The Sleepover – Sabrina

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Sabrina was over for a sleepover, since my parents had left for a few days to visit sick relatives. I was 18 and old enough to house sit on my own, but Mom suggested I call my bestie over just to keep me company. Like any other girl’s night we slipped on our jammies and settled in for a night of cheesy, swoon worthy movies. And lots of gossip. 

Senior year was finally over and we had graduation and vacations to look forward to. I was super excited to celebrate my 18th birthday in Cancun. It sucked Sabrina couldn't come along, but her folks didn't have enough money for another trip so soon after she had spent her 18th touring London. 

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“I'm still super jealous. You got to go to Europe!” I tossed a pillow at Sabrina’s straw blonde head. 

“Oh, please! At least it'll be warm and sunny where you're going!” Sabrina crooned, pursing her pale pink lips. “And to think I won't get to see you in your bikini! Bummer! Send me pics, yeah?” Sabrina rose from the mattress we placed on the floor. 

“Hah! You just wanna see my hot bod! Such a perv,” I teased, but Sabrina fearlessly took the bait.

“Got me there! Just look at these jugs! It's really not fair! Why are all the pretty brunettes so curvy?” Out of nowhere, Sabrina slipped behind me, reaching under my arms and grabbing up handfuls of my tits. 

A pang of arousal, shot through me as she fondled their fullness. “Ah, Brina, what are you doing?” A sultry yelp escaped me. 

“Oooh, what's the matter? You like this?” The adventurous blonde whispered into my ear. Her sensual voice took me off guard. A shiver of surprise went through me as her thumb and forefinger found the fluffy tip of my nipple, pinching it.

“ Ah, Brina, you slut!” I whined. 

“Me? The slut? You haven't told me to stop yet.” Her logic silenced me. 

Maybe I was enjoying this. I had never tried anything so risqué, especially with my bestie, but I felt really turned on by the sudden shift in her demeanor. Sabrina seemed to notice as much. Her hands rolled in slow circular motions, massaging the wealth of my breasts, her fingertips plucking tantalizingly at my hardening nipples. 

“Should I keep going?” Her soft voice was hot against the nape of my neck. It made my skin bristle and goosebump. 

My heart began to race as I mulled everything over. We were home alone and Sabrina was my closest friend. No one had to find out, right? Giving into my desires, I timidly accept. 

“M-Maybe…” The words leave my lips, daring her to go further.

 My body quivered as she reached down and tugged up my pajama shirt. My naked tits bounced free. Her warm, soft hands groped me up again. This time I hissed and writhed, grinding my ass into her hips and on instinct. The sensation of her soft hands toying with my tits set me ablaze. 

I mewled weakly, wanting more of her sensual abuse. 

Sabrina happily indulged me as her hands roamed my body. In a state of lewd bliss, my head fell back on her shoulder. The soft golden curls of her hair tickled my cheek and neck. 

“Brina, you've done this before.” I hummed as her fingers kneaded my hips sliding away my pajama bottoms. 

“I'm surprised you didn't notice, I’m your closest friend, and you had no idea that I liked girls.” 

She was right. I had never guessed. But then again, I had no idea I'd enjoy it this much myself. “Show me,” I hummed at her, reaching back to hook my arm into the crook of her neck. 

I relaxed into her, her hard nipples prodded my back as I came flush with her pert chest. My breath grew heavier with her own, her flesh hot and welcoming as I surrendered. Her nimble fingers found the hem of my pants and slipped beneath. Her smooth, slender fingers pet at my moist mound, stirring a tightening coil into my tummy. 

A pit of desire ached forcefully as she took her time, languidly pushing aside my fluffy labia. A moan undulated for my throat as the pads of her fingertips found my sensitive bud. Each flick of her fingers sent ripple after ripple of mind numbing pleasure through me. My legs buckled as she stroked hard and fast. My pussy became wetter and wetter till the fabric clung uncomfortably to my throbbing sex. 

Sabrina's breathing grew to a pant as she felt me melting in her hands. She held me steady as she raked her fingers firmly through my sopping trench. Teasing my entrance as she slowly dipped her digits in lightly, I rocked against her hand, begging for mercy as she strummed my folds like a harp, drawing musical coos of pleasure from me. 

“Oh Sam, your pussy is so slick it's making my mouth water,” Sabrina growled. 

Suddenly she guided me down onto the mattress. Pulling free my underwear, she began to kiss and nip at the sensitive skin of my stomach and pale thighs, decorating them in rosy blooms as she made her way to my honey-soaked core. A deep gasp left me as I felt her hot mouth on my slick slit. Her skillful tongue navigated the fleshy petals of my womanly flower. My hips reacted instinctively, rocking into her mouth. Sabrina hummed deliciously as she ran her wet hot muscle up and down my soaked furrow. My thighs quivered and struggled to clamp around Sabrina's head. 

Sabrina chuckled against my sex, her hands firmly pinned my squirming legs aside. Eagerly dipping her head back down to devour my swollen clit. She reduced me to a quivering mess. 

“Fresh and so wet, pink and tight, so delicious.” Sabrina hummed and slipped her pajama bottoms off.

Flipping around, she wove her legs entwined with mine. Drawing me closer, our sopping trenches came flushed. Lips locking in euphoric arousal. I held her awkwardly as she smiled and took the lead. Her hips rolled, grinding her wet folds against mine. The intense pleasure left me weak and breathless, the sweet friction between our sexes maddening. Unable to control my body, my hips emulated hers, rolling and swaying, falling into a rhythm with hers. 

our pussies so wet and slick, I could feel every crevice and nook, every fold and bump. The texture was hypnotizing! Lulled by each wave of pleasure rippling through me. I grasped to Sabrina, firmly keeping myself anchored to her in my stupefied haze of lust. Sabrina let out a breathy chuckle and leaned forward to kiss me again. Our bodies pressed, flush grinding at our sexes, desperate to find our release. Sabrina pushed me down, climbing over me, her legs hooked under mine, pushing my knees to my chest. She sat atop me, crushing her pussy to mine, amplifying the intensity of our tribbing. 

Helpless, I laid back allowing Sabrina to take full control as she rode against me and moaned out loud. My eyes clamped shut as I felt my imminent arrival surging to meet me. Every sway of her hips dragged me closer to the edge. The pit of arousal in my stomach swelled, threatening to burst at any moment. I had never felt something so mind numbingly good before. 

Sabrina recognized the strangled pleasure on my face. “That's it, give it to me.” She coaxed me through a strained grunt, as if giving me permission. 

My body shuddered as I came hard. My pussy suddenly gushed, releasing clear brackish fluid, adding more lubrication for Sabrina's romp. Seemingly aroused by my bout of squirting, Sabrina's own body gave out. She shivered hard and then orgasmed with the same force as I. Her sweet, tangy essence sprayed out dousing my loins and pooling in my navel. 

Exhausted, Sabrina collapsed alongside me, panting as she caught her breath. The musky scent of our messy sex clung in the air. My mind right away cleared, reminding me of my parents return. 

“I'll have to clean this up before my folks get back.” I stared down at the soaked sheets. 

“Some incense will get rid of the smell,” Sabrina titter cheekily. 

“Good. I'll keep some on hand for next time,” I winked. 

“Hmm? Next time? Our sleepovers just got 10 times more fun!” Sabrina laughed, petting my damp hair.

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