Pent-up masturbation (part 2)

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It was a much needed break for Izzy, having worked herself ragged at work, she definitely deserved this kind of relaxation. To make it even better, she had her family accompanying her, giving way to a myriad of activities they could delve into!

Unfortunately, that enthusiasm doesn’t last long into the holiday, soon having found herself becoming quite bored with spending her time with them, wanting to get away for some time by herself for a while. Soon, she finds that familiar urge building in her chest, like a rising heat as her mind begins to cloud over in a sea of lecherous thoughts. Thinking she had gotten this out of her system, she suddenly panics, not wanting to slip as far down into her own depraved pit as last time, but still needing to sate this lust.

As she staggers around the island’s town, she spots an unmarked store with a few pieces of lingerie in the window. This was obviously a sex-orientated store, and through her lustful thoughts, couldn’t reisst heading inside.

“Hey! Are you looking for anything specific?”

The clerk inside was friendly from the get-go, a bubbly young woman with an exotic face, her gaze naturally bringing sex to the mind, if Izzy wasn’t already knee-deep in her own arousal.

“That’s okay! I’m just browsing at the moment.”

Her voice trembled as she spoke, the clerk not fooling for how desperate she was for release, realizing just how badly she needed this stuff. After watching Izzy for a while, peering across a few pieces, she began to get the idea, noticing the rising and falling of her chest, she decided to make matters worse for her.

Whilst peering over a few of the toys, she spies a vibrator that sits on her crotch, a hands-free toy that she can lay back and enjoy the throes of passion with. As she’s lost in thought, the clerk comes up behind her, grabbing the toy, beginning to go into painfully in-depth detail about how it works.

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The clerk doesn’t help her situation at all, poking teasing remarks at Izzy as she browses the array of sex toys, trying to act as innocently as she can whilst in this kind of store. The clerk is enjoying every moment, she often gets shy clientele, but none quite this bashful about buying a toy.

“Do you like being stretched? This one might suit you.”

The vivid way she continues describing each piece, following her around and making teasing, yet still quite helpful pieces of advice. It only makes it worse when she decides to take her up on some of the offers, admitting to not only herself, but also that her suggestions were right. Izzy shivered beneath her gaze and sly smirk, almost savoring the feeling of having her lustful intentions so easily laid bare before her.

“Is that everything you’d like?”

It was clear what she was trying to suggest, Izzy holding a myriad of toys in her arms, placing them on the counter as the clerk tossed her a suggestion.

“You know, since it’s such a big purchase, would you like to use one of our rooms?”

The implication was enticing enough, but she was held back by her own hesitations about letting the clerk know exactly what’s going on behind closed doors.

“Oh come on now. I see hundreds of people go back there and have a little fun, come on, let’s go!”

Izzy is practically dragged into one of the back rooms, rather spacious and with a large TV mounted on the wall, an odd looking chair in front of it.

“This room would be perfect for you~”

She can hear the tinge of excitement in the clerk’s voice as she describes what this room’s feature is. Apparently it comes with a charge, but Izzy will be given privacy for roughly an hour, left alone with the chair and all of her toys, as well as a guiding video to encourage her to orgasm.

“The woman in the video is amazing, she’ll have you trembling in minutes~!”

The clerk continues, flashing a teasing smile at Izzy.

“But… since you seem so hesitant, why not experiment a little… restraint?

She reaches down and unclasps the arms of the chair, revealing that Izzy could be securely held in place by her limbs, held there as her toys ravage her holes.

“So, what do you say?”

Izzy isn’t quite sure what drove her to agree, whether the constant teasing during her browsing had gotten to her, or if her little spat of experimentation before her holiday had gained her a bit of confidence. Either way, she soon found herself alone in the room, sliding her panties to one side and flinching as she pushed her toy inside of herself before sitting back in the chair, allowing the restraints to clasp around her limbs.

As she’s firmly held in place, a timer appears below the television, it flicks to life. The vibrations immediately elicit a squeal from Izzy’s lips, and almost as if it was timed, the video turns on, a woman sitting on a chair, looking down at Izzy as she squirms.

“Well well, looks like I have a little toy to play with~”

Despite only being a video, Izzy can’t help but feel much the same sensation as when she was caught before, feeling her body rush with shame as she spreads her legs further, intensifying the feeling even more. The next few minutes play out with the woman teasing Izzy constantly, counting down each orgasm before it courses through her body, giving in completely to her guidance, losing herself to the rhythm she sets for her.

“Go ahead and cum, you depraved whore. We both know it’s all you’re good for!”

Her taunting words threw her over the edge again, apparently having the desired effect, Izzy quickly tipped over into her intense orgasm and fell into pleasure once again, her eyes rolling into her head as she thrashed against her bindings, her orgasm overwhelming her body and mind.

As Izzy slowly lost herself to the constant assault of pleasure, she felt herself grinding away as her toy teased her spasming cunt, enjoying the sight of the woman on the display. Perhaps enjoying it too much, she soon felt her own orgasm edge its way closer, and after another quaking buzz of the toy inside of her, felt no guilt in voluntarily letting herself go over the edge. She was even encouraged by her, listening as the woman urged her closer, eliciting a shrill whimper as Izzy caved to her pleasure, crying out to the ceiling as her pent-up orgasm finally jolted across her body.

It was earth-shattering, every inch of her body was shaking in pure bliss as she watched the woman congratulate her, smirking down at her suffering. But in that moment, she felt a distinct tremble from within her chest, and was quickly squirming against the toy even more.

“That’s a good girl, submit to your Queen, you little peasant!

It was like something primal had awakened within Izzy, her grinding became powerful and directed solely toward forcing moans from her lips, which they succeeded in doing. The once-shy and bashful Izzy was quickly turned into a whimper mess, her orgasm giving way to many more, lost in a sea of unending pleasure as the woman in the recording refused to give her a moment’s rest.

The weirdness of her situation soon melted away, instead replaced with the undeniable urge to submit to her words, continuing on despite her own reservations.

Before long, she was reduced to a quivering, babbling mess before the video. The confidence and taunting words had long-since melted her mind away, replaced with whimpers and squeals as she came minute by minute. Her thighs were soaked in her own juices, trembling madly, but still held in place by her firm grip on Izzy’s mind.

It was maddening to have this amount of pleasure forced on her, Izzy’s mind quickly melting away as little was left but the burning urge to fall deeper into this pit of pleasure, which was happily given to her by the sadistic Queen.

“That’s it! Cum for your Queen you slut! Cum for me!

She was clearly drunk on both pleasure and desire, watching on as she only pushed her deeper into her desires, Izzy still forced to look up at her sadistic gaze. The minutes bled away as her orgasms quickly overwhelmed her. Izzy was soon a wet mess, tongue hanging out of her mouth, eyes completely hazed over in pleasure, and completely lost to the Queen currently dominating her into her seat.

There was little mercy in her eyes, instead nothing but a cruel hatred being let out all at once. The woman was soon laughing down at her with each orgasm, seeing as Izzy was becoming much more vocal with them, having given up the guise of being the innocent one here.

Izzy wasn’t sure how long she was held under the woman’s control, or even how many times she came, but she doesn’t allow for a moment of rest. The floor was practically soaked with her juices, and her body was covered in a glistening sweat, emphasized by the gentle lighting of the room. Without realizing the last few seconds had ticked away, she continued teasing her, watching as her spasms and cries continued until the clerk knocked on the door again.

As if on cue, the television flicks off, leaving Izzy dazed and broken, alone in the room as the clerk knocks once again.

“Hello?! Is everything quite alright in there?”

As Izzy opens her mouth to speak, the toy’s buzzing jolts again, forcing a yelp past her lips, her eyes rolling back up once again as she trembles in the seat. Hearing the sudden gasp, the clerk bursts through the door, a concerned look on her face before her gaze rests on the mess that Izzy had become. Her look of concern slowly turned into smug perversion, looking down at how the shy woman from before was now a wet, babbling mess on her chair.

“She was that good, huh?”

Still trembling, Izzy idly nods through her spasms, watching as the clerk steps closer. Seeing her gaze cast down at her, Izzy couldn’t help but shiver not only to the toy, but to the overwhelming humiliation as a stranger watches her quake in a soaking mess of her own arousal.

“I’ll let her know she did a real number on you. She’ll love to hear that~!”

Izzy’s face changes, wondering what she meant by that, to which the clerk notices and explains.

“Oh, didn’t I mention? She works for the store, you just got a very personal experience with her~”

Her face goes white, realizing that she had just cum a countless amount of times as a woman watched her all throughout, guiding her through each one. Izzy had just thought it was a guiding video from some porn site, not something like that…

“Awwh, it’s okay! I’ll charge you for everything and let you get out of here, you look exhausted!”

Her teasing words cut deep, bringing an intense wave of shame across Izzy’s body as she turns away, leaving her alone to collect herself.

It takes a few minutes to compose, clean herself up, and collect her toy. Finally somewhat presentable, Izzy makes her way to the front desk, steeling herself for the clerk’s final remark before hurrying out. Except there’s no remark, only a wide grin as she hands her the bag of toys, giggling as Izzy turns away, leaving in a rush as her stare begins to burn her skin.

Back at the hotel, she dives onto the bed, hiding her face as it flushes red, the images of what had happened flowing through her head. She spends a few minutes there, feeling the residual aching between her legs after the constant assault she had just endured. The worst part of it all, was that she deeply enjoyed it, a part of her mind screaming to walk back into that store, over into the chair, and paying for another few hours with the woman.

Standing from the bed, Izzy shakes her head to remove the thoughts, composing herself as she decides to seek an escape to clear her mind. She settles her decision, taking a quick shower before slipping her swimsuit on underneath her regular clothes. Having made her preparations, Izzy makes her way down to the beach, smiling softly as the ocean spray hits her face, enjoying the feeling of the sand beneath her feet with each step.

After finding a good spot, Izzy reclines back and takes in the sun, letting her aches slowly wash away in the gentle breeze. Unfortunately, as her aches disappear, her urges return.

Realizing quickly that they are definitely not going away whilst lounging around, Izzy decides to dive into one of the changing booths nearby. She slips off her casual outfit, leaving herself in her swimsuit before sliding it out of the way, reaching into her bag and pulling out the same toy that had sent her into ecstasy only hours ago.

Trying to keep her shuffling quiet, she presses it against her crotch before once again getting lost in the gentle buzzing of her toy. That buzzing only grows, soon overtaking her body with constant thrashes of pleasure, her orgasm building as her legs begin spasming at the impending pleasure.

During those throes of arousal, Izzy haphazardly kicks open the booth door, watching with dread as she can do nothing but helplessly squirm, watching as the man waiting on the other side takes an instinctive step forward, before looking down and seeing the trembling woman beneath him.

They lock eyes for a moment, a perverted smile across his face as he takes in the sight, before nonchalantly turning around, leaving her to finish what she was doing. Whether absent-mindedly, or in a sadistic act, the man leaves the door open, threatening Izzy with the possibility of having someone else find her in this predicament.

Thankfully no one else comes, Izzy tensing up as the thought of his eyes across her body returns, imagining him there again as her mind goes blank, her body quaking with orgasmic bliss as she struggles to stifle her screams of pleasure. This goes on for several seconds, Izzy moaning lewdly whenever she regains control of her body, until finally her pleasure dies down, and she regains control of herself.

Her afterglow of ecstasy only lasts a few seconds before she realizes that she’d better make a move quickly, getting out before anyone sees her again. Clarity having returned to her mind, she readjusts her swimsuit and collects her toy before trying to nonchalantly make her way back to the hotel, smiling to herself as her legs give way with every other step, still trembling from her day of experimentation.

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