Swallow it all

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I'm thirty-five years old and I am bored with life. So I decided to meet a friend today.

I spent the morning and most of the afternoon cleaning up my apartment and cleaning up myself in the shower as well. It was now 6:00 p.m. and Ron and I had been texting to solidify our plans to hang out at his place then decide what to do from there. I was dressed and ready to roll out. I locked the door to my apartment and walked the three blocks or so to the closest bus stop that would get me close to Ron's apartment, which was due east from me but around three miles away. He lived in more of a younger neighbourhood than me with more bars and clubs. I always enjoyed visiting but glad I lived somewhere that was a bit quieter and more low key.

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Ron's apartment was only about a block from the stop so by bus I was there in no time. I let myself into his building and took the stairs up to his third floor apartment. I knocked on the door for apartment number 3C. Seconds later, the door popped open and Ron was there to greet me.

"What's up man?" Ron smiled at me as he opened the door. He was also a perfect host, handing me an ice cold can of beer before I even stepped all the way inside.

"Solid. Thank you sir," I replied as I popped the top on the cold metal can and took my first sip of the bitter ale.

"I just picked these up. They're from that new brewery that just opened down the street. Careful though - this thing is strong!" Ron said.

"Good tip," I answered back. And it was a good tip. I examined the can I was drinking from and saw it was a 9% alcohol by volume double IPA. That'll get the party going, I thought to myself.

"Come in, come in. Have a seat," Ron directed me to the couch in his living room. The TV was on and a baseball game was in progress. I did as I was asked and grabbed a seat on the couch, grabbed a coaster, and put my beer down for the moment. Ron walked into his kitchen and appeared to be up to no good.

"Whatcha doing in there?" I asked.

"It's a surprise," Ron answered.

"Bro - I can literally see you. You're pouring us shots. What are we having?"

"Cinnamon whiskey. What else would we have?" Ron said. He finished pouring our shots and came back into the living room and sat down on the couch with me. "Cheers."

"Cheers," I replied back. We both shot our drinks down quickly. No chasers necessary as this stuff was actually pretty damn smooth as far as spicy cinnamon whiskey goes.

I grabbed my double IPA and took another long drink. I saw Ron doing the same thing plus there was what appeared to be an empty can sitting on the kitchen counter.

"You down one beer already?" I asked.

"Yes sir. I got bored waiting for you," Ron laughed.

"I'd suggest I need to catch up but you've always had a higher tolerance than me," I said.

"That's true. You've always been a lightweight," Ron laughed.

"Maybe but all that means is I can get messed up for a lot less money than it takes you!" I replied back.

"Fair point," Ron remarked. "So what should we do tonight? As much as hanging out here with you would be cool, I think it might be a good day to go out to some of the bars. I'm in the mood to find us some bar hotties."

I silently agreed with Ron's suggestion. But I was still a bit stuck on my run in with Christian on my way here. But I kept that to myself. That was private. I simply replied, "Sounds like a plan."

We finished our double IPAs and decided to have one more before we headed out. Ron, always the gracious host, came back with two beers and poured two more shots and handed one of each to me.

"Dude - I am going to be wasted before we even leave your apartment," I half joked.

"Well, drink it slowly. Let's watch something to inspire us tonight," Ron was talking to me but was staring down at his smartphone. "Here we go..."

Two hours later, we were still at Bounce. And I was very, very drunk.Ron came back. But he wasn't alone. One of his dancing partners, Jessica I believe was the name she gave me earlier, was with him.

"Hey man," Ron started, "Jenny and me... ("Fuck - Jenny not Jessica," I thought to myself) are going to head back to my place for a little fun. Are you ready to head out too?"

I smiled best as I could in my drunken haze, "Yeah, I'm ready to get out of here too."

"Cool. I'll pay our tab and we can square up later," Ron replied.

He walked to the other side of the bar to get the bartender's attention. That left Jessica or Jenny or whoever alone to kill some time awkwardly. We both knew what was happening and I knew I was a third wheel about to be in the way.

"Ron's cool, huh?" Jessica or Jenny slurred. "You guys are like friends?"

"Yes, we're friends. And I agree. He's cool," I replied, doing my best to end the conversation then and there. But, Jenny didn't get the hint.

"He's really cute," she continued.

"Uhhh. Okay yeah," now I slurred a bit. Dammit Ron hurry up and get back here.

"I think we're gonna fuck when we get back to his place," Jessica or Jenny slurred some more. "Is that cool?"

"Yeah of course. Have a good time," I said.

"You can watch if you want," she surprised me with that one.

"I'm sorry, what's your name again? If I'm gonna watch - and I might take you up on that offer - I should know your name," I rolled with the sharp turn this conversation had taken.


"Jenny, right." I really thought she was Jessica.

Just then Ron came back. "So, you two ready to head out?" Ron asked.

"Yep. And Jenny wants me to watch, which I've already agreed to, so I hope that's cool."

"Hah! Uh okay. That's different but what the hell," Ron drunkenly agreed to the new plans.


I sat at the edge of the bed, watching her take off her clothes. also followed and took off her dress and bra in one go. I gawked at the fatty mounds of the two girls. Her nipples were already erected and body trembling. I then watched her take off her panties. Meanwhile Ron walked towards me and slammed his lips into mine as I made out with me and muttered a “have fun” , before leaving.

I then asked Jenny to come towards me, I reached my arm upwards and grabbed Jenny's neck making her Crouch down and pushed my lips onto. I continued making out with her and  nipped on her plump lips. I the stood up and pushed Jenny onto her knees, I took a tight hold of her head, her curls weaving between my fingers, I guided my cock into her mouth and started to face fuck her hard. My cock was sliding nicely into her throat, and she was making a fantastic sound. There was a constant sucking force on my cock making my eyes roll back with pleasure and I growled feeling her teeth grazing my sensitive cock.

Her mouth stretching around my big cock has she continued pumping and sucking on my cock. I made Jenny stand up and started to kiss her forcing my tongue into her mouth. She followed suit and I was surprised to find her kissing me back. It only took a few minutes of this before I blasted my load deep into Jenny’s throat. “Swallow it all,” I said. She did what she was told.

I then made her lie down on  the bed and crawled on top of  her, I started sucking on Jenny’s tits and hung my tongue out and slowly traced her brownish areolas, she let out broken moans due to the sensitivity.

After a moment, I pulled away my member from her mouth making a popping sound. I then pulled away my mouth from Jenny’s globes and lay down on my back, allowing her to climb on top of me. Jenny sat on my legs as she stroked my dick a few times before lowering herself on my dick.

I grunted feeling her tight walls around my dick as it tried to swallow it.I pushed upward into her and continued fucking her animalistically. It didn’t take me long to come and fill her cunt with my seeds.

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