Playing with myself in front of the mirror

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A beautiful young girl stands in front of a mirror, alone in her room, her body draped in a sexy black night dress. She looks at her reflection and can't help but feel aroused by the sight. Her curves look inviting, her skin radiating with a soft, warm glow. She runs her hands over her body, feeling the fabric of the dress caress her skin as she does so. With each passing moment, she feels more and more aroused, and can't wait to explore what lies beneath the silky material.

The girl gently slides her hands over her firm breasts. As she does so, her nipples begin to harden in response to her touch. She can feel them growing more sensitive and aroused with every passing moment, and she can't help but enjoy the sensation.

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She continues to explore her body, her hands now trailing up from her breasts and onto her neck. She runs her fingers lightly over the soft skin, feeling it becomes more sensitive with every touch. Her breathing begins to deepen as she moves further up her body, her fingertips brushing against her wet lips. As they do so, a shiver of pleasure runs through her body and she can't help but moan in delight.

The girl slowly slides her hands back down her body. Her fingers reach the waistband of her panties and she takes a deep breath before slowly pulling them down her legs. As they drop to the floor, she can feel a rush of excitement course through her body.

She continues exploring her body with both hands, running them over her hips and down onto her thighs. Every touch is like an electric shock, sending a wave of pleasure through her body that causes her to moan silently and bite her lip. With each passing moment, she feels herself becoming more aroused and excited.

Her hands then move further down and start exploring between her legs. She can feel her wetness against her fingers as they circle around her clitoris, teasing it and sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.

The girl closes her eyes, imagining a man standing behind her watching every move she makes. She can feel his presence and the heat of his gaze on her body as if he is memorising every inch of her body. This thought only serves to increase her arousal and she starts playing with her wet pussy, exploring it with her fingers while fantasising that the man is looking at her. Her breathing becomes heavier as she circles around her clitoris, teasing it until she feels an intense wave of pleasure course through her body. She continues this for some time, letting out moans of pleasure as she does so.

Then she slides her fingers along the straps of her night dress, feeling the fabric brush against her skin. She slowly starts to move them down her shoulders, letting the dress fall off her body and onto the floor. She stands there, naked in front of the man.

She can feel the man's gaze on her as she stands there naked, his eyes taking in every inch of her body. His hard cock twitches in response to the sight of her sexy figure and she can't help but smile at the thought of him wanting her so badly.

The young girl continues to explore herself with her hands, caressing her breasts and running them over her stomach and hips. She imagines the man watching her every move, getting more aroused by the second. Her breathing deepens as she moves further down and starts playing again with herself between her legs.

Her fingers circle around her clitoris as she moans softly, imagining the man getting closer and closer to her as he watches. She can almost feel his presence behind her, his hardness pressing against her back as he reaches out and strokes himself in time with her movements. She can almost hear him moaning as he watches her, his breath getting faster and faster. She loves the feeling of making a man hard, making him want her. She wants to feel his hardness inside her, but she knows that she will have to wait another day.

She lets out a moan of delight as she collapses onto the bed, still imagining the man in the room behind her watching every move she makes.

As she lies on her back on the bed, she starts pushing two fingers slowly into her wet pussy as she moans in pleasure. She uses her other hand to massage her breasts, pinching her nipples and feeling waves of pleasure course through her body. She imagines the man watching her, his eyes full of lust as he watches his wife masturbate. She imagines him reaching out to touch her, running his hands over her body and caressing her breasts. She moans softly as she thinks about the man taking off his clothes, revealing a large erection he is eager to use on her.

She can feel the heat of the man's gaze on her body as he watches her every move, his hard cock throbbing with desire.

She imagines him taking out his hard penis and stroking it in time with her movements, his eyes never leaving her body. His breathing quickens as he watches her finger fuck her wet pussy, and she can almost feel him getting closer and closer to her with each passing second.

The girl increases the intensity of her movements, grunting and panting with pleasure. She can hear the man's moans of delight as he continues to stroke himself, his hardness twitching at the sight of her exploring herself so erotically. They are masturbating together, but they are not in the same room.

She feels an intense wave of pleasure course through her body, and a loud moan escapes from her lips as she reaches orgasm. The man is still there in the corner, continuing to masturbate while watching every movement she makes until finally he too reaches climax and releases a deep sigh of satisfaction.

Her body still trembling from the intense pleasure she just experienced, She imagines him coming on her, his cum spraying all over her body and dripping down her curves. Her skin tingles at the thought of being covered in his sperm and she can almost smell its musky scent in the air. She loves being owned by a man, and she knows that he would be the perfect man to own her. She wants to be his, and be covered in his cum.

She imagines him running his hands all over her body, exploring every inch of her as he covers her whole body with his essence. His hands are firm yet gentle as he caresses her, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her veins. The feeling is so intense that it takes her breath away as she savours every second of it. She can feel his warm breath on her neck as he penetrates her, sending her into a state of bliss. She feels a second orgasm building up inside her, but she doesn't want to cum yet. She wants to enjoy this moment for as long as possible before it ends.

She slowly turns around, her body trembling as she moves into position. She kneels on the bed, her back facing him, and imagines him taking her from behind. His hands move over her curves, caressing and exploring her body as his hardness presses against her ass.

He slides his hard cock inside of her wet pussy, pushing deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her hips rock in time with his movements as they both moan in pleasure. She can feel every inch of him filling her up as he continues to thrust harder and faster.

The girl reaches down and begins to stroke herself again as he takes her from behind. Her other hand grips the sheets tightly as she increases the intensity of her masturbation, sending waves of pleasure through her body. The combination of his imagined thrusts combined with her own self-pleasuring sends her over the edge and she screams out in bliss.

She can feel the orgasm radiating through every inch of her body, starting from her core and radiating outward. Her entire body trembles with pleasure as she is filled with an intense wave of sensations that course through her veins. She can feel her muscles tensing up in response to the pleasure and her breath quickens as the intensity builds. As she reaches the peak, a deep moan escaped her lips as she experiences a feeling of pure bliss that seems to last forever. Finally, when it subsides, she collapses onto the bed, exhausted but satisfied.

She imagines his arms wrapping around her tightly, his strong body pressed against hers as they embrace. His warmth radiates through her skin, calming her soul and making her feel safe and loved. She can feel the beat of his heart against her chest and the gentle rise and fall of his breath on her neck as he holds her close.

She finally closes her eyes and allows herself to drift off into a deep sleep, still savouring the sensation of the intense orgasm and the man's cum coating her body. She can feel his presence even in her dreams, and she smiles contentedly knowing that they will be together again soon.

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