New Roommate Part 1

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I had been looking for a new place for some time now, but unfortunately met with roadblocks at every viewing…

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Either finding out the price was higher than advertised, or even that they just didn’t feel like accepting me! I was at the end of my rope, desperate for a place to stay, but prices in the area were just too high to find somewhere decent. I had to resort to rooming with someone with a spare bedroom and a mind to make some extra cash.

I could only find one person that didn’t seem like a total creep, and had finally arrived to view the place. Making my way upstairs, the building was incredibly well-maintained, even in a nice area! After knocking on the door, I was half-expecting a brooding woman to answer, things being too good already. Instead, an attractive, stoic-looking woman answered the door, a faint smile on her face.

“Hello! Come on in, I’ll show you around~!”

It was a nice offer that I couldn’t rightly refuse, and let her take the lead as we headed into the apartment together. Whilst we walked through, she couldn’t help from going ahead slightly, taking the opportunity to show me around properly. With her attention taken away, I took the chance to glance over her body.

It was involuntary at first, but I couldn’t tear my gaze away once I started looking. The woman’s tight and professional outfit emphasized her body, clearly taking care of herself. I admired the curve of her waist that led to her plump butt, just big enough to jiggle with each poised step she took. Glancing higher, I savored the sight of her chest straining in her outfit, threatening to burst free of their restraints with each bounce, yet staying firmly in place. Finally, I admired her flowing blonde hair, like golden silk draped across her shoulders.

Suddenly, she turned to speak with me, but I didn't notice her turning around, leaving her with a brief glimpse of me raising my eyes, hoping I wasn’t caught. A small smile grows across her face, making me slightly nervous as she speaks.

“My name’s Gloria by the way.”

I had hoped she hadn’t noticed how intently I was focusing on her body, shaking my head slightly to recover my thoughts. I replied, realizing how awkward it is to invite a stranger inside of their home without even knowing their name! Though I was more focused on the kind of effect she was having on me, forcing me to clear my thoughts to avoid having my face flush red as I stared at her. With it in a more manageable state, I still try to hide my arousal, but it’s a struggle.

“I’m Maria! And thanks for taking care of me and showing me around, it means a lot~!”

With our awkward, and somewhat late introductions out of the way, I turned back to walk further into her home, occasionally having my direction adjusted by Gloria. I watch as Gloria seductively leads me around the apartment, wiggling her hips enticingly with each step, and making exaggerated motions to emphasize her curves to my greedy glances.

The apartment looks great, and I had already decided to take up the offer. The tour soon ended, but from there, things quickly transitioned from an idle tour, to exchanging stories among friends. Gloria somehow loosen up and talks casually to me, and I struggle to keep up with her sudden shift in personality, trying desperately to ignore the constant urge to glance at her body, but failing often enough to be noticeable.

For Gloria, it must be easy to brush off. She must know that she's an attractive person, as well as how badly I likely want her right now. Enough people must have taken greedy stares at her before to get used to it, but this must have been something else. I was in her own home!

Whilst lost in these moments, an idle smile crept across her face, eliciting a shiver of arousal across my body at being looked at like this in private, still trying to hold a conversation under the circumstances. The conversation made me even more conflicted, feeling incredibly relaxed whilst my mind was racing to keep up with what was going on. It was like I was staring at her like an object, no, like something to admire. I felt it then, the realization that it wasn’t a rude gesture and I certainly wasn’t the awkward type, I was blatantly staring at her, eyefucking her with each passing second.

I struggled with the conclusion, finding it hard to imagine that I’d come into her home like this just to stare at her during a conversation. Somehow whilst lost in these fantasies, she held a decent rapport with me, even replying to me as I tore across her clothes with my eyes.

She wasn’t certain of what I was doing, but it definitely felt like it, that sting against her skin that she’s likely felt many times before. Yet somehow it was captivating, seeing her gaze and still thinking of her this way. I couldn’t stop myself from returning the favor, locking eyes as I tried to sink into my fantasy, joining her for a moment in an idle smile.

“So, would you like to stay~?”

I snapped out of my fantasy, startled by her incredibly-forward offer. My lips parted to speak, but I couldn’t find the words to fill the gap, still left bemused by her offer.

“The apartment, would you like to stay here?”

Gloria clarified herself, leaving me feeling somewhat stupid over what I was obsessing about. Without hesitation, I agreed, also desperate to escape the awkward situation, but eager to finally plant myself down in a secure place to stay!

Though things quickly devolved into something else…

Over the next few days of me moving in, Gloria picked over every little detail of how I presented myself around the home, as well as the things I did.

Don’t leave marks as you’re moving furniture!

Make sure you’re dressed properly in my home!

No noise past 8PM!

Wash any dishes you use!

Whilst somewhat reasonable at first, things began sinking further into absurdity.

“Why are you wearing headphones?!”

Looking up, I pull one of them out when she speaks with me.

“What if I needed you for something?! No headphones in the house!”

It was beginning to get to me, not just because of the rules, but her tone… the way she spoke down to me… her luscious lips… I was starting to like it. Whenever I found myself in intimate moments, thoughts of Gloria talking down to me, punishing me for breaking her rules, they all came flooding into my fantasies!

Even at work, I couldn’t stop from thinking of her during idle moments. Whilst secluded away in my cubicle, I felt the distant urge calling from between my legs, grinding my thighs together as I lost myself in thought…

I sunk into a fantasy of stepping into Gloria’s bedroom, the two of us practically tearing our clothes off like wild beasts. Her hot breath against my skin, her delicate hands running up my thigh as she clasps her fingers around the hem of my panties, gripping tightly before ripping them from my body. That sound of the fabric tearing would signal the start of our intense evening together, leading to her taking me like I had been picturing over the last few days.

It was an incredibly liberating feeling, finally letting myself think like this. I was lost in how her grasp would feel possessive, as if she’d never let me go if she had a choice in it. For as long as she wanted me, I’d be happy to stay there in her home, used by her.

I kept trying to shake the mindset away, knowing it betrayed my usual demeanor, but something about her attitude just clawed at my mind to submit. Though in Gloria’s mind, I was likely nothing more than a nuisance, which somehow made that ache even stronger!

The thoughts were becoming too much, and I was desperate to put them aside. That evening, I read on how it can help put thoughts like this away if you were to indulge in them, rather than let them stew. So whilst Gloria was out, I double-checked the apartment before sneaking into her room, instantly hit with the scent of Gloria as I stepped inside.

I already knew what I was going to do, but my body stepped forward, looking for a reason to succumb to my desires. It only took a few moments for it to become obvious, spying Gloria’s hamper in the corner of the room, I hesitantly lift off the top and see a pair of her panties laying on top of the pile. There’s a brief moment of pause, before I couldn’t hold myself back.

I grabbed her panties and slowly brought them to my face, breathing deeply as her scent filled my mind, creating a clouded haze that instantly had me trembling. Though before I was able to drift my hands between my legs, I heard the distinct click of the front-door closing. In a mad dash, I made my way out, slowly closing her door behind me before running into my room, quickly shutting the door. Almost immediately, I heard Gloria’s footsteps outside, watching as she stepped into my room.

“Why are you slamming doors in my house?! It’s already late, no more noise!”

She seemed angrier than usual, making her way inside with one of her fists balled-up.

“How would you like it if I annoyed you for once, hm?”

Pinning me down with one of her hands, Gloria leans over me, revealing a feather in her fist, bringing it to my nose with a smile on her face. Trying to shy away, she keeps me in place, watching my discomfort as she tickles my nose, holding me there as I squirm and whimper to myself from the ticklish sensation.

It soon becomes unbearable, my body thrashing beneath her as she cackles to herself, taking an immense enjoyment at my suffering, but soon composing herself.

“Think about that before you fuck around in my house again~”

She’s clearly enjoying herself, I had never seen her smile so sincerely as when she was watching me suffer.

Before I even had a chance to speak, she slammed it shut, leaving me there with the fresh ache of being spoken down to by her, toyed and teased as if she owned me. There was no stopping myself, as soon as I heard her walk away, my legs were spread, fingers teasing my wet pussy as I pulled her panties out from behind my back. It felt incredible, as if every pent-up moment was being let loose, finally able to succumb to my desires!

I was grateful that my moans were muffled by her panties, or else she would definitely be able to hear me. I imagined what she would do, how Gloria would talk down to me if she found me like this, and before I even managed to finish my thought, I felt my body tensing up on the bed, squealing to myself as ecstasy washed over my mind. For the next few moments, I just layed there, gasping for breath before smiling faintly, drifting off in exhaustion…

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