The unfaithful wife and her coworkers

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Claire didn't feel like going home right away after work on Friday. This was mainly because her marriage was starting to feel more like bondage than the freedom she had envisioned. Her husband had severe trust issues and was always on her heels. He kept asking her where she had been and who she'd been hanging out with. Initially, Claire had thought his gesture to be because he cared about her well-being, and she wasn't too worried. But when they eventually got married, his insecurity skyrocketed. The couple was in the middle of an ongoing marital squabble because her husband has been insisting she quit her job. Claire knew that the request was a result of her husband's insecurity and vehemently said no. 

She didn't let the fights bother her too much or affect her days, but she was bored of everything – mostly her husband and her home. Thankfully, Friday was a good day to take the edge off for Claire, as a few of her colleagues had invited her to join them at a karaoke bar after the close of work. 

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A few hours later, work was over, Claire and a few of her colleagues all headed towards the bar for their little rendezvous. Her husband had already sent her a text asking her where she was and how soon before she'd come back home. She didn't bother to reply, and she swiped it off her screen, ignoring him. 

Claire noticed Eric – the athletic built, six foot blue eyed intern, who had just resumed this week at work, was also at the karaoke bar. He seemed to be having a good time conversing with a colleague while Claire sipped her drink and ogled at him from where she sat. It seemed Claire had been staring for quite a while as Eric scanned the bar and caught her unabashed gaze at him. He flashed a smile and waved towards her. She waved right back after blushing beetroot red at the cheeks like a schoolgirl. 

"Ohh, I think the handsome intern has got a thing for you." Claire's eccentric colleague- Lucy, seemed to have picked up on the tension between Claire and the handsome intern. She wiggled her eyebrows comically and winked at Claire. 

"Oh, come on, Lucy! You know I'm married!" Claire rolled her eyes and tried to make light of the situation.

"That changes nothing, girl. I noticed you've been coming in to work with gloom and doom written all over your face for the past week. You should at least unwind this night to take the edge off. It's not like your husband's here or someone would snitch on you." Lucy nudged Claire with her elbow and winked at her one more time. 

Claire flicked her long brown silky hair from her face and exhaled from her pouty lips as she watched Eric disappear into the restroom. Without thinking much about her actions, she gulped down another shot, then got up from her seat. She boldly made a beeline for the men's restroom. While Lucy stared at her quite surprised that her speech worked on her so fast. 

Claire caught sight of Eric going into a bathroom stall and quickly trailed him. She got in right after him. 

"Oh, wow... Claire. I didn't realize you were following me. I don't think this is appropriate now, is it?" Eric quipped nervously as he swung around in shock.

"Don't make me think too much about this!" Claire simply replied as she tossed both arms up across Eric's sturdy shoulders and pulled him in for a deep sultry kiss that lasted quite a while. 

Eric moaned into the kiss and reached around to grab onto Claire's soft, plump ass in her office skirt. She moaned likewise into the kiss as he began kneading her ass through the fabric of her outfit while the deep kiss of smacking lips went on. Reaching down to feel the swelling bulge pressing into her, Claire let out a gasp into Eric's mouth once she felt the size of his rigid cock in his pants. 

A few minutes later, they eventually broke the kiss for air, and she shoved him back against the wall before squatting underneath and unbuckling his dick free, so his thick nine-inch cock with heavy dangling balls sprang out. 

"Wow! It's so damn huge! Bigger than I have ever seen before!" Claire gasped softly as she grabbed onto the thick shaft and began tugging softly, pulling dull groans from Eric's throat. She parted her full lips and engulfed the bulbous tip, twirling her tongue across the pool of precum at the tip. 

"Ugh! Fuck yes!" Eric reached down to wrap a bunch of her flailing hair around his wrist, then forced more than half of his rigid thick shaft into her mouth. With her ringed palm clasped tightly to his base, Claire willingly let Eric pound her face as she reached down between her skirt to begin playing with the moistness in her sheer panties. Drools of thick goo dripped down Claire's stuffed lips in no time as Eric went wild with his jacking into her throat, snarling and groaning as he controlled her bobbing with his firm grip. 

"Damn! You've got a fucking lucky husband!" Eric grunted loudly as Claire deepthroated him, so her lips squashed against his base for a minute while she simply gagged there, smiling halfway up at him. "Yeah! Get up!" Eric growled as he pulled out of her wet throat and lips with a resounding plop, then roughly shoved her against the wall. 

Claire giggled at how roughly he handled her, plus the taboo of fucking the handsome younger man in the restroom was just too hot for her pussy not to gush wet. Hiking up her skirt while pressing her up against the wall, Eric pulled the moist panty line aside to ogle down at the fat pink cunt begging to be fucked. He began teasing the red pussy mound with repeated slaps of his fat cock until an apprehensive Claire couldn't bear it any longer. 

"Mmm... please just fucking stick it in already." She rolled her hips at him in wanton lust, and in one fell swoop, she felt a pressurized burn at her entrance before her inner walls began to stretch quite delectably from the monster cock as Eric slammed into her. "UGH...  Holy FUCKK!" Claire let out high pitched moans and gasps of pleasure as she clawed at the wall while Eric gripped onto the small of her back for leverage. 

He feasted his eyes on her plump pale ass as he began to ram unforgiving thrusts into her, savoring the appealing sight of her undulating gluteal each time his crotch slammed into the soft ass. 

"You like this fat cock inside that wet pussy, don't you, you cheating slut?!" Eric asked rhetorically at her ears with deep growling amidst labored breaths. 

"Oh yess yess yess baby! I love that fucking fat cock! Give me all of it, please!" Claire was in Elysium now as the fat cock rammed her cervix nonstop, stretching her and filling her in ways her husband couldn't, as he was a measly four inches when erect. This had been the foundational basis of Claire hating her marriage, and getting a good fat dick to drill her every wet cunt certainly was an inexplicable joy for her. Eric fucked her faster now, slapping concurrently on her rippling ass, so she yelped at the sharp pain that coursed through her frame, followed closely by the numbing sensations the pistoning cock in her juicy cunt brought her. 

Slamming with fury into the tight slippery snatch, Eric gripped firmly on Claire's waist and let out a sharp, slurred groan as he could feel the searing burn of an orgasm rise in his loins. "Ugh fuck, Claire, I'm gonna cum!" He grimaced into her ear as he kept pounding her, loud slapping sounds of wet flesh echoing around the stall as he fired on to his crescendo. 

"Yes, baby, cum inside me, baby! Fucking dump your hot load in my slutty cunt!" Claire was now moaning loudly as she slammed back against Eric's crotch, giving him no option but to erupt sporadically deep inside her wet, creamy cunt. They both stayed still for a few seconds as a groaning Eric emptied himself inside Claire before finally pulling out. As he did, huge drops of their fluids leaked out of her stuffed cunt. Claire got back on her knees to quickly suckle Eric's smeared cock until he was squeaky clean, and they shared another dirty kiss before her ringing cellphone cut them off. 

Claire rolled her eyes as she recognized the caller to be her husband – who was apparently troubled by the fact that she wasn't home yet. She silenced the phone one more time and smiled up at Eric. "I'll leave now, you can come out after five or ten minutes." Arranging her skirt and her hair, she walked out of the toilet stall. 

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