Movie night

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It was nice, having our friends over for a fun little evening of watching a movie together. I had taken all of the preparations and had a load of popcorn ready, a few drinks, and even a little mood lighting!

As I dimmed the lights and let the blue hue of the mood lighting take effect, I heard the first few knocks at the door as guests began arriving. One by one, each of our friends arrived, mostly couples looking to enjoy an evening together whilst in company, as well as a few single people who are just looking to enjoy a good night together. Everyone settles in rather nicely, exchanging a few pleasantries before getting stuck-in with the myriad of snacks I had prepared. My roommate was enjoying the sight of so many people enjoying the night in his home.

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Before long, we had all settled down on the sofa, my roommate and I were sitting next to our closest friends, a couple by the name of Kyle and Lisa, both of whom were fairly attractive, and were more or less using this as an excuse to cuddle in public, which is fine with me, as they’re adorable together!

As the movie moved into the first act, everyone had stopped chattering amongst one another and moved their focus to the screen, only the sounds of crunching popcorn broke the silence. In a sudden move, my roommate decides to grab my hand and pull it toward his crotch, I flash him a dagger-like gaze before pulling back, only for him to resist, keeping it in place. As he forces me to grab at his growing bulge, I lean in secretively and whisper to him through my clenched teeth.

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

I knew this was wrong, he knew I had a boyfriend but was still trying this on me! He doesn’t respond with any words, instead smirking as he uses his free hand to adjust his pants, letting his half-hard cock pop free from his pants. I hurriedly try to stuff it back in, but he holds my hand firmly in place, before guiding me to grasp at his shaft, stroking it slowly. I try to resist, but stop as I realize that we’re still surrounded by our friends, who were transfixed on the screen. I don’t want this, but I also don’t want everyone thinking I’m the kind of girl that does this kind of thing of my own volition.

Despite my struggles, he continues in forcing my hand to stroke him, even as tears well in my eyes from the feeling of only being wanted as some kind of toy to be used by him. This isn’t the kind of relationship we have, and it makes me sick to imagine him thinking about me like this.

I keep looking around at people, trying to not make my discomfort obvious as his dick rapidly hardens in my hand, stroking it gently as he continues grinning directly at me. It only takes a few minutes before his head is coated in his own precum, and each stroke becomes somewhat wet, though thankfully the movie keeps the sound drowned out.

My roommate locks eyes with me again, his face having a faint scowl on it in the dim light, and I take the hint to stroke him faster, the wet smacking sounds of the handjob threatens to overpower the movie, but thankfully no one has noticed yet. When I look back up at him, that same look of disappointment and expectancy remains, and I slow down whilst pondering what he’s trying to suggest.

As if to answer my silent question, he smiles at me, runs his hand up my shoulder, and grabs a fistful of my hair before shoving my face into his crotch. It all happens in a flash, and I’m suddenly inches away from his cock, trying to pull away as I let out a light whimper, but stifle it to try and keep this from being noticed. His grip only tightens, and soon I realize there’s no getting out of this, and with a deep set reluctance, I part my lips and let his hard tip push into my mouth.


I try to let out a protest, but without being able to make a loud noise, it does little but vibrate my tongue around his shaft, which only urges him on even more to force me deeper down his shaft. With his grip tightening on my hand, I can do nothing in my efforts to resist him, instead forced to accept his dick, inch by inch as he shoves it down my throat, until I can feel his hard cock spasming at the back of it, eliciting slight retching and gags from my poor mouth.

He doesn’t even try to speak to me, as if I was a fleshlight he could use so nonchalantly, he begins guiding me up and down his shaft, bouncing my face into his lap as he fucks my face. I can’t see anyone, but my only hope is that despite this awful situation, I can at least maintain my dignity in the eyes of our friends. The last thing I want is to be known as an exhibitionist!

That worry only grew more as his thrusting increased, he made no effort to move his hips, instead he pulled my head up to slide my lips across his dick, before shoving it back down my throat, painfully stretching it out. The aching soreness was becoming too much, and despite my efforts to hold back my retching, it was growing too difficult. I could taste his precum smearing across my tongue, the way his tip pumped a steady flow of it into my mouth was sickening, as I was forced to gulp it down if I didn’t want this to become too loud. 

He was becoming rougher, and soon my poor throat’s aching became even worse, the movie was passing on to the second act, and plenty of action scenes helped drown out the noise, but there’s no way this could go on unnoticed for much longer.

I could feel it, his cock twitching in the back of my throat, stretching it out without a care for my own discomfort, threatening to burst at any moment. Reluctantly, I seal my lips around his shaft, letting him tighten his grip on my hair as he fucks my face, still trying to hide the sounds of my rough treatment, despite how obvious it must be to everyone by this point. 

It was painful, tears running down my face from the roughness of having my throat bulge with his dick, each thrust eliciting a stifled gag as his tip pressed hard against my throat, involuntarily squeezing it around his shaft. In this situation, I couldn’t help but feel used as a sex toy, as if my feelings didn’t care, and I was solely here just to be used and degraded by my roommate in front of his friends.

I was made keenly aware of how their attention had turned from the movie as the volume was turned down, the only sound in the room quickly became my own lips reluctantly giving my roommate a sloppy blowjob. My fears are vindicated as I hear the sudden mocking laughter from across the room.

“The little slut’s really giving in to it!”

“Oh my god! She’s probably too cock-drunk to know we’re here!”

Any other taunts were lost to me, as my own wailing to try and break free from his grasp occupied my mind. Held firmly in place, I was forced to continue throating myself on him as our friends watched on, my self-respect and dignity washing away with each thrust past my lips.

He soon settled into a rhythmic fucking of my face, pounding my head into his lap as his cock throbbed in my mouth, surging precum across my tongue. My eyes had teared up, my mascara had begun running down my cheeks, and my face was flushed red out of sheer embarrassment of what I was being subjected to. As if to seal my fate of being humiliated in front of everyone, I felt a sudden hand grasp against my thigh, clearly not my roommate, as his hand was busy pistoning my face against his cock like a fleshlight.

This hand was greedy, and full of lust, sliding up my skirt and passing my panties without a care, a set of rough fingers that began teasing my pussy. It was as if someone was trying to mock my situation, forcing me to feel pleasure at being abused like this, and the sick thing about this was it was working. As his cock pounded past my lips and across my tongue, this set of fingers mercilessly teased my pussy, making me squirm on the sofa in an attempt to get away, but a quick swat of another, more feminine hand against my ass was a silent order to stay still.

Just how many people are watching?!

That thought filled me with terror, realizing that there’s more than one person who had taken notice by now, and from the bold action of spanking my ass, it’s likely that there are many more watching on. My eyes screw shut in abject shame, forced to understand what I had become in the eyes of the people around me. In an effort to emphasize this point, I can feel my roommate begin to tense up in my mouth, his cock spasming more than usual, and his thrusting becoming erratic.

“Here it comes! Let’s see if she swallows~”

Horror courses through my mind as those words confirm my fears, that indeed people had noticed, and they were enjoying what they saw…

The people I had thought were my friends were in fact watching my own roommate abuse and fuck my throat raw, without a single concern for my own comfort or consent, they simply watched on and laughed, even taunting me! My emotions began overwhelming me, and soon tears poured down my cheeks, slight whimpers escaping my stuffed mouth, and I could no longer hold back my reluctance.

I tried to escape, to shake myself free or simply tip myself off of the couch, but the woman’s hand clasped at my ass again, squeezing it tightly as if it was her property, the man’s fingers pushing past my panties and forcing their way inside of my pussy. Now, with each struggle and flailing of my body, I involuntarily was fucking myself on his hand, which after a few thrashes, dug in just how hopelessly lost I was in this scenario. As my sobbing grew more desperate, my body went limp, and I accepted my position here.

His grip tightened even more on my hair, and I could no longer hold back my gagging with how roughly he began fucking my throat. I started retching on his cock, smearing it with my spit as he continue fucking my mouth, his breathing growing louder as he reaches his climax. My own begins building, completely at the mercy of the stranger’s fingers between my legs, my body gives way and caves to an overwhelming orgasm washing over my body. As I moan loudly around my roommate’s cock, spasming on the sofa as I cum, I can feel his own torrent of cum shoot into my mouth, and despite never taking a load in my mouth before, I have little choice but to accept.

Not only does he have a firm grip, but I want to save any strip of pride I have left in the eyes of my friends, any chance to remain somewhat of a person in their thoughts, rather than of a sex toy that’s abused by her roommate. As his orgasm continues, so does his cum surging across my tongue, shooting across and directly down my throat as I idly gag around his cock, shaking all the while with my own pleasure.

“She just came! What a dirty bitch!

Those sudden words sent a shiver across my body, which joined in the afterglow of my orgasm. Slowly, my roommate released his grip on my hair, but I stayed in his lap for a few moments, sucking the last few drops of cum from his tip absent-mindedly as I try to avoid the fact I’ll have to show my face. Despite wanting to put it off, I finally concede to the fact I have to face them, and slowly let his cock pop free of my lips loudly, and wipe the tears out of my eyes.

What I see is all of the guys having the women service them in similar ways, stroking their boyfriends off to the sight of me being abused like this, urging them on. Not a single face wasn’t adorned by a mocking smirk or lecherous gaze staring at me, as if watching some sex show.

“I’ve already got next!”

One of them stands up and my roommate happily tags him in, swapping seats with him as he takes a fistful of my hair, looking me dead in the eye.

“You’ve got a long line of admirers, better get used to it!”

One of the other men pipes up as his girlfriend continues servicing him.

“Damn fucking right. That was better than watching porn!”

The suggestion that it was for their pleasure was disgusting, until I realized it really was… my own roommate abused and toyed with me in front of our friends for their amusement, and now is happy to leave me at the mercy of those same people. I watch on as another man’s girlfriend lowers her lips onto his shaft, still slick with my spit, and my own vision darkens as one of my own friends climbs on top of my chest, straddling me before laying across me, forcing his dick into my mouth before fucking my lips like a pussy.

And with that, my movie night, as well as my social standing, is ruined completely. The rest of the evening is spent gagging around a seemingly-endless amount of different cocks, all abusing my poor throat without a care. With cum dripping down my face, I lie on the sofa, half broken and exhausted, I hear my roommate giving his goodbyes to all of our guests as they leave mentioning something about coming back next week, a tinge of dread shivering down my spine.

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