A squirting story: Dripping arousal

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It had been an interesting set of developments since the adventurous little evening the three of them shared together. They had now all decided to host themselves at Marie’s apartment, falling into many more evenings together as the weeks went by. One particular evening had Scott seeing the girls be a bit catty toward one another, a sly comment here and there, and he decided to capitalize on this for a little show.

“Why don’t you two have a contest to settle this?”

Whatever had been riling them up was quickly forgotten, as the girls lock eyes, they realize the other isn’t going to back down, and turn to Scott for the terms.

“Thirty minutes. See who can make the other person cum the most, I’ll keep count!”

Their faces instantly twist from enthusiasm, to sadistic glee. It was likely that both of them were imagining the other quivering on the floor, begging for mercy. They turned to each other and shook hands without even hearing the forfeit.

“The loser has to submit to the winner’s commands and obey without hesitation.”

Marie recoils slightly at the grand reveal, looking somewhat hesitant now the stakes were placed, whilst Lisa’s grin only grew more evil at the sound of it.

Squirting all over the place

The girls stripped down completely once they had prepared themselves, Lisa not dropping her cute, yet evil grin whilst Marie had a distinct look of hesitation on her face. Nevertheless, Scott counted them in, and at the final word, they pounced on one another. He couldn’t help but admire their bodies writhing against each other, their breasts squishing between them as they wrestled for dominance over the other.

The battle Seemed even at first, until the lustful look in Lisa’s eyes grew stronger, and it was clear how worked up she was getting from having not only her own hands roughly teasing Marie, but having the same done to her. In a sudden moment that will likely decide the rest of the evening, Lisa manages to get her hand between Marie’s legs, and begins rapidly working her fingers inside of her pussy. The look in Marie’s eyes as she quickly succumbs to the whim of her opponent was delicious to watch, from proud to start, hesitant as things went on, and now overwhelmed with sudden stimulation. Her eyes lose focus for a moment as she’s quickly forced to cum on Lisa’s fingers, just strongly enough that her legs give way to her quaking body.

“Awww… did you cum for me already?

Her taunting words as Marie shamefully came into her hand was enough to make her tear up slightly, hoping this would have gone a different way, but instead she couldn't help herself from falling to the ground in a wet mess of defeat.

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Masturbation and squirting

Now on the floor, Lisa looks down at her opponent with a look of pity, before kneeling in front of her, grabbing her waist, and lifting her legs up over her shoulders. Lisa now had Marie’s thighs wrapped around her face, her tongue delving deep into her still-twitching pussy, eliciting excited moans from her lips. Lisa’s hands greedily groped at her ass, teasing her even as her own tongue forced Marie to another crashing wave of pleasure, causing her to writhe in Lisa’s grip, desperate to escape from what is beginning to look like thirty continuous minutes of cumming at her mercy.

It was beginning to look like that just might be the case, as her writhings were given no chance to cease, instead urged on even more as Lisa began moaning between her legs, vibrating her tongue inside poor Marie’s pussy as she still fruitlessly attempted to break free. Lisa’s own muffling was a sign of her arousal she was getting from this situation as well, and Scott was able to simply sit back on the bed and enjoy the show between the two women. By this point he barely had to even worry about keeping count, after the weeks they had spent together, he was absolutely sure that Marie would have lost from the start, she’s just way too easy to turn into a dripping, wet mess.

The timer ticks on as Scott watches Lisa ruthlessly force countless orgasms, though this wasn’t exactly kind, this was bordering on cruel humiliation. To be broken not only so quickly, but so easily must have damaged her ego somewhat, and with the constant wailing from her lips, perhaps a bit of her mind too…

Either from her thrashing, finally gaining some ground, or Lisa simply wanting to change things up, Marie finally slips from her grasp, her ass dropping onto the floor. The cruel irony is that even though she manages to break free, there’s little she can do but spasm on the floor helplessly as Lisa recovers, ready to punish her for resisting.

“Well, looks like there’s a little fight in you yet, huh?”

After mocking her little attempt, Lisa crawls around to the other end of Marie.

“Too bad it’s not enough~ Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you when you’re a drooling mess~”

With that, she drops her hips on Marie’s face, smothering her with her butt, savoring the feeling of her squeals being muffled by her cheeks as she gently rides her face.

“You be a good girl down there, okay?”

Having pinned her down, Lisa grabs at her waist again, this time pulling her up to her own face, lifting her legs into the air as she buries her face in Marie’s poor, quivering cunt once again. It’s not even fair at this point, Scott can hear Marie’s desperate cries for mercy from Lisa’s cheeks, but is only responded to with Lisa riding her face with little care to what she wants.

Scott can only watch on with a tinge of pity, as Marie is entirely dominated by Lisa, her body quaking without rest. After a few moments, her shrieks begin to grow more desperate, and Scott finds out why, as she’s apparently forced into so much pleasure that she can no longer hold her body back from responding. As another orgasm wracks across her body, Marie’s pussy gives way and begins squirting against Lisa’s lips. Her body frantically writhes beneath her, muffled moans and screams of intense ecstasy from beneath Lisa as she’s locked her toy in a sudden cycle of squirting in her arms.

It’s almost pitiful for Scott to watch, Marie isn’t usually subjected to this much in one go, usually given a break when she squirts unexpectedly, but Lisa isn’t stopping, forcing her poor pussy to quiver and squirt again and again. He glances at the timer and sees the torture has almost come to a finish, and is somewhat relieved, as he’s not sure if Marie will be able to do much more for the day if this continues, she’ll likely be a broken mess if Lisa continues.

As things began to die down, and the timer Scott had set was finally starting to reach it’s finish, Lisa was also starting to feel exhausted at her little torture session, and her grip loosened. The half-broken mess that had become of Marie finally slumped to the ground, trembling without pause from the sheer amount of pleasure forced into her. There was no use even talking to her about what happened, as she babbles nonsensically on the floor, a sight Scott has seen a few times over the weeks. This is usually the end to any intense session between the three of them, Marie ends up splayed out across the sheets, quivering from the duo’s unrelenting assault of stimulation that sends her crashing into wave upon wave of intense orgasms.

Now having caught her breath, Lisa stands tall above her new toy, her own legs quivering slightly from her fun, and she grabs a fistful of her hair to pull the mess of Marie to her knees, bending at the waist, giving Scott a good view as she talks down to her.

“Well, looks like you’ll be having a lot of fun working underneath me from now on~”

Even in her well-fucked state, it’s easy to see her sense of both fear, and excitement at the prospect. The look is well-received by Lisa, who smiles idly with a sadistic look on her face.

“You’d better get used to squealing like a bitch, because that’s what you are to me now!”

With a mocking, yet gentle slap on the cheek, she solidifies her place, giving Scott a sly wink before practically dragging the broken mess toward the bed, clearly not finished with her yet. In Marie’s eyes, just for a moment before she’s tossed onto the sheets, Scott sees a glowing look of anticipation, and excitement at the rough handling. Whether from the overstimulation melting her brain, or the deep inner-desire to be treated this way by her, it doesn’t matter. Either way, Lisa’s going to have a lot of fun with her new toy~

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