Cheating with benefits

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I first started my new job at a famous company, I wasn't expecting much but when I was offered a good paycheck and the working hours weren't too hectic but– the cherry on top the boss was handsome as fuck. I think I always had a crush on him since the very first day I laid my eyes on him. He was a tall muscular man with a godly handsome face and being a young CEO just doubled his sex appeal. I would never miss a chance to ogle at him. And maybe I dreamed of dating him but reality slapped my face hard when one day, I was busy gawking at him and my eyes accidentally fell on his hand and fuck it– he was wearing a wedding band. I couldn't hide my bitter mood throughout the meeting and unlike my previous routine of staring at him until he would walk out, this time I collected my things and stormed out. But maybe this was a good thing, since ignoring him for the next three days triggered something in him and he finally came to me by himself.

There he was standing in front of me, carrying a work file by himself? If this wasn't stage enough, he was lusting over me? Because the way his eyes held the dark expressions as I briefed him and the way his tongue poked out to swipe his chapped lips, was totally indicating that. I smirked at him, not getting shu under his gaze. Well if he didn't care about the wedding band why should i? "Um do you need anything sir?" I asked blinking innocently, my voice sultry and my intentions were quite clear. So when he let out. chuckle and muttered in my office now as he walked away I couldn't hide my smile. I squealed in excitement as I immediately got up and picked up a file as an excuse in case people wondered why I'm going there, and trudged towards his office.

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I knocked on the door before entering the office. He was now sitting in his swivel chair, eyes staring intensely at me. I didn't get nervous and just padded towards him and before he could decipher what happened, I gripped his tie, yanked him towards myself and collided my lips with his. He didn't waste any second in reciprocating it with the same vigour, I felt his hand snaking around my waist as he pulled me into his lap. His lips forcefully pushed it against mine before he bit them and entered my mouth now exploring my wet cavern. We continued making out for a few minutes before I pulled away and stood up. I slowly started unbuttoning my shirt, he was busy gawking at me as I put on a strip show for him. I took my sweet time taking it off, now my bra could be seen holding my big globes. I took it off too, loving the way he gulped seeing it.

My nipples peeked out, the buds all hardened already. He reached his hand forward as he started groping my boobs. I couldn't stop myself from letting out a moan as I felt his hard and rough hands playing with my soft flesh. He continued squeezing them like some tension reliever ball before finally leaning forward and taking a stripe of the flesh between the boobs. He then moved towards my right boob and placed a few kisses on it before licking a wet stripe across my areolas. His tongue circled around the brownish area. He then took my hardened bud into his mouth and started sucking on it. The sucking was slow at first but eventually got rougher as he started biting and nipping on my flesh.

I was moaning loudly by now, loving the feeling of his warm tongue around my nipples. He continued sucking and biting it before moving onto the other one and treating it the same way. My eyes were about to give up so I was glad he pulled me onto his lap again and continued playing with my boobs. He finally moved away, drool covering his chin and my nipples all read with visible bite marks. I could feel his boner against my ass. Just to tease him, I started grinding him. His loud growls sounded like some music to my ear. He then place his hand on my hip joint, stopping me from continuing my torture. His hand reached towards my pants and undid its button, I got up as he helped me take it off. I then removed my panties. "Get on the table and stick out your ass." I heard him say and I immediately complied. I got up on his big table, pushed away some of the documents and made sure my butt was right in front of him. His hands held my ass, as he parted my ass cheeks. My heart beat rose, feeling his breathing against my ass hole and without any warning he lapped onto my asshole and started licking and sucking it. I moaned feeling my pussy get wetter. I looked down feeling the slick drip out and fall onto the table.

He continued sucking my hole before flipping me carefully. My shaved pussy was now on a perfect display for him. He watched it hungrily before pushing his face into it. I couldn't control my voice any longer. I bet I could be heard outside but I didn't care. I felt his arm playing with my clitoris and my pussy lips. His warm muscle then invaded my vagina as he sucked all the juices. He finally moved away, I was trembling by now. My eyes fell upon him now, opening his zipper and pulling out his thick cock. I almost drooled seeing the big and veiny member. He was hard as fuck. I was proud of myself to be the cause of it. I’ll be real, he was harder than most of the men that I have seduced, I think he’s had women throw themselves at him for his whole life, so he was good at playing me off and having the willpower to ignore me for that long. My attention diverted back to his dick, I bit my lip hard as I tried to contain myself, my eyes glistening with arousal and happiness. He took his cock into his hand, and started jerking it. It was a hot sight to see. He finally put it close to my pussy and I started ejecting even more fluid.

My pussy was soaked waiting for his dick to fill it. He put his head onto my pussy before slowly pushing it inside. I let out sweet moans as he rubbed me in the meantime he was entering him. His fingers rubbing my clit. The pleasure made me shudder with delicious arousal. Neither of us could wait a moment longer as his cock finally, after so long of waiting, was pushed entirely inside of me, I let out a gasp as he felt my tightness and wetness all at once. I moaned loudly as he started thrusting into me. His thrusts got powerful as he continued. My whole body was shaking whenever he pushed deeper. He let out grunts as cock hit me deep. He then pulled out his cock making me whine, as I hated the empty feeling. But my voice was caught at the back of my throat when he suddenly pushed it in me, he continued slamming his big cock into my pussy as I cried harder with pleasure. I could feel he was as close as he closed his eyes and started banging into me. His hands gripping my waist and fingers digging into my skin as he chased his orgasm.

I was already dripping wet because of my own cum. He finally gave a final push and started painting my womb with his cum. His load feeling my pussy, I could feel my stomach bulge out with his cum filling me to the brim. He was panting and sweating by now. My own breathing was too fast as my chest heaved up and down. I stared at him as he pulled out of my pussy. My hole now dripping from his cum and missing the feeling of his cock. He leaned down and caught my lips into his own as we made out messily. He pulled my lower lip with his teeth as his hands started pinching and playing with my nipples. Looks like he wasn't done yet and I was proven right when I felt him entering me again, his cock already semi hard. "Ready for round two baby girl?" He mumbled into my ears before fucking me senseless. I continued screaming and moaning as he slammed into me. His cock drilled into me, with his mouth latched onto my perky nipples. We fucked thrice that day and that's how our relationship started and office became a place for our frequent fucking. -

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