Cheating at late night

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It wasn’t a happy marriage, at least on his part. Oscar wanted no part of his wife sexually, he had just lost interest in her like that over the years, and how now begun yearning for other women, and he had found them.

Each weekend he pretended to sleep, waiting for his wife to drift into a dream before he made his way to their place, a duo of girls that craved his touch, and he longed to give it to them. The journey was the longest part, imagining them, looking forward to the moment he finally gets to descend into lust again…

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Finally there, the trio awkwardly make their way upstairs, feeling as tense as usual before Kylie breaks the atmosphere with the question they’re all thinking.

“So, who’s going to go first?”

Kylie breaks the silence with that simple phrase, which brings the thought into everyone’s head. Oscar really wanted more chances to explore with Kylie some more, still feeling somewhat nervous when looking at her, despite the two of them being fully naked, as well as the many nights before having happened already. Kylie was struggling with her overwhelming nervousness as it was, stuck between a gorgeous woman and a hunk of a man. And Mary, who was savouring every minute of having her sexual urges not only taken care of, but freely having risen to the surface in their depraved antics.

With a knowing look in one another’s eyes, Oscar and Mary both smirk as they look at each other before slowly running their hands up Kylie’s body, lulling her into a false sense of security as she melts into their touch. Once their trap had been laid, they both spring at the right time, Mary lifting Kylie’s legs up and over her shoulders, bringing Kylie’s crotch into her face as she suspended her waist off of the ground. Oscar had also lifted her up, though he had lifted Kylie’s head to dick-level, letting it throb in front of her face, giving Oscar a full view of her tits as she was now helplessly suspended between the two of them.

Kylie felt incredibly helpless in this situation, suspended in the air by the both of them, face-to-face with  Oscar’s throbbing dick as she felt Mary’s eyes on her crotch, her bare pussy on display for her. In this situation, as absurd as it is, she can’t help but let out a small, excited giggle at the prospects of what’s to come.

With their trap having been sprung, they both lurch forward onto their prey, ignoring her giggles as they descend onto her!

Kylie quickly felt Mary’s tongue assault her pussy, letting her body wake up properly with a morning of having her clit teased by her wet tongue. Whilst on the other end, Oscar held Kylie in place in the air, grinding his cock against her face as he began growing impatient, slipping the tip into her mouth to silence her building moans. Instead of being silenced, her moans were merely muffled around his dick, vibrating along his shaft as she began thrusting into her mouth. Mary wasn’t going easy on her new toy, squeezing her ass, letting her fingers sink into her skin as she forced her own face deeper between her legs, enjoying the feeling of her body twitching in her grasp with each lick.

In a sudden switch of demeanor, Kylie began thrashing slightly as her orgasm was quickly beginning to be forced upon her. Her body was still aching from last night, and that tension was suddenly released as her orgasm came crashing down over her, an intense wave of orgasmic bliss racking her brain and making her squeal around  Oscar’s cock. Mary couldn’t help but push her tongue deeper into Kylie’s quivering cunt, the feeling of it squeezing down and spasming around her was too much to resist.

What she didn’t expect was to push Kylie too far. The poor girl began intensely squirming in their grasp, grinding her pussy against Mary’s face as even more tension was released, and she began squirting onto her face. The intensity of this sensation had her screaming around  Oscar’s shaft, making him join her as he came down her throat, pulsing his thick load into her mouth. Enije’s pussy didn’t stop, urged on by Mary’s constant teasing, she practically drenched the teasing girl’s face in her own juices, slumping back onto the ground as she’s allowed to slide out of their grip, well-fucked and still twitching slightly on the floor.

Now on the floor, splayed out like a used toy, Kylie laid there with a smile on her face, so overwhelmed with bliss that she didn’t fight what was to happen next.

“My turn~!”

Mary didn’t even try to hide her eagerness, crawling on top of her body before turning around, placing her legs either side of her face, and smothering her lips with her crotch. She began grinding slowly onto the poor girl’s face, who could do little more than oblige her silent demand, and pleasure her with every ounce of strength left in her. Oscar watched for a moment as her friend rode his crush’s face, before he was beckoned over to Mary, the sultry look on her face encouraging him even more.

“Come here, lover boy~ I need to make sure you’re a good kisser!”

With that, he was pulled into an intense kiss, nothing short of a manic exploration of one another’s mouths, as Mary openly moaned into his mouth as she rode Kylie’s face. After a few minutes pass, Mary’s moans become whimpers, as she tries to hold back her orgasm to enjoy the moment even longer. Oscar notices this, deciding to break their kiss and make it even harder for her, instead focusing his attention on her tits, twisting at one of her nipples as he sucked on the other, rolling his tongue across it as she squirmed in his grip.

Soon the woman who so confidently rode his crush’s face was now helplessly whimpering in a prison of pleasure, a silent challenge to not lose her mind and cum on her friend’s face as she was teased. Unfortunately for her, she was doomed to fail this challenge, Oscar’s tongue teasing her too intensely, and each time he swapped which breast he was sucking, it felt like a new sensation all over again. She realizes that she had warmed him up for this, letting him get into the mindset as she forced a kiss out of him, Mary now is being forcefully pleasured by Kylie underneath her as Oscar relentlessly pleasured her tits.

Kylie wasn’t giving her an easier time either, gripping her thighs and forcing her to grind on her face if she ever stopped, shoving her tongue inside of her dripping pussy and savoring her taste with every chance. Soon all three of them were moaning, Oscar had begun humping Kylie’s tits as he sat across her chest, Kylie was lewdly crying out beneath Mary, who was whimpering at both of the other’s attempts to make her cum.

Those attempts soon came to fruition, when Mary began breathing rapidly, clinging to Oscar’s body as he pulled her closer, intent on making her squeal from their joint assault. In a sudden flash of intense pleasure, Mary frantically rode Kylie’s face as she screamed out in ecstasy, trembling between the two of them as she came on Kylie’s face.

This was much more intense than before, her entire body quivering with an immense orgasm taking over her. Remembering how she made her squirt earlier, Kylie enacted her revenge by pulling Mary onto her tongue, forcing it deep inside as she continued cumming without control. With her tongue expertly ruining any chances for Mary to retain her pride, she’s forced to squirt on Kylie’s face, letting out powerful sprays across her chest as well, coating  Oscar’s crotch in her juices.

The two of them continue teasing Mary beyond her limit, her squirting had died down, but her quaking body was still overly-sensitive and ripe for them to both torture~

Between Oscar’s incessant teasing of her tits with his tongue and gentle sucking, and Kylie’s forceful grinding of Mary’s hips against her tongue, they kept her there on the edge of bliss for perhaps far too long, as she began babbling with the look of being fucked stupid.

It’s a while before things die down, none of them wanting to cease their teasing of her body, but eventually they let Mary go, and she immediately slumps against the bed, stammering out an incomprehensible sentence, which they both silent as they share a kiss with her. The rest of the morning is spent with innocent teasing and gentle lovemaking, as the three of them explore each other’s bodies even more, giving way to much more pleasure than they thought, even so far as to start thinking about the next time they can arrange a little get-together like this again.

Sadly, as always, he couldn’t stay forever. With a heavy sigh, the trio say their goodbyes, Oscar leaving his pleasurable morning behind him as he makes his way back home, feeling his joy disappear by the mile. Back inside his own home, he makes his way up the stairs, falling backwards into his own bed as his wife is just waking up.

“Oh, hey honey~”

He could already tell what was on her mind, and hated that he had to turn her down again. Though he had no interest, shivering at just the thought of it. Before even giving her a chance to offer, he shot her advances down.

“Not today sweetie, I didn’t sleep well…”

Feeling a tinge of guilt, he rolls over and quickly falls asleep, not paying any mind to her disappointment, but simply looking forward to the next time he can descend into his depravity all over again.

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