Masturbation peep show for Dylan 

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Dylan and Terry were two teenage boys who were quite the closest of friends. They both lived in the same neighborhood and attended the same local school. Dylan was an athletic skinny boy always sporting horn-rimmed glasses. However, his friend was quite athletic in every sense of the word, as he had a slightly muscular frame due to his constant workouts. Regardless of their physical disparity, both boys were quite close and frequently visited each other to play games and hang out. On a casual Saturday, Dylan's elder sister had invited her friends over, and the girls were quite chatty in her room. Bored out of his mind, Dylan texted Terry if he was down to play a few games, and Terry obliged, stating that he was actually on his way to Dylan’s. A few minutes later, Terry arrived as promised, and both boys went up into Dylan’s room which had his sister’s room next door. 

“I see your sister has company.” Terry scoffed as he picked out the chattering voices.

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“Yeah, it’s Emma.” Dylan retorted. He had a long-time crush on his sister's friend but had never been able to summon the courage to make a move. Both boys got Into Dylan’s room and turned on the Xbox. A few minutes later, they were engrossed in their game when a muffled moan filtered from next door.

“You heard that?” Terry paused to listen carefully, and both boys' eyes flew eyes as, this time, an audible shrill moan filled the air.

“Yeah, I do...” Dylan whispered with a confused expression.

“Ohhh, it seems your sister and Emilia are fuck buddies!” Terry whispered with a naughty smug. He signaled Dylan to shush as he tiptoed out of the room into the hallway and peeked through the keyhole of another door. His breath went tensed once he caught sight of both girls, one redhead and one brunette, sitting stark naked on the bed and sharing a vibrating wand amongst themselves, moaning and stirring as they worked their hairless cunts. Terry’s jaw slacked in shock while his cock throbbed to a full mast as he squinted into the keyhole at the slutty teenager's ego heroes each other by planting the vibrating wand against their cunts. Dylan stepped out into the hallway and noticed Terry’s fixated ogling and rigid cock. 

“Terry? What?” He whispered, and a wide-eyed Terry beckoned to him silently before shuffling aside so Dylan could see how much of a slut his sister and her friend were. “Fuck, that’s hot!” Dylan mouthed to his buddy as he began to rub on his aching erection, watching the two girls go at it.

“Screw this. I’m going in.” Terry mouthed as he stood upright and pushed the four horns before Dylan could stop him. Emma and Dylan’s sister almost jumped out of their skins once Terry swung the door open. 

“What the fuck?” Dylan’s sister shrieked as she tried to hide the wand.

Acting all hypnotized, Terry pulled down his shorts and began stroking his cock unabashedly to the view of both naked and stunned girls. Emma and Dylan’s sister exchanged confused glances at first before they resumed rubbing on their wet cunts with the buzzing wand while Terry jerked off close to the bed. “Oh fuck, you girls are so fucking hot!” Terry hissed as hell furiously jerked off to the moaning and squirting teenagers with silky bodies.

“Bring that fat dick here then.” Dylan’s sister gasped breathlessly after passing the wand. 

Bounding forward in a flash, Terry got around to the edge of the bed, and she reached up to grab his cock while Emma kept moaning as she held the wand against her cunt.

“Yes, suck that cock like a good whore!” Emma moaned with a shrill cry as she watched her friend part her lips to engulf Terry’s thick seven-inch cock into her warm mouth. Terry let out a deep grunt which attracted Dylan, who had been hiding in the hallway, dreading a verbal altercation with his sister after Terry broke into the room. Once he noticed they were having all the fun without him, Dylan carefully stepped into the room and drooped his sweatpants to reveal his thin but extended six-inch cock. He began to furiously jerk off to the steaming scene of his sister's face getting fucked and Emma wailing and cussing with the wand against her cunt. 

“Oh, hi Dylan, you wanna join in or just stand there?” Emma swiveled her head to see Dylan furiously jerking off at a corner. 

“It’s rude to keep a lady waiting, man.” Terry snickered at his stunned buddy while he steadily fucked Dylan’s sister's face with his thick meat's fast pumps. Dylan swiftly moved towards a kneeling Emma on the bed and let out an immediate grunt as she snatched his pulsing cock in her lips and began sucking and stroking him at the same time. 

Watching his sister’s drooling lips wrap around Terry’s cock and Emma’s bobbing head on his sent Dylan into throes of wanton lust as he began to pump in and out of Emma’s wet throat.

“Turn around for me!” Terry said as he pulled out his smeared meat from Dylan’s sister’s wet throat. She swiftly did as instructed and let out a shrill cry as Terry forced his huge meat down her burning tight and soaked cunt. “Ughhh!!! fuckkkk!!!" Terry bellowed as he slammed his entire length down her greedy cunt and began pumping her pussy with savage thrusts. 

Dylan also pulled out of Emma’s slobbering throat after a few minutes, and she positioned herself just like her friend, offering Dylan her cherry-sized plump ass. Dylan took a cue from his buddy and carefully slid into the burning cunt, drawing out loud moans from Emma as he steadily picked pace and was soon pounding her cunt with reckless abandon. The loud slapping sounds of clashing wet flesh filled the ambiance as both Dylan and Terry furiously pounded while the girls wailed, moaned, cried, and tugged at the linen comforters from the savage poundings. 

"Ughh... Yesss, I’m gonna cummm... Uhhh!!! Fucckkk!!!” Terry let out a sharp groan as he couldn’t withstand the burn in his loins anymore and rammed faster into the clenching and seeping cunt that strangulated his meat at intervals. 

“Yes! Yes! Fill me up with your cum!” Dylan heard his sister cry out like a slut as his friend pounded her lights out. In turn, he increased the intensity with which he fucked Emma, and her pitched screams soothed his ego. 

With one final thrust, Terry slammed deep into her cervix, and his cock exploded in buckets of scathing semen, blasting her pussy walls with sporadic spurts. Shyne age rammed back against his crotch to milk him dry. 

“Argh... Goddamn Emma, I’m cumming!” Dylan gritted his teeth and hissed as his loins were on fire with each pump into her squirming and gushing cunt. Emma clenched her velvety wet cunt around his meat, trapping him deep inside her, so he also exploded all over her walls, triggering her orgasm with the furious blasts from his cock. 

Both girls didn’t stop bucking until they had successfully milked each boy dry of every drop, then slumped flat out on the bed with heaving breaths, giggling softly with short breaths at the spontaneous but exhilarating sex they’d just had. 

“Wow, I sure never saw that coming!” Emma had a satisfied smug as she turned back to glance at a hard breathing and sweaty Dylan. 

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