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It was Thanksgiving evening, and the Landon family had all rendezvoused at the family's expansive farmland house that included a quite contemporary wooden structure of an expansive polished house and a barn. Toby Landon never really fancied the irrelevant family tradition that required his dad to drive them almost fifty miles out of town every year for the same reason.

This year, however, was a bit different for the eighteen-year-old Toby. He had scored some pot before joining the family trip, and he had successfully lit his first joint at the barn while everyone was so preoccupied with whatever they chattered endlessly about. Dinner was over, and the time was past ten pm when Toby snuck out of the barn after his second session. His dad, sister, and aunt were still up, but his dad and mom were nowhere to be seen.

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Toby was about to sneak in through the backdoor when he bolted back as he noticed his grandma walk up to the door, peeking cautiously over her slightly hunched shoulders before stepping out. Her poor sight easily evaded a breathless Toby as he steadied against the wall, careful not to make a sound as he watched her saunter towards the barn he'd just stepped out of.

Granny's dirty barn

Toby heaved a sharp sigh of relief once she peeled the barn door open and snuck in but got inquisitive as to why his grandma made sure she was not followed out into the barn at night. He noticed a dim-lit bulb glow up in the shed, and his curiosity peaked. Also glancing over his shoulders, Toby slowly pranced back towards the shed, and when he was close, he peeled cautiously through the crack between the wooden doors and was utterly startled to a slacked jaw at what he beheld.

Grabbing tentatively onto a wooden pole stationed in a far corner of the barn, Toby's grandma had hiked her skirt up, and her wrinkled bare thighs and red ass undulated without rhythm while a power drill dildo of about nine inches pistoned in and out of red swollen cunt between her shriveled thighs.

"What the fuck….???"

A startled and gobsmacked Toby stared unblinkingly at his erstwhile conservative grandmother as she alternated between gripping onto the wooden pile for dear life and spreading her ass apart with one quivering palm for the insistent dildo to power drill it's way up her chunky red cunt. "So this is how she's been getting off since grandpa died?" Toby chortled softly to himself after completely registering that his grandma was an undercover slut with an insatiable fetish for big cocks. Toby squinted harder through the cracked opening and ogled at his softly moaning grandmother as her cunt took the thumping like a real champ.

Grandma playing with a dildo

His cock began to swell in a raging tent in his pants, and he found himself slowly rubbing his bulge as he watched his grandma manage to steady her shuddering legs firmly apart. "Shit, I've got to record this. The boys wouldn't believe me if o told them." Toby chortled to himself softly as he pulled out his cellphone and realized it was a futile attempt trying to record from his hiding spot. "Fuck it!" He exhaled as he slowly pushed the door open and walked in. Serendipitously, his grandma didn't seem to have heard the barn door creak open amidst the whirring of the thrusting power drill in her cunt and her occasional moans. Toby quickly pulled up his cellphone and began taking leisure strides towards his moaning grandmother as she held shakily onto the wooden pillar.

His cock was raging in his pants as he finally stood a mere five feet apart while still recording and zooming into her shriveled but swollen red cunt. "Such a boomer slut!" Toby gritted his teeth as he rubbed his bulge and kept recording. This time, however, granny clearly heard him and yipped haplessly once she craned her neck sideways to see her grandson smirking sardonically while holding up his cellphone.

"Oh…my ..goodness TobY…What're you doing? How long Have You been there, honey?" Grandma stuttered with ragged breaths as the power drill didn't mind the interruption and kept pumping her clearly seeping cunt in savage thumps. 

Real granny masturbating

"Long enough to know you're a cock hungry slut!" Toby mocked his grandma with a chuckle. "Apparently, thanksgiving turkey wasn't stuffed enough to your liking, huh?" He closed the gap between them, then spanked audaciously with a full palm on his grandma's wrinkled and shuddering red asscheeks, gripping the burning flesh for a few seconds, so it stung delectably to his grandma that she had to let out a throaty cry and whimper.

"Oh, TobY honey…Grandma has her needs, you know…owww…" grandma moaned like a slut with ragged breaths as the power drill tore through her burning cunt.

"Yeah…we both agree on that, I presume." Toby sneered as he pulled down his sweatpants and whipped out his thick nine-inch erect cock, whipping it through the wind, so his grandma's trembling eyes followed each swing of the thick meat. Toby noticed the need in his grandma's eyes as, despite her weak eyesight, she still could spot a mean cock. Moving swiftly to her face, he yanked her arms off the pole and placed it on his hip while pulling on her hair, so her parted lips sank down his cock, all the way to the hilt, where she gagged and wheezed while the whirring power drill kept pumping her. "Yes, you fucking degenerate slut!" A stoned and raging hard Toby pressed his grandma's throat onto his throbbing mass of cock for almost a sputtering teary-eyed two minutes before he pulled out slowly, then slammed back in.

Making her body hump while the dildo kept spearing her gushing cunt. A few thrusts later and Toby was also pistoning his thick girth, veiny cock, in and out of his grandma's warm wet throat. Streaks of tears ram down her face as she gagged red-faced on his meat whenever he rammed all the way to her tonsils, slapping his full dangling balls against her drooling lips. "Shit, grandma, if I knew you had a throat this tight and wet, I'd spend all the fucking holidays here with you." Toby still had his recording phone up, imagining how crazy his pack of deranged buddies would go when he would play them this video. He called his grandma as sorts of obscenities conceivable, from slut, hoe, flappy tits cunt, and even going as far as spitting down on her while pounding her willing throat.

Unbeknownst to him, his grandma absolutely loved every second of name-calling from her grandson as her frail body alternated in quick pumps between the power drill and her grandson's thick cock. Choking on his cock made her remember the first time she sucked his grandfather off at a phone booth at a fair. This made her willingly bob to meet Toby's swinging hips halfway as she wanted him to fill her throat. Maybe he'd taste exactly how his grandfather tasted. Her waist hurt, but she gripped tightly onto her six-foot-plus son, who played basketball at his school. "Ugh! Fuck grandma!" Toby let out a sharp snarl as a raging orgasm coursed through his balls at the speed of light.

His grandma bobbed faster on his raging throbbing cock that drilled her throat faster than the electric-powered drill, and within seconds, his throbbing cock erupted in rivulets of scathing thick semen, coating all over this moaning grandma as she tried her best to guzzle the burning spunk down her throat. For some reason, Toby tasted nothing like his grandfather, just a bit sweeter, and she realized she enjoyed imbibing his semen more.

She staggered downward and yelped as she pulled out of the drilling dildo and almost dropped on a pile of hay. Toby chortled as he held onto his limp shuddering and cum drooling lips grandma and snickered. "Happy thanksgiving Grandma." 

"Oh, thanks, Toby dear…" his weakened grandma heaved into his neck as she pulled herself upright against his towering frame after swallowing his seed down her throat. 

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