hard cock, my balls slapping her cunt.

"Oh, YES! Oh, YES!" I pushed deep into Carol, getting as far inside as I could. She moved in sync with me, moaning softly. Her legs began to shake. I could feel her shivering ecstatically underneath me. She bent her legs. I kept pumping her as hard and fast and deep as I could.

"Oooohhhh," Carol sighed just as my hard cock began to jerk and spew dep inside her. "Oh, Jesus, YES!" She was quivering and shaking all over the large bed. My cock jerked.

Now I went limp. Carol was still catching her breath.

"Wow, you're good!" Carol said when she caught her breath. "We should have done this a long time ago."

"Yes, you're awfully good yourself," I said. "A great way to celebrate." She laughed.

"I guess we're on the naughty list," Carol said.

"Yeah, but isn't it nice?" I replied. Carol kissed me.

"Merry Christmas," she said.

"Merry Christmas to you," I said. Carol kissed me and pulled up the blankets and quilt as she closed her pretty eyes.

"Just what I wanted," she said. She put her head on my arm and dozed off. I quickly followed.

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