Caught wanking: An wwkward interruption

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Oh! I'm so sorry!" Laura turned away, pulling the door closed.

"Wait," I called out, "it's okay. I'd...I'd like for you to stay. If you, you know, wanted to."

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Laura's face flushed an even deeper crimson. We have been living together for quite a while now and she'd seen me nude countless times though, but as I lay naked and erect on the bed, she still had trouble meeting my eyes.

"No, no, I didn't mean to interrupt your...privacy. I should go." Again she moved to leave the room.

"Laura, please." I covered myself with a blanket. 

Laura looked apprehensive as I sat back against the headboard. Pulling back the covers, she now had an unobstructed view of my semi erect cock. She watched nervously as I started to stroke. It didn't take long before I was fully hard again.

The tension slowly eased from Laura's face, replaced by curiosity. The hand that had been resting on my stomach moved down along my hip. Gently, Laura tickled my scrotum.

The convulsive gasp that escaped me encouraged her to continue, my fist moving faster over my shaft as her gentle touch sent shivers through me.

"Oh, that's nice," I sighed, "just like that, yes. I'm close, hun, so close."

Laura watched intently as my twitching increased, and my breaths became gasps of increasing volume.

Back arched, I cried out as my cock swelled to its fullest before releasing its load. Laura jumped, startled, as the first stream erupted, splattering across my chest.

My face contorted in pleasure, I continued to milk my pulsing shaft of every drop, globs running down my fist. My body trembled uncontrollably until finally I could take no more. I let go of my still throbbing cock with an exhausted sigh.

Laura was looking at me with a mix of surprise and amusement. "Feel better?"

"Oh, yes," I groaned, my body still twitching with the aftershocks of my powerful orgasm.

"Wait here, I'll bring you a washcloth."

And that's how she had caught me masturbating but it didn't stop there. Later that night we were lying in the bed when Laura tossed and turned several times, struggling to get comfortable. Her hand landed on my shoulder.



"Well," I ventured cautiously, "we don't have to have sex if you're not feeling up to it. But, if you wanted to, we could it together?"

"Do what together?"

"You know...masturbate."

I threw back the covers, exposing the tent that had formed in my loose fitting sleep shorts.

Laura gasped. "You're...hard, already? Leo, I'm a mess!"

Laura removed her top to reveal the simple, lacy bra that barely contained her full rounded breasts. Her dark nipples were indeed erect, poking through the soft material. After a moment's hesitation, she reached around and unhooked the strap. Her breasts fell free with a soft bounce that made me sigh.

Laura moved beside me. My arm slipped naturally around her as she snuggled close, her breasts warm and soft against my chest.

It was very much the same position we'd been in all those years ago; Laura topless beside me in the backseat, except now I was the one stroking my cock, not her.

The memories came flooding back to me; the scent of her hair and perfume, the taste of tequila on her lips, the rise and fall of her breasts as her breathing quickened with her efforts to make me cum.

When Laura was truly aroused, she produced a cream that was thick and intoxicating. The scent of her arousal would always quicken my pulse and raise my lust to new heights. In fact, I was dripping pre-cum just thinking about it.

Laura slowly slid her panties down. Her curly black bush came first, followed by the dark flesh of her clitoral hood, poking up from her cleft, a sure sign she was truly aroused, because normally it was invisible beneath her plump vulva.

Then her panties were off, and she was lifting them to my face. "See? I wasn't lying."

Her scent hit me so hard my body convulsed with pleasure. It was as strong as ever. The gusset was covered with her thick white cream. I ached to taste it.

Laura read my mind. "Go ahead, I know how much you love it."

Laura had always felt self conscious about how wet she'd get, especially during oral. It had taken many years for me to convince her how much I truly loved her smell and taste, and that I didn't find eating her pussy gross.

I reminded her yet again by licking the glob of cream from the gusset hungrily. My hand was now moving along my freed cock at a steady pace as I savoured her essence.

To my delight, Laura's hand moved between her legs as well. Our eyes met and, while there was still some embarrassment in hers, I saw no true shame.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she grinned. "I also can't believe we haven't done it sooner."

Her fingers parted her labia, allowing me to admire the contrast of their sweet pink tone with the darker flesh of her surrounding vulva.

A sigh escaped her lips as she brushed over her clit. "Oh, Leo, this feels so nice."

My cock throbbed at the passion in her voice. It had been too long since I'd heard her sound so aroused. Now that she'd let go of her inhibitions, and understood there was no pressure on her to have to do anything more than simply enjoy herself, to meet her own needs while I met mine, Laura began to masturbate in earnest.

I watched with glee as her fingers flew over her thick, swollen clit, alternating between circular and side to side motions, pausing only long enough to scoop up a dollop of her gooey cream on her fingers for lubrication.

Her face flushed, glistening with a light sheen of sweat, Laura met my awestruck gaze. "Are you enjoying this? Watching me rub myself?"

"Oh yes, Laura," I moaned.

"I see now why you enjoyed me watching you," she panted, "there's something so sexy about you watching me; the look in your eyes as you stroke your cock, staring at my pussy while I rub myself. You look so hungry for it."

"Oh God, you know I'd love to feast on you, babe."

"Maybe later," she winked. "Right now I just wanna...oh, oh God, I'm close, I think I'm...."

Her words ceased as her teeth clenched, her breasts bouncing rhythmically as her body began to tremble. Her hips thrust upwards, and soon she was crying out in pleasure, mouth agape and eyes fluttering madly as her orgasm ripped through her. "Oh, fffuck, Leo...!"

When she finally came out of her orgasmic haze, she gave me a shy but happy smile. "Wow. I haven't cum that hard in a long time!"

"Laura's eyes went wide. "Maybe. But right now, I really just want to watch you finally take care of that."

I needed no further encouragement. I stroked myself steadily, my hand twisting along my shaft with a firm grip. My body trembled from the sensations coursing through me.

Laura's fingers found her sticky cleft again as she watched. "That's it," she cooed, "stroke it for me. Just watching you is making me wet again."

The juicy, slippery sounds she made as she frigged her engorged clit punctuated her words. Lifting her hand, it came up dripping like honey. With a wicked grin, Laura reached over and slathered her goo on my shaft, lubricating it.

The scent of her filled my nose, strong and musky, and my pace increased as Laura returned to touching herself.

Together we gasped and groaned, our bed rocking as we shook in ecstasy, our climaxes building inside us, on the brink of explosion.

L,Leo," she stammered, "cum on me! Anywhere you want! I wanna feel it on my skin! I'm so close, babe, so..."

Her words cut off as her face and chest flushed a brilliant crimson through her olive skin. In a flash I was over her, between her legs, looking down at her beautiful nude body, legs spread before me, her womanly treasure red and swollen and dripping with her desire.

My cock swelled at the sight. " comes...I'm gonna..."

My cum shot out in a long, thick rope, leaving a strand that ran from her chest to navel. Laura jumped as it splattered on her, yet her eyes never left me, watching as the rest of my load erupted in repeated volleys, coating her thighs, hips, and hot, wet cunt in spunk.

"Oh, fuck, Leo, it's so warm," she cried, rubbing it into her as she flailed away at her clit. "It...feels so...oh, god!"

Her eyes finally broke contact as they rolled back in her head, her words now cries that filled the room as she came.

I continued to milk my still throbbing cock while I watched her orgasm, no longer able to distinguish my cum from her own creamy drippings.

With a final buck of her hips and a final extended wail, her body went limp as her climax slowly ebbed.

Leaning over her, I kissed her tenderly. Her eyes opened, locking with mine, and gave me her beautiful smile.

We lay together, hot and sticky, kissing and cuddling for several minutes.

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