Pent-up masturbation (part 1)

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Izzy hadn’t had a morning like this in a while, since the moment she woke up she had these uncontrollable urges. Usually she’s been able to hold them back, or at least wait to act on them in a more safe environment, but with only thirty minutes before work starts, her body doesn’t seem to be letting up.

As she groggily rises from her bed, the blood rushing across her body makes her keenly aware of just how bad her urges had become. Despite the urgency growing between her legs, the urgency of actually getting to work on time before she gets fired was calling even louder. As she sleepily takes her shower, she tries desperately to ignore the aching of her pussy, instead turning her attention to washing her hair, letting her fingers run through her brunette locks, running shampoo down her body as she lets the warm waters calm her mind.

As she exits the shower, her eyes lock on the time, realizing she’s on schedule to be late already! In a complete rush, she hurriedly throws on her clothes before bolting out the door, jumping into her car as she begins her journey to the lab.

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Throughout the ride she ends up making good time, a few minutes to spare as she gets closer. In the lax moments of relief, her urges return, Izzy’s mind quickly overtaken by a constant ache from between her legs. Keeping one hand on the wheel, she slowly slides her hand between her legs, grinding against her open palm as she drives, pulling into the car park by the lab. For a few moments before leaving her vehicle, she shuts her eyes, losing herself in fantasy as she bites her lip, savoring the pleasure she allowed herself.

Realizing that perhaps it’d be best not to push herself too much further, she reluctantly opens her eyes again, straightening herself out and regaining her composure before clicking the handle of the car, exiting onto the lot and making her way to work.

“Hey Izzy! Good to see you again.”

Her co-workers gave her friendly smiles and greetings, deepening that depraved pit she had dug for herself, thinking back to the car as she smiled back at them. As she made her way through the halls, eventually she arrived at her own testing areas, and headed into the changing rooms to get prepared. Once inside, a sly thought crossed her mind, they’re only actually required to wear the suit, nothing else…

Biting her lip again, Izzy resolves herself to strip down to her underwear before climbing into her protective suit, nothing but her eyes visible, but a perverted smile on her face as she exits the room. Before heading into the testing rooms, she locks eyes with one of her male co-workers, waving to him as she thinks of how naked she is right now, how his eyes would bulge just from the sight of her beneath this suit.

These thoughts continue as she begins working, passing samples between co-workers, remembering every once in a while that she was currently naked beneath her suit, locking eyes with people she’s known for years as she grows wetter by the second, staining the front of her panties as they work. That’s when it hits her, the smell of her own wetness, filling the suit and forcing her to breathe it in every second. The overwhelming feeling of being forced to breathe in her own sex was intoxicating, and soon her eyes hazed over with lust, screaming at her mind to touch herself, to throw off the suit and fucking her own pussy in front of everyone here.

As soon as she genuinely started contemplating that thought, the break bell rang, and she quickly dove out into the changing rooms, swapping into her usual outfit before anyone had a chance to see her like this.

“Hey Izzy, wanna hang out with the rest of us over lunch?”

“No, sorry. I’m a bit busy at the moment.”

Busy was right, there was no time to chat for her, instead she desperately searched for a room she could duck into and delve into her own urges. Finally she came across it, a bit cliche, but the cleaning cupboard would have to do. Without even hesitating, she pulls down her clothes and begins desperately fingering herself, grinding against her hand as she covers her mouth to stop her moans from giving the situation away.

After only a few moments, Izzy can feel herself at the edge, growing closer to that overwhelming relief of her orgasm, even if it is at work. Inches away from throwing herself into pleasure, she hears the door suddenly click, an unfamiliar face peeking in to likely collect some cleaning products, but instead hearing the muffled moans of a woman writhing on the floor. Izzy locks eyes with her as she watches the depraved act, not deterred, Izzy feels her orgasm take over, and she frantically fucks herself even harder as she squeals into her palm, squirting her juices across the floor. In complete shock, the worker continues watching as Izzy spasms on the floor, but soon realizes she shouldn’t be, and slams the door shut, face flushed red.

Izzy doesn’t stop, instead pushing herself even further, fucking herself through her blissful orgasm as a sensible thought crosses her mind, maybe she shouldn’t stay in the place she was just caught in. As she recovers from her orgasm, basking in the afterglow of pleasure, she pulls her clothes back up, leaving her mess in there for someone else to clean up as she finds somewhere a tad more private to release the rest of her urges, locking eyes with the woman who saw her on her way out.

“Have a nice lunch~”

Her voice is full of a mocking tone, which gives Izzy a perverted jolt of excitement as she’s well aware of where she’s going next.

To find a bit of privacy, Izzy makes her way across the other side of the lab, out into a nearby field where she can likely find a secluded area to fuck herself silly in. As she walks further across the field, a perfect place presents itself, a row of bushes with trees overhanging the area, shade and a bit of privacy~

Hoping to be somewhat alone here, she sits down against the grass, relaxing under the shade of the nearby tree. As the moments passed, she didn’t hold back the rising heat in her chest, instead allowing it to spread across her body, until her breathing had become erratic to the point of her basically panting. Without hesitation, she glides her hands down her body, writhing against her own touch as she reaches down between her legs.

Despite the potential for getting caught, she continues on, eagerly exploring underneath her clothes, pressing her fingers against her pussy, grinding gently. After only a few moments, Izzy is left whimpering gently to herself, lost in a slight haze of pleasure as she finally gets a few moments to herself. Gradually she speeds up, even sliding her fingers underneath her panties to directly stimulate herself, pushing two of her slender fingers into her quivering pussy, instantly throwing her head back as an overwhelming sense of pleasure washes over her. As she does, she locks eyes with the cyclists who had stopped on their journey, staring down at the horny excuse for a woman currently two fingers deep in her own pussy.

This doesn’t stop her, after waiting all day to finally have some time to herself, this isn’t going to ruin it. Whilst still staring into the couples eyes, Izzy continues fucking herself with her fingers, much to their perverse curiosity, the man taking a few eyefuls before his partner slaps his shoulder, urging him to continue their journey and leave her be.

“Come on, let’s go!”

Clearly disappointed, the guy takes one last long look before continuing their journey, but in a moment of pure lust, Izzy finds herself winking back at the guy, to which he clearly takes interest in.

After the two of them disappear down the path, Izzy returns her attention back to herself, pushing her fingers deeper. When she does, it becomes clear just how much that little exchange had turned her on, a perverse shiver coursing through her body, eliciting a stifled squeal from her lips.

That was the final bit of restraint Izzy had left, holding back her moans took everything she had, her fingers had free reign to desperately delve between her legs, pounding into her pussy without even a slight attempt to hide it. Her moans were becoming difficult to hold back, a few minutes passing by as she trembled on the grass, whimpering to herself with each second.

Finally, an intense wave of ecstasy washed over her body, Izzy squeezed her pussy around her fingers as she thrusted her hips into the air. Without an ounce of control, she came in the open air, anyone could be walking by as she spasmed on the grass, letting her moans loose as she cried out to the canopy, moaning like a back-alley whore as her pussy begs for more.

She simply doesn’t have the willpower to hold back, giving completely into her urges, Izzy speeds up, fucking herself through her blissful orgasm and almost instantly reaching another. Her body tenses up as her legs give way, her body collapsing into the dirt as she whimpers to herself, babbling nonsense through her lips as her mind melts away from the pleasure.

Not wanting to give way to her depravity to the point of exhaustion, Izzy picks herself up, straightening herself out as best she can before heading back to the lab. Her legs are shaky and it’s difficult to walk, but she somehow manages to get back to work just before lunch ends. The woman from before locks eyes with her as she enters, smiling to herself mischievously, knowing full well what had happened only moments ago.

“Have fun, did you? Don’t worry, I won’t tell~”

Izzy simply smiles back, not wanting to acknowledge exactly what had happened, but appreciating the implied secrecy. Her day continued like any other, her struggling to maintain what little composure she had left as the work day came to a close. A slight exhaustion in her movements, Izzy collects her things, returning everything to their place before she makes her way back to her car.

The journey home is rather boring, Izzy mostly fantasizing back to what had happened earlier, hoping it would trigger that pit of lust once again, but it seemed to have gone.

When she finally arrives home, Izzy tosses her things to the side before collapsing on her bed, sighing to herself. In that moment, just listening to the world around her, she rolls over onto her back, her mind taking over for a moment. Her hands drift between her legs, and that seals the rest of her evening.

The lust returned, and before long she had delved back into that endless pit of depravity, whimpering like a bitch in heat within moments, the rest of her night clearly laid out for her as her first orgasm quaked across her body.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as the sheer intensity of her pleasure ripped across her mind, the entire day she had simply been pushing the pleasure, but now she can let it drown her. Almost instantly, Izzy was lost to a seemingly bottomless pit of orgasmic bliss, her pussy soaking her sheets as her juices ran down her thighs. She couldn’t help but desperately thrust her hips into the air as she fucked herself, moaning loudly with her tongue hanging lewdly from her lips.

It was as if her mind had snapped, an intelligent and well-respected lab technician reduced to a whimper, moaning in her own bed, grinding against her hand as she thought back to the lecherous gaze of that cyclist, as well as the judging look of his partner. She imagined herself there again, winking over at him, and lost herself again, cumming onto her fingers whilst clenching her teeth, spasming on her bed.

This continues for what feels like hours, a constant cycle of fucking herself silly, regaining what little composure she had left and doing something mundane, such as making some food or getting a shower, but each time she only returned back to that place of pleasure. Her shower was especially bad, the warm waters soothing her aching body, relaxing her entirely as she slumped down onto the floor, letting the waters splash against her face as she came over and over again, panting pathetically as steam filled the room.

Soon she found herself back in her bed, doing much the same, fucking herself mercilessly as the urge between her legs didn’t stop, another orgasm growing closer by the second. As it piqued, rushing pleasure across her mind, Izzy tensed up before going limp, babbling to herself in pure bliss before passing out from exhaustion.

After a restful sleep, Izzy wakes to the mess she had made, the smell of her own sex filling her room as she groggily rubbed her eyes. When she peered over at the clock a shiver ran down her spine.


There was no reason to get up now, and her hand soon drifted back between her legs to start things all over again.

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