Unexpected rewards

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Jerry sat in his living room, thumbing at the Xbox controller in his grasp with fixated attention on the TV screen before him as he battled his way through the most challenging C.O.D level yet. His cellphone chimed from a text, and he paused his game to see a message from his close friend - Sam. 

Are you home? Amy and I are in the neighborhood. We thought we could pop by. 

“STOP! Hey mate, now that I got your attention I’d like to share with you this new site I found with literally anything you can think of, ranging from orgies, grannies, teens, incest and you know.. the kinky stuff. I made this review just to help a brother out. Peace.”

– Jake A.

Sure! Jerry texted Sam back and went back to his game. A few minutes later, his colleague at work and girlfriend walked in through the front door.

“Hey Jerry, been a while now. How’ve you been?” Amy piped up as she walked in and settled on the couch beside Jerry, clad in a sweatshirt and shorts. Her boyfriend also sat on the sofa, right in the middle.

Jerry paused his game to swiftly scan Amy from her spaghetti top to her leather mini skirt and thigh-high boots. He couldn’t deny the blonde bombshell was hot as fuck, and he sometimes envied Sam’s luck at bagging her. “I’ve been good. Nice to see you too.” Jerry flashed a smile at her.

Sam leaned forward to grab a second controller from the table and quipped. “Come on, buddy, set it to two players so you can get your ass whopped!” He said with a smirk.

“Oh, you’re on!” Jerry piped back in a sharp retort as he resumed fiddling on his controller.

“Oh, boys!” Amy let out a resigned sigh as she flicked her full blonde hair and slumped back into the couch with arms folded across her C cups.

“How about we make this interesting for everyone?” Jerry paused after noticing Amy’s bored countenance. 

“Okayyy?” Sam slurred.

“The loser gets to do whatever Amy decides. Deal?” Jerry asked, and Amy sat up with excitement in her hazel eyes. 

“Oh, that sounds fun!” She yipped. 

“Uhm... and the winner?” Sam asked carefully. 

“Gets to do whatever they want to Amy, I guess.” Jerry shrugged like he hadn’t just uttered an obscenity. 

Amy clapped like an excited schoolgirl and nudged her boyfriend. “Come on, Sam, don’t tell me you’re thinking of bitching out.” 

“Ugh, fuck no!” Sam scoffed as he sat upright and faced the TV. Jerry wore a smug smirk as both dudes began battling it out on TV, while an excited Amy watched with anticipation and sideline cheering. In a shocking twist, Jerry’s character took out Sam’s, and the game was over in a few minutes. 

“Ohh... sucks to be you, honey.” Amy pouted her red lips at her boyfriend before her voice took on a stern tone. “Now strip!” 

“What?” Sam asked rhetorically with confusion. 

“A bet is a debt, honey. Strip now! Everything!” She ordered, and Sam slowly began taking off his clothes, starting from his tee to his jeans, while a slightly shocked but intrigued Jerry watched on. “Well?” Amy asked with creased brows once Sam’s briefs were the only clothing item left on him. 

“Oh, come on!” Sam scoffed as he got up from the couch to strip completely naked, revealing his flaccid cock to his girlfriend and his friend. 

“Oh, that’s wild!” Jerry cackled at his naked friend while Amy turned her attention to him.

“So what would you like to do to me, champion?” She cooed with a sultry tone, seductively biting down on her lower lip. 

“Uhm..” Jerry stuttered in a confused daze as his eyes alternated from Sam to Amy. “Suck my dick?” He chortled rhetorically and nervously, waiting for a harsh reproach that never came from either Amy or her naked boyfriend standing akimbo in front of them.

“Your wish is my command, champion.” She cooed again as she snuck her fingers into the waistband of his shorts and pulled it down to reveal his throbbing eight-inch cock that sprang out in the air. 

Gripping firmly at his base, Amy parted her lips to suck the head of Jerry’s fat cock in her lips, and a guttural groan slipped out of Jerry’s lips as she slowly sank her warm wet throat down his thick shaft. She cupped her flailing blonde hair behind her ear as she began to bob on his meat, pulling her wet lips across his shaft while moaning as she sucked him.

“Oh fuck!” Jerry let out a tensed exhale as he wrapped a fist around her hair, securing it in a ponytail so he could begin thrusting the remainder of his meat down her throat. Loud gargling and wet sputtering filled the room as Amy defied her gag reflex to engulf the entire cock down her throat. Sam’s shaft slowly throbbed to a full mast of six inches as he watched in awe while his girlfriend gobbled up his friend's cock and stretched her lips wide.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot!” Sam let out a sharp sigh as he began stroking his meat unabashedly to the scene before him. Jerry realized his buddy was actually getting turned on and proceeded to pound Amy’s slobbering throat with furious pumps of his rigid fuckrod, making her drool and gag loudly all over his shaft. He pounded her throat for a good few minutes before letting go of her hair. Amy wriggled away from his cock with a sharp gasp and reddened face, wearing a devious grin on her smeared lips. 

She glanced over at Sam and saw him slowly stroking his erect cock. “Hmmm... maybe you both could help each other out.” She cooed. “Get over here and get on your knees!” She commanded her moping boyfriend, who quickly walked over towards Jerry and sank to his knees between Jerry’s splayed legs. “Suck it!” Amy said with a smile as she forced Sam’s head down on Jerry’s rigid and smeared cock.

“Wait, what...?” Jerry tried to resist before Sam defiantly engulfed his entire length down his throat in one fell swoop, wrapping his lips tightly at his base and gargling loudly. “...oohhh fucckk!" Jerry cursed aloud as Sam deepthroated him even better than Amy had. Any let out a giggle as she spread her legs and began rubbing her moist cunt underneath her skirt while watching her boyfriend swallow the fat cock down his throat. 

“Yes, baby, suck that fat ass dick!” She moaned softly as her hips swiveled back and forth on the couch while moans filtered out of her lips. Sam was bobbing really hard on Jerry’s turgid mass of meat now, slamming his tonsils against the bulbous tip and gargling nonstop. 

Jerry bucked his hips upwards with wanton lust as his balls slapped away at Sam’s wet lower jaw. “Oh, fuck it!” Amy scoffed after two minutes of toying with her seeping cunt and watching her boyfriend suck cock. She reached for his head and pulled him off. He gasped aloud before she hiked her skirt up to reveal her shaved smooth, and wet pink cunt. She moved over to straddle Jerry’s fat cock smeared with spit and moaned loudly once his fiery fuckrod reached her seeping entrance, then slid down her velvety tight pussy. 

“Ohh... fuckkk yeah!” Amy let out a shrill moan as she tightly clutched onto the head of the couch before Jerry forced his entire length up into her burning slit. They both groaned and moaned softly as he began moving his hips slowly at first, then frantically picked up the pace until his balls were slapping away at her gushing cunt. Sam remained on his knees, which offered him a close-up view of Amy’s greedy cunt repeatedly swallowing and spitting out Jerry’s monster cock.

“Ughhh... shiittt!” Trying to stay longer in the burning slippery cunt was impossible for Jerry as he felt a roaring orgasm quickly build up in his loins. He jacked up into Amy’s pussy, then let out a deep bellow of release as his cock exploded deep inside her cervix, coating her organs with his fiery blasting seed. She kept bouncing through his orgasm, grinding out her orgasm, which made her shudder and cry softly before they eased their motions with heaving breaths of recovery after minutes of orgasmic explosion. Jerry’s deflating smeared cock slid out of Amy’s gaping cunt, and as a good friend, Sam was close by to suckle him clean while Amy locked lips with Jerry, heaving into his mouth as their tongues danced in their mouths. 

“Wanna go one more round, boys?” Amy chuckled softly with a bright smile as they broke the kiss.

“Fuck yeah!” Jerry retorted loudly as Sam finally stopped sucking on his sensitive flaccid cock.

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