Mastrubation before final exam

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Ellie didn’t know what was wrong with her these days. She feels horny all the time. Even after watching porn she is never fully satisfied. And because of the exam season she could not relieve herself and knew she needed to blow off some steam but she wasn’t sure if having a one night stand was what she wanted at the moment. She sighs and walks towards her dorm.

After giving her last exam, she knew she was finally free, she looked around to find a guy but she could not. Fuck her luck, she can’t find a man of his type. Seems like she would be doing it alone.

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She increased her pace and walked straight to her room. Luckily, her roommates weren’t there. She lets out a breath of relief and starts stripping off her coat, throwing it off  near the bed. She starts touching herself still clothed. But she was still a little scared of someone walking in on her.

Her mind was hazy and she was getting hot. Her pussy aching to be touched. She knew she couldn't restrain herself now. She looks at the mirror and stares at herself. Her nipples perked up and could be seen from the shirt, standing erect. She bites her lips, bringing her fingers to twist the clothed nipples. A man leaves her mouth. 

A sudden rustling sound startles her as she immediately stops her movement and looks around scared. But it was coming from outside, she let out a breath of relief. For a moment she thought someone must have come in. Still feeling a little paranoid she walks out.

She had to. She just had to check one more time. Fingers gripping the curtain and carefully pulling it back, Ellie peeked out the window, emerald green eyes darting to the driveway and then the road before she was just as quickly letting go of the curtain to let it fall back into place again. Having seen nothing, she gave a small sigh of relief and stepped back into her room, turning to make her way toward her bed. She had been running late from work and knew she only had about an hour and a half until the first of her roommates got home. So, she didn't want to waste any time. She had been waiting for an opportunity to get some time to herself, for the house to be empty. But, with three others living there, besides herself, it always seemed as if someone was home.

Ellie's fingers went to work quickly as she neared the edge of her bed and turned to sit down on it, digits quickly undoing the button of her jeans, along with the zipper, and soon thumbs to follow, tucking into the waistband and she began to pull them off, slipping them off of each leg, before they ended up in a pile on the floor beneath her socked feet. This just left her in a black t-shirt and blue bikini-style panties. She couldn't wait any longer and as soon as those pants hit the floor, her right hand moved in, sliding along her thigh and further in, eagerly finding what it sought, but not daring to go beneath her panties just yet, but over.

As her fingers slid over her panties, pressing against her clit lightly, and then her slit, fingers, and fabric pressing into her as her hand moved lower, Ellie let out a soft gasp and instinctively spread her legs a little wider, giving her hand more room to rub and rub she did. She kept the same pace, light and slow, but slowly changed the movement of her hand. Starting at her clit, rubbing in small circles, just once or twice, before moving her hand lower to gently rub her slit, before her hand would slide back up to her clit again. It wasn't long before Ellie was lost in it, her eyes closed, her long blonde locks partially draped over her shoulder, and the rest down her back as she tipped her head back slightly. Soft little gasps and moans came from her soft pink parted lips. It also wasn't long before her arousal, if not already apparent, became even more noticeable by the wet spot that started to grow on her panties as her fingers rubbed her slit.

With a shuddered breath, though not stopping her rubbing, Ellie laid back on the bed, her legs being pulled up and bent at the knees, spread to either side, as she got more comfortable. As she was settled, laying there, her chest heaving lightly, her cheeks flush, her body aching for more, her left hand joined in and pulled her damp panties to the side, exposing her pussy. Shaved, pink, and glistening with her juices. Not keeping with the same movement now, Ellie's slender fingers focused on her clit, pulling a moan from her as she found the swollen little nub, and rubbed it gently in circles, though a little faster than she had been previously rubbing herself.

Feeling her orgasm slowly building with each pass of her fingers, she dipped them lower, her fingers slipping between her lower lips, not entering her, but she was just picking up some of her juices to pull them up back up to her clit as her fingers moved back up to rub it again. Giving a moan, Ellie's hips rocked to meet her fingers as they twirled around her clit faster this time, the added lubrication of her own juices sending the already great feeling even higher, pushing her ever closer to her quickly approaching orgasm.

Dipping her fingers lower again, giving her clit a small break to tease her slit, she couldn't help herself this time, her arousal pushing her on to chase her orgasm, and she was soon slipping two fingers, her middle and ring finger, into her tight hole. That action, the feeling of having her pussy filled, almost pushed her over the edge to orgasm. A louder moan came from the young woman as her body shuddered, her hips rocking hard against her hand and holding it there, keeping her fingers as deep within her as she could get them. After that second of catching her breath, that sudden shock of arousal taking her off guard, she picked back up again, slowly rocking her hips against her hand as she started to move, fucking herself with her fingers.

Much like with rubbing her clit, the slow speed of her thrusting fingers and rocking hips didn't last long and was soon to pick up, almost as if she was desperate for release. It had been a while, after all, but she wasn't normally like this, didn't normally feel this desperate for it. But, this time, she wanted it and needed it, and her needy movements reflected that as her speed picked up and her fingers thrust in and out of her, moving with ease with her wetness, and her hips moving to keep up with her fingers. As her release built, her breathing became heavier, and her eyes were closed tight, as the whole of her body and mind focused on the orgasm approaching. Focused on the movement of her fingers, the shocks of pleasure that filled her body every time her fingers plunged into her pussy.

"Oh!" The soft, gasped, exclamation suddenly left her lips as that building pleasure suddenly exploded, causing that word to be followed by a loud moan as her body arched. The rocking of her hips and the thrusting of her fingers came to a standstill as the pleasure rolled through her, her pussy clamping tightly around her fingers in strong orgasm contractions. As the stronger waves started to slow, Ellie started to slowly move her hips against her hand again, reigniting those little sparks of pleasure, and causing soft moans to leave her lips again. After teasing herself a little more, she slowly pulled her fingers out, sliding her wet fingers up her equally as wet slit, and then pulled them away. Her left hand moved in, pulling her panties back over as she was still trying to catch her breath.

As she lay there, still in a light stupor from her orgasm, there was the sound of a car door, one she wasn't sure if it was just in the distance or outside. Now with release pushed to the back of her mind, at least for now, Ellie was scrambling up for her pants to put them back on. She was in a rush to make sure that she was presentable, just in case it just so happened to be one of her roommates. Though, she would definitely be looking forward to the next time she got some alone time.

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