Real wife caught cheating

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It had been a rough day, but I had finally finished with my little secret and was able to relax in bed for a while. My dreamy rest was interrupted by the gentle kisses spreading across my inner-thighs, a giggle slipping past my lips.

“Well, good morning to you too~”

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It’s as if my lover could sense my tension, effortlessly relaxing my body as he works his way up, until our lips meet and I feel his grip tighten around me. As we idly kissed together, my whimpers muffled inside of his mouth, my entire body had become putty in his hands and he knew it. He spread my legs with his knees, laying on top of me as my heart began to race, so I quickly woke up and now this.

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In an instant, I feel his wet tip press against my pussy, and without warning I feel an intense pleasure from my crotch, his dick gently pushing its way inside of me, lust filling my mind. Without hesitation I let my body fall into his rhythm, riding out the pleasure as he holds me down, slowly picking up his pace until he’s practically pounding his dick into me. My orgasm builds quickly and I wrap my arms and legs around my lover’s back, locking him in place as my vision clouds in ecstasy. In the next few moments, my body spasms beneath him as I feel his cock spasm and fill me up, shooting his load deep inside of me as I see white flashes in the corner of my vision.

“F-fuck… that was amazing!

He grinned down at me, still gently grinding his hips inside of my tight hole as we kissed the last of the night away, sadly bidding my farewell before heading back home. Once inside, I quickly headed upstairs before drifting off to sleep as I still basked in the afterglow of such passion.

In the morning, the sunlight hitting my eyes slowly wakes me, apparently just in time to stagger to my feet and see my husband off to work.

“Have a nice day Honey, see you after work!”

We wave goodbye as he pulls out of the driveway, leaving me alone in the house as I get along with my own work. That is until I hear a knock at the door, rolling my eyes as I imagine my husband having left something in the house. Though as I stagger to the door to answer, I’m greeted by an unfamiliar face.

“Uhm, hi!”

“Hey, are you Tara? The girl in this picture?”

He pulls a photograph from his pocket and hangs it in front of my face, tapping his finger against it. What I saw made my heart sink, a candid shot of last night, my face lost in pleasure as I enjoyed a night alone with my lover. All of a sudden the situation became much more serious.

“You’re going to invite me inside and then I’m going to fuck you. Do you understand?”

I gasp before looking up to meet his gaze, not expecting him to have such audacity, but his serious eyes quell any thoughts that he was joking. That’s when I noticed his free hand had moved to his crotch, pulling down his zipper before pulling his half-hard cock free. Before I had a chance to recoil in shock, I thought about my situation.

It was awful, looking up at the man who so smugly held leverage over me, dangling my marriage in front of me as he didn’t even try to hide what he was after.

“Look… fine. Just get inside already.”

There was nothing else I could say, he had me firmly by the neck and he knew it. Not only my personal life on the line, but my marriage could be shattered in an instant if something like that got out! Reluctantly, I invited him inside, though he surprised me by suddenly reaching down, lifting my tired body into his arms, his rough hands grasped around my thighs as he used his foot to shut the door behind him. Having to rely on the man I hold so much distaste for was bad enough, but what’s worse was that there was a slight light-headedness brought on by the whole situation.

Without delay, he made his way up the stairs. The dreadful feeling of his hard cock pressing against my thigh was enough to make me tear up, but I tried to stifle those feelings. If I could get through this and get that picture back, it would all be over. When we finally arrive in the bedroom, I half expect him to tear off my clothes and fuck me into the sheets, but he simply drops me onto the bed, leaving me there as he smirks down at me.

“You’re going to dress up for me now.”

The realization that this isn’t just some pervert psycho, but also a fan of mine, fully aware of what I do was awful. He leaned down to my ear, causing me to recoil as he whispers what he wants into my ear. Reluctantly, I raise my hand to point out where in the wardrobe it was, trying to avert my eyes as he scrambles through my clothes, throwing them out onto the floor as he tries to find the cosplay.

After a few moments he stops and pulls out the bag containing my Misty cosplay, his cock throbbing obscenely between his legs as he tosses it onto the bed.

“Get dressed.”

The cold, uncaring order was demeaning, but I still had no choice in the matter. As my hands shook, I slowly stripped myself down, sliding out of my outfit before pulling the microshorts up my legs, putting on the rest of the cosplay as well. Once I was fully dressed, there was an awkward pause, the man just stood there staring at me tearing upon the bed, squirming under his gaze as I dreaded what was about to happen.

Then he took his first step forward, I crawled back on instinct, but was held in place as he lunged on top of me. I couldn’t move, and was now forced to stare up at the face of the man forcibly taking me, his cock threateningly throbbing against my crotch as his heavy breathing brought me to a panic.

“Ready to get fucked, you little slut?”

His curt words brought a shiver down my spine. My eyes widened as I felt his free hand sliding down my body, unable to stifle my sobs as he pulled the crotch of my shorts aside, giving him the chance to finally take me.

It was a disgusting feeling, having his cock press against my hole for a moment, likely savoring the sight of my hateful gaze before sinking his dick deeper. I tried to hide my discomfort, but he notices my squirming and laughs to himself. Without a word to me, he strokes my body gently, bringing one of his hands to grab my shoulder, whilst the other roughly squeezes my ass. Then it starts, the rough thrusting of his thick cock between my legs, it hurts at first, each thrust sending a mix of fiery pain and forced pleasure across my body.

Now settled into his rhythmic pounding of my cunt, the mixed sounds of his grunts and the smacking of our bodies together filled the room. Between each thrust I felt nothing but disgust, but when his cock stretched my pussy around him, I couldn’t help but let that unwanted pleasure take root. Before I realized it, my pussy had begun accepting him, despite my absolute hatred for him I couldn’t stop my body from accepting what was happening. In an effort to feel less shame over myself, I screw my eyes shut, imagining my husband instead of this awful person, thinking back to the night before and how this feels much the same.

It helps, just imagining being somewhere else made the situation better, until I felt something building within me. As I was lulled into a fantasy of my husband taking his place, I accepted the pleasure, my pussy crying out for more as he continued thrusting, speeding up erratically, clearly reaching his limit. I tried to fight back the growing pleasure, but it had gone too far already. In a final desperate effort I tried to push him off, crying out and I pathetically flailed my limbs beneath him.

“P-please, stop! I’m…”

That was it, the simple thought of admitting what was about to happen sent me over the edge. My body trembled underneath him, my eyes filling with lust as I struggled to hold back my moans. I’m forced to stare up at his mocking grin, watching as his captive cums on his cock.

I feel his dick tense up inside of me, cum surging deep in my pussy as he slams himself into my crotch, my pussy involuntarily squeezing around his shaft as his grip gets tighter. Though it soon loosens, his orgasm fading as my own still fries my brain, filling it with self-hatred at what had just happened. He slowly pulls himself out of my pussy, causing my legs to quake as I’m suddenly left feeling empty. The man then leans forward on the bed, bringing his cock to my face and wiping it against my cheek before speaking.

“Kiss it.”

I had no strength to object to his order, bringing my lips closer to his shaft. I planted a chaste kiss onto his skin, then another on his tip, residing myself to effectively thank the man who had raped me. Seemingly pleased with my performance, he straightens himself out before tossing something at me.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Here’s your picture, slut.”

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As if throwing change to a cheap whore, he tosses down the photograph onto my twitching body, turning away to finally leave my home, and me to my despair. Reaching the door, he stops and turns to face me, likely wanting to savor the sight before leaving, that is until he speaks.

“I’ll come back tomorrow and you can earn some of the other pictures.”

My heart sinks, he laughs and closes the door behind him, leaving me to process what he had just dropped onto me. My eyes haze over in despair, and I absent-mindedly lift myself up, crawling off of the bed and toward the shower to wash away what had just happened.

As the hot water splashes against my body, the shame still sticks to my skin, and I finally let myself break down, crying to myself as I realize just how much power he had over me now.

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