Female caught during masturbation

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David was 16 when his parents got separated. He was very close to his parents. However, at such a young age, he had to endure seeing his parents getting a divorce and moving on with separate partners. So, when he was 18, he moved out of the house where his father lived and started living near his college. He was studying Economics and wanted to be a professor.

His landlady was a woman in her 30s. She used to live next door to David. Her name was Daniela. She came to live in Boston from Mexico. David loved watching Latina porn and for him, Daniel was the perfect MILF that he would fuck any day. However, she had a husband and seemed a devoted wife. So, he thought he would never get to fuck her. 

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Since leaving his house, David never got in touch with his parent and neither did his parents showed any interest in him. He felt he was like a deserted child. He didn’t have any friends as well. So, whenever he had to talk to someone, he used to go online and talk to his virtual friends. But, virtual relationships are not as fulfilling as a relationship with real people. 

A Revelation 

David was an introvert and that was why he never had a girlfriend as well. He was a virgin and the only way he learnt about sex was by watching porn. Mature women attracted him more than any other type of girl. He had a friendly relationship with Daniela who used to talk to him whenever she came to collect the rent. But, she didn’t know that David wanted to fuck her desperately.

One day Daniela came to collect the rent for the month and David saw bruises on her cheek and left eye. He asked, “What happened?” She said, “Nothing, I just fell from the stairs.” David said, “It doesn't seem like the bruises you can get if you fall from the stairs.” Daniela didn't want to confess what happened to her. David continued, “I heard noises around your house last night. Did your husband do this?”

Daniela started weeping. She couldn't control herself. She sat down on David’s bed and told him everything. His alcoholic husband regularly beats her at night. He was impotent and frustrated with his life and that was why he used to take his frustrations out with Daniela. David was listening to everything minutely. He felt bad for her.

However, David was constantly staring at her boobs because they were so big. He wanted to grab them and suck them. Daniela noticed it. She collected the rent from David and went back to his house.

David Gets Caught

Since that day when David learned everything about Daniela, he used to imagine himself with her fucking and enjoying life. He used to masturbate with the thought of cupping Daniela’s tits and sucking and squeezing them. One day, David came back at night from his work. He used to work in a shop after college. While coming to his home, he saw Daniela changing clothes. Well, he saw her boobs naked.

David couldn't control himself; he went to his room, got naked and started masturbating while thinking about Daniela’s boobs. He forgot to lock the door. His eyes were closed as he kept on playing with his cock. He was stroking his dick hard. He was saying loudly, “Oh Daniela! You're so hot. You are the bitch I want to have in my bed. I want to fuck you so hard. Please come to me, baby.” 

He ejaculated hard and opened his eyes to see Daniela standing in front of him. She was staring at David. It was a very awkward moment for David and he apologized for his actions straightaway. But Daniela wasn't ready to let him go. She said, “Did you mean everything that you were saying?” David said apologetically, “Yes I do, but I'm sorry. This won't happen again.”  Daniela angrily said, “If this doesn't happen again, then I will tell my husband. He can't fuck me. I haven't been fucked since I got married. I want you to fuck me. Will you do it?” David asked, “Now?” 

Daniela said, “No, tomorrow night as my husband will be out with his friends and he may not even return home. I will come to your room when he leaves.” By saying this Daniela went away. David lay down with his hands on his head. He couldn't believe what just happened. He would get to fuck the MILF he always wanted to fuck. David shouted with joy, “What a life!!!”

A Moment of Exploration

It was 9’o clock at night and David was waiting for Daniela. He knew that she would come. He came back home early because of her. As time passed on, David was getting restless. His heart was pounding and he was sweating. Suddenly the doorbell rang and he rushed to open the door only to find Daniela wearing a sexy nightdress. She came in and both of them kissed hard. They were kissing like their lips were attached with glue. 

Daniela removed David’s shirt and was kissing his neck. David also removed her nightdress and started to fondle her boobs something that he dreamt of all the time. After a while, they went to the bedroom and both of them were naked. David was running his fingers all over Daniela’s body. She was in ecstasy. She was having the best time of her life. Daniela told David that he was a great lover. And, she would want to make love to him whenever he needed him.

After saying that, Daniela went down to suck his dick of David. She was slowly gulping his dick down her throat and coming up. The motion was so amazing that David almost came. But, he stopped Daniela and made her lie down on her back in the bed and went down on her. David saw that her cunt was dripping wet. He licked the juices first and then licked the clit which brought a shivering sensation to Daniela. Her heartbeat was soaring up. She was close to a climax. Sensing that, David started fucking her pussy with his fingers and in no time, Daniela squirted all over the bedroom. 

She once again went back to sucking David’s dick. But, this time, David took control of things. He grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth making her choke with his dick. Daniela was struggling to breathe but she was enjoying it. She was taking his dick deep inside her mouth. Once again when David was about to cum, he stopped everything. 

David ordered Daniela to get on all fours and Daniela obeyed him. It seemed David was in charge of the matter and he went behind Daniela and inserted his dick inside her pussy. It was a long time since Daniela had a dick inside her pussy and so, it was tight. However, David pressed it hard and it went in. Daniela was in pain but she didn’t say anything. David kept on fucking her until he was about to cum. David took the cock out and Daniela kneeled in front of him. David unloaded his semen on her mouth. She swallowed it like a dirty whore. After that, they slept together. 

David and Daniela continued their relationship for many years before Daniel’s husband, Bob, found it out and divorced her. David is now married to Daniela. Just think how masturbation changed the dynamics of their relationship and made them husband and wife.

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