He fucked the life out of me

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My parents arranged my marriage with my husband and I was never happy with it. The man was far away from my dream man. But one day when his younger brother came to spend a few weeks at ours, I couldn't help myself from feeling even worse. His brother was totally opposite of him, he was a confident, cocky boy and a gym freak. Unlike my husband he had a boyish charm and pleasant personality and the way his eyes would travel across my body just turned me on. Whenever I would walk around the house doing house chores, I would enjoy his eyes ogling me.

When I would serve them food and bend down a little his eyes would travel to my mounds and I would see him licking his lips. We were sitting on dinner today when he came back from the gym and was wearing his sweatpants and shirt with water still dripping down from his hair. He had just taken shower. And this was making it difficult for me to control myself. I glanced at my husband seeing him busy on his phone, still working as he ate dinner. My mood soured seeing the uninteresting man. I got up to fetch some water and came back. Instead of sitting with my husband, I decided to take a seat next to my brother in law, both men didn't pay attention to it which only made it easier for me.

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Before coming back from the kitchen I had unbuttoned my shirt a little, making it easier to see my boobs. I pretended to drop the spoon on the floor and my brother in law bent down to pick it up. "Here–" his words died down on his tongue as he came face to face with my big chest. He gulped seeing how my boobs were almost spilling out my shirt. I noticed how his dick was now visible through his sweatpants. I couldn't help but chuckle at his attempt to hide his boner and turn his attention back to eating. But today I wasn't going to let him go , so slowly I reached for his clothed cock and placed my hand on top of it. He jumped at that. My husband glanced up from his phone. "What happened?" He questioned looking at him while I pretended to eat, with my other hand. He coughed in embarrassment, shaking his head. "Uh nothing. Can you pass me the rice?" He said diverting his attention which worked. My husband went back to focusing on his work emails or whatever he was doing. I then slowly started palming his cock. I noticed how he was trying to act nonchalant as he stuffed his mouth with some food. I decided to fasten my movement.

I started rubbing his cock faster, his body trembling as he tried to keep his expressions neutral. I then slowly traced my hand upwards and slid them into his sweats. His hard cock now in my hand as I stroked it. He bit his lips trying to suppress his groans. I pressed my finger into its slit causing him to let out a groan. My husband glanced at him again. "Um,. I'm having a stomachache. I'll go to the bathroom." He announced taking my hand out of his pants and walked away. But I wasn't done. "I think my phone's ringing. I'll go get it." I pretended to hear my phone's bell, my husband just hummed, not suspecting it.

I immediately walked towards the bathroom and entered it. My brother-in-law was standing there with his cock out of his pants and hanging out as he stroked it. His eyes widened seeing me but I just closed the door, locking it and walked towards him. "uh… brother would suspect –" he started but I shut him off by taking off my clothes. His eyes doubled in size seeing my big boobs and shaved pussy. I could see lust pooling in his eyes as he stared at me. My ego boosting at that. I trudged towards him and slammed my lips onto his. He didn't waste any second before kissing me back, his hands busy exploring my body. I felt him squeeze my ass, making me moan into the kiss which gave him a chance to enter my mouth. His tongue fighting with my tongue as we sucked each other with loud slurping noises.

My hands danced around his sweats as I took them off completely. My own pussy was dripping slick as I wanted to feel him inside of me, and his cum filling me to the brim. I try not to drool at the thought. I turn my thoughts back towards his big cock, the size making me gulp, I would love to feel how it would stretch my walls and drill into me. I excitedly move my hand to grasp his dick. He was leaking pre cum too. I pushed my finger onto his clit making him moan again. I then slowly and gently started moving my hand up and down, giving it delicious tugs.

I then got on my knees and moved head towards his cock. I slowly leaned forward and took a kittenish lick at its top, my tongue moving in circles around the reddish head, as it teases its opening. He growls, the foreplay seeming like a torture to him. So without wasting another second he pushed his entire length into my mouth, I gagged slightly but the man didn't stop as he kept thrusting his member into my mouth loving the feeling of my wet cavern around his cock. I also started to suck him vigorously, I could feel he was close so it wasn't surprising that he pulled away, I looked at him with my mouth listening with her drool and his pre cum.

I then got up and climbed up the bathroom counter and opened my legs to give him a clearer view of my wet pussy. He gulped down his saliva before walking towards me. His fingers played with my pussy lips as he gazed at my wet flesh. He then slowly ducked down his head, his warm breath hitting my pussy making my breath hitch. My eyes roll back to my head when he finally buries his head into my pussy and then latches onto it like a thirsty man.

I cried, the pleasure was too much to handle for me. He pushed his tongue deep inside me, as he slurped my juices. His fingers are busy playing with my clit. He then opened his mouth and took my pussy lips in between his teeth, gently tugging on it. My body convulsed with pleasure as I cum into his mouth. He drinks it all before pulling away with his eyes hooded and filled with lust. He then glanced at my chest and licked his lips at the sight, my whole areolas puffed out almost as hard as my nipples.

The perky tits made it difficult for him to hold back. He leans towards them, nuzzling his face into them as he kisses my globes. I sigh, satisfied. He then started sucking them aggressively. Loud suckling noises filling the bathroom. My heart thumping loudly thinking about my husband listening to our dirty moans. But my thoughts were cut off by another hard suck of his. He bit on my bud, making me hiss. But he didn't care as he continued squeezing my tits. I moaned loudly, pushing his head into my boobs, encouraging him to suck more. He held one of my nipples in his lips, and bit it lightly with his teeth and flicked it with his tongue. My pussy was clenching and unclenching begging for attention as he played with my tits. I breathed heavily feeling him finally let go of my tits. He held his cock, putting his head in front of my pussy.

I shuddered, feeling the stretch of my walls when he entered me, a scream left my mouth as I felt his lengthy manhood ripping open my pussy. He kept pushing into me until he was deep inside me. He started with slow and sensational but forceful thrust, making my whole body jerking upwards with his every movement. I put my hand on my mouth trying to muffle my screams. He continued slamming into me, his cock hitting me deep as it slid in and out of me. The friction made my mind go hazy. He then fastened his pace and started pounding like some horny beast, stretching my pussy with every long, hard, powerful thrust. He grabbed my hip with one hand and pushed violently into me, making me scream as he ripped into my tight cunt, my cunt gripped his cock hit my cervix hard. I reached for my cunt and started rubbing it as he pounded into me. My other hand on my sensitive buds as I started playing with them.

He fucked the life out of me. His thrusts got violent as his hands left hand prints on my ass, from where he gripped them. He finally emptied his cum into my pussy as I came too, both of us jolting with pleasure. It was indeed a good fuck.

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    Awesome story well witten like to hear other experiences


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